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If you travel through or live in Thailand for any significant menstruation of time, chances are that you have a local SIM card for your call. One of the most popular networks is One-2-Call from AIS. They have great coverage. I about constantly have call sign and EDGE internet whether I am in the remote control North-east of Thailand or on a bantam island in the South .
Now… One-2-Call do not publicise this identical well, but it is potential to get unlimited EDGE and GPRS data for a monthly fee of 650 baht ( approx $ 20 ) on your prepay sim wag. besides a lesser known fact amongst casual users, is that you can use their on-line servicing to switch your calling plans, add SMS bundles, transfer balances, add especial numbers and a kind of other goodies .
While this guide is all about the outright datum option, you can besides select lower price hourly packages 20 hours ( 100 baht ), 100 hours ( 350 baht ) etc. however, if you are an iPhone user and Facebook/Twitter addict like me, then you ’ ll want your call on-line permanently .

How to activate unlimited data

STEP 1) Make surely you have the relevant amount of recognition available on your call ( i.e. at least 650 baht ) and then visit hypertext transfer protocol : // to access the eService. You can switch the linguistic process between Thai and English in the top right corner.

STEP 2) Enter your phone phone number. The system will then send you a erstwhile password via SMS to access the eService web site. This password is valid for 15 mins. once you receive your password you can proceed to login. Once you are in, you can view your call design, value added services, remaining recognition, cogency period etc. Have a good browse because there are a cargo of goodies you can play with. I won ’ triiodothyronine go into it all in detail here .

STEP 3) In the leave hand menu, select the choice : call plans > Call plan & respect added service switch/signup. once in this section, you can select a whole host of promotions, call plans, bolt-ons etc. The option we are after is under the tab “ Value added avail ”. Select option 7 – “ GPRS Package 650 Baht Monthly fee 650 Baht, You can use rid EDGE/GPRS Unlimited ”, and then click OK at the bottom of the page .

STEP 4) You will then be taken to a confirmation screen. Click OK and you should be good to go. Assuming you have 650 baht available on your telephone, your credit rating will be charged and you should receive a confirmation SMS.

Check your data usage

To check your remaining EDGE/GPRS custom, along with remaining SMS, MMS and early bolt on packages you might have added to your account, you can dial * 139 # SEND. here is the reaction on my iPhone. Notice the cover girl, fat UNLIMITED text beside the EDGE/GPRS. felicitous days .

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