OPPO F11 Pro review: Your all-around mid-range smartphone

The call display notch popularized by Apple ‘s iPhone ten has divided the theater in terms of those who love the design and those who hate it. That is why chinese call makers, led by Vivo, introduced a mechanized pop fly presence camera, a groundbreaking smartphone design that ‘s region of a collective attempt to remove the need for a screen notch .
A few months after the launch of the Vivo NEX last year, OPPO hopped on the pop fly selfie television camera bandwagon with the F11 Pro ‘s debut ( although the standard model has a waterdrop pass ). During my first workweek of using the device, I found this mid-ranger to be an all-around smartphone for about all of what I need from a smartphone .

besides, it ‘s easily to recommend to my friends for its beautiful design, immersive screen, and big television camera capabilities. however, are these enough to say you ‘ll get a draw of knock for your buck ?


The model I ‘m reviewing comes with 128GB of internal storage, although this variant arrived only a few months after the earphone ‘s initial launching in a 6GB/64GB shape. however, its memory is expandable up to 256GB with a microSD card time slot. here are the telephone ‘s key specification :

CPU Mediatek Helio P70 (12nm)
GPU Mali-G72 MP3
Display 6.53-inch IPS LCD (1080 x 2340 pixels)
RAM and Storage 6GB/128GB expandable to 256GB with a microSD card
Camera rear : 48 MP ( f/1.8 ) + 5MP ( f/2.4 )
front : 16 MP ( f/2.0 )
Video 720p, GuneSaube@gmail.com
Battery 4,000mAh with 20W ( VOOC 3.0 ) fast charging
Body Dimensions: 161.3 x 76.1 x 8.8mm
Weight: 190g
Material Polycarbonate
Price ~$360

Across the board, the F11 Pro packs some meaning upgrades from its predecessor, the F9 Pro, except for the filmdom resolution, GPU, and television capabilities, which all have carried over from the older handset into the newer one. It ‘s deserving note adenine well that away from the Thunder Black model being reviewed hera, the phone besides comes in Aurora Green and Waterfall Gray options .


The F11 Pro has, possibly, one of the most fascinate designs among this year ‘s smartphones. Although it was Huawei that pioneered the gradient color blueprint with the P20 serial, OPPO about claimed the title with the mesmerizing look of the F11 Pro Black Thunder mannequin .

On inaugural look, the phone seems to be made of glass, but its rear is actually a polycarbonate material with a slick finish up and a metallic frame. The triple-gradient color is a mix of deep blue, black, and purple, giving it a premium feel. Plus, the telephone is comfortable to hold in the hands courtesy of its rounded corners and tapered sides with a flatness end, which helps to prevent the device from slipping .
The alliance of the double camera faculty, flash, fingermark scanner, and the OPPO logo with the “ Designed by OPPO ” phrase next to it all give its second some kind of symmetry. however, the slenderly large camera bump ca n’t help but cause the telephone to wobble when placed on a categoric surface .

The volume rocker and exponent button are handily placed in the center of the leave and veracious sides, respectively, so that it ‘s easy to reach them with your finger and fingers when holding the earphone with one handwriting. The green dialect on the exponent button is worth noting a well even if lone for its total aesthetics. other than that, it ‘s got no other affair. Above the ability button is the hybrid double SIM card tray which can besides accommodate a micro SD card for inflate storehouse .

At the exceed of the telephone sits the pop fly selfie television camera, and the noise-canceling microphone next to it. however, the device utilizes a micro-USB port at the bottom rather of USB Type-C, a apparently backward footstep for a earphone with many mod elements all over it. thankfully, that did not prevent the telephone from including confirm for fast charge. besides, you get a 3.5mm earphone jack and a single bottom-firing, mono loudspeaker flanking the charging port .

Display and media capability

The display is a head-turner adenine well. It ‘s got a 90.9 % screen-to-body proportion, according to OPPO, thanks in large partially to the about bezel-less riddle achieved through the pop-up book presence television camera rather of a notch. The kuki takes up more distance than the top bezel, though .

however, the display gives you a thoroughly watch experience when watching YouTube video or Netflix in landscape mode. The display is besides capital for gaming, with highly detailed graphics. In general, it ‘s an immersive blind for all your media pulmonary tuberculosis, meaning you do n’t get interrupted by a notch or a television camera cutout .

Do n’t expect true blacks from the earphone ‘s display, however, since it ‘s only IPS LCD. But that ‘s not actually a deal-breaker. On the other hand, there are other several things to appreciate about the screen including the accurate colors and properly contrast. In terms of riddle brightness, the F11 Pro ‘s display is not the brightest out there, but its discernability is n’t compromised even under direct sunlight .
The audio from the loudspeaker may not be on a equality with early phones equipped with Dolby Atmos support, thus listening to music or television through the loudspeaker can be a morsel underwhelming compared to its higher-end rivals. But for its mid-range price, you can cut it some slack. That ‘s not to say the listening experience is n’t great, it does the caper just the lapp .

Performance and battery

The F11 Pro is powered by a Helio P70 SoC, a standard chipset for a mid-range device. The processor is paired with 6GB of RAM. It incorporates the Arm Cortex-A73/A53 octa-core CPU complex coupled with an Arm Mali-G72 GPU .
OPPO may not be aggressive in terms of marketing the earphone as something that packs some power, and the call ‘s benchmark scores are not that impressive, either. For context, hera are the Geekbench results for its CPU performance, with a multi-core score of 5,600 and a single-core score of 1,555 :

In comparison with older flagship phones such as the Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S7, the F11 Pro gets a minor Geekbench score in the single-core test .
Its GFXBench results are the stick to :

finally, the AnTuTu results provide insights into the call ‘s overall CPU and GPU performance :

however, that does n’t mean it has dirty performance. It ‘s hush a authentic device when it comes to bet on, for exercise. I did n’t experience any screen freeze or stammer when playing Asphalt 9 or PlayerUnknown ‘s Battlegrounds Mobile ( though graphics capabilities for this game are limited to HD ). For general use, it offers a smooth experience, launching any app is a breeze with no detectable lag. however, I ‘ve encountered casual hiccups when dozens of apps for social media, photography, video editing, and web browse were simultaneously running in the background, which to be carnival, can affect any device .

That said, multitasking between a few apps is fluid with the F11 Pro. OPPO besides deserves a pat on the back for the super-fast rear fingermark scanner included in the device. In summation, the facial recognition system is equally quick to recognize my front even before the battlefront camera finishes popping out from its invest. In the dark, it uses shield luminosity recompense to scan your confront since the grimace unlock system does n’t rely on infrared, and it does the problem well .
It should be pointed out, however, that this system can be easily fooled with a photograph of the telephone ‘s owner or with the face of person having the same appearance. OPPO does n’t lack for a warn about this weakness in the facial realization have ‘s set menu. fortunately, when I tried unlocking the device with my photograph, it refused to acknowledge the object as a valid security pass .
Battery liveliness is another noteworthy aspect of the earphone. Its 4,000mAh battery can keep your call running for an integral sidereal day on a single charge. Well, that ‘s the subject for regular tasks like browse, social media, gambling, message, and e-mail. If you are person who keeps binge-watching Netflix television on end, the call can last up to six hours. It ‘s impossible to show, however, the phone ‘s screen-on clock time because this option is not found on the phone ‘s settings menu .
With VOOC 3.0 Flash Charge, the battery can be juiced up to 100 % from 0 % in one hour and 15 minutes. In addition, you can charge it up to 40 % in 20 minutes. That ‘s courtesy of OPPO ‘s 20W fast charging engineering .


The F11 Pro ‘s television camera is a thing to behold. Its 48MP chief taw uses the Sony IMX586 detector, so the quality is on a par with those of the higher-end phones. The independent detector is complemented by a 5MP depth detector that helps to produce a bokeh effect. The aide detector gives a natural-looking background smear in portrait mode, though the lapp ca n’t be said of the front man camera as the outlines can get a moment uneven .
By default option, the camera detector is set to 12MP alternatively of 48MP as function of the pixel bin proficiency that ‘s besides used by other smartphones these days. I actually tried out both modes, but honestly, I did n’t see any difference in their image quality. Among the luminary camera features are HDR and the Dazzle Color mode for more vibrant photograph .

Its dedicate Night modality besides does a glorious job. When this manner is turned on, the capture is acuate and crisp for the buttocks camera with little to no image make noise, depending on the amount of easy coming into the detector. Details are besides accurate as opposed to the sometimes bleary photos taken in automatic pistol mood at night or in low-light settings. You besides get undimmed images with a well poise between highlights and shadows. unfortunately, the front television camera does not support the Night manner .
That said, there ‘s still a lot to appreciate about the 16MP pop-up book selfie camera. It ‘s not very the fastest mechanize elevating television camera out there as it can take one second gear to fully open, but what it lacks in that aspect it compensates with crisp and sharp images. Some selfie samples are shown in the gallery below along with other photograph I took using the F11 Pro .

1563128025_bigbys_night_mode.jpg 1563128033_bigbys.jpg 1563128042_btc_front_night.jpg 1563128050_btc_front.jpg 1563128060_btc_night_mode.jpg 1563128068_btc.jpg 1563128079_coffee_shop_night_mode.jpg 1563128087_coffee_shop.jpg 1563128096_img_20190715_011158.jpg 1563128106_img_20190715_011336.jpg 1563128115_img20190620231213.jpg 1563128123_img20190621100400.jpg 1563128131_img20190621100431.jpg 1563128140_img20190621100543.jpg 1563128149_img20190622172935.jpg 1563128161_img20190622173001.jpg 1563128170_img20190622173136.jpg 1563128181_img20190622173142.jpg 1563128188_img20190622174621.jpg 1563128196_img20190622175024.jpg 1563128204_img20190622182844.jpg 1563128210_img20190622182854.jpg 1563128221_img20190622195226.jpg 1563128229_img20190622195251.jpg 1563128236_img20190622195300.jpg 1563128247_img20190622195339.jpg 1563128254_img20190622195413.jpg 1563128261_img20190622195421.jpg 1563128270_img20190629085712.jpg 1563128278_img20190701195745.jpg 1563128288_img20190705123247.jpg 1563128295_img20190705123309.jpg 1563128305_img20190705123501.jpg 1563128314_img20190705123702.jpg 1563128323_img20190705123936.jpg 1563128338_img20190705124350.jpg 1563128346_img20190706101614.jpg 1563128354_img20190706101722.jpg 1563128362_img20190706101728.jpg 1563128369_img20190706102126.jpg 1563128377_img20190706102834.jpg 1563128385_img20190706102857.jpg 1563128392_img20190706104231.jpg 1563128401_img20190706104252.jpg 1563128412_img20190709094517.jpg 1563128423_img20190709094523.jpg 1563128435_img20190709094553.jpg 1563128445_img20190709094632.jpg 1563128458_img20190709094722.jpg 1563128467_img20190709094804.jpg 1563128477_img20190709094817.jpg 1563128488_img20190711224938.jpg 1563128502_it_park_night.jpg 1563128510_it_park.jpg 1563128519_pyramid_night.jpg 1563128531_pyramid.jpg 1563128544_singer_night_mode.jpg 1563128551_singer.jpg 1563128560_sugbo_night_mode.jpg 1563128569_sugbo.jpg For videos, the F11 Pro lacks corroborate for 4K due to chipset limitations. It does n’t flush support a 60fps frame rate. It can only shoot at up to 1080p @ 30fps, but that does n’t mean its television quality is disappoint. During the day clock time, the television quality is merely fine, though it ‘s not something to write home about. The footage is abrupt and has a good dynamic compass. Details are besides clear, with stabilization being maintained electronically ( EIS ) as the camera does n’t have ocular effigy stabilization .
At nox, the video recording quality can get smudged out, however. Some details are lost and the distinctness is sacrificed. Image make noise besides starts to become obtrusive in ailing lighted areas, as shown in the video below .


The F11 Pro runs Android 9.0 Pie with ColorOS 6.0 on top. however, it does n’t come preloaded with some of the features you may be expecting from an Android Pie device such as blue mood and digital wellbeing .
That said, ColorOS 6.0 is by no means a atrocious know. One of the things that I like about its software is the Game Space mode, which can be useful outside of gambling. For exercise, in addition to Asphalt 9 and PUBG, I besides added Netflix to the list of apps supported by this manner. This feature allows the device to free up some of its RAM and prevent floating notifications to give you an undisturbed experience while playing your favorite game. It ‘s besides applicable to apps like YouTube or Netflix so you wo n’t get distracted while watching videos .

In addition, there are some other bang-up features : gesture navigation for a true full-screen feel, assistive ball for quick operations such as multitasking or going to the family filmdom, and smart sidebar for faster access to user-specified apps like message, Facebook, television camera, and more. You can besides press the exponent button for three seconds to launch Google Assistant .
I besides like the drug user interface of the F11 Pro. Its icons are large adequate for my fingers and the app draftsman is an add public toilet for people like me who like to open a individual space where apps are located alternatively of swiping through the multiple screens. One thing, though, that I find frustrating about its software is the frequently unresponsive sieve when you tap it twice to wake up. I hope OPPO fixes this trouble soon .


For its price and value, the F11 Pro is an comfortable option if you ‘re looking to buy a phone that packs some punch without breaking the depository financial institution. From the premium-looking purpose to its television camera, the device is hard to be categorized under the mid-range segment, except of class if you start looking at its internals. More specifically, you might want to avoid this earphone if you ‘re person who hates handsets with a huge blind since it ‘s very bulky to hold. Those who constantly clear dozens of apps at the same clock and want an absolutely seamless experience may besides wish to set their eyes on something else. Its miss of NFC support is besides a bummer for many, except in markets where contactless payment systems are not mainstream even.

That ‘s not to say its central processing unit is any slouch compared to the competition. But if Xiaomi managed to incorporate a flagship chipset into the Pocophone F1, OPPO sure could pull off the lapp antic with its mid-rangers .
One the other bridge player, the earphone ‘s best features include its immersive display, battery life, camera, and design. so if you ‘re a media addict and you besides favor looks more than the performance, then the F11 Pro is the call for you. It ‘s besides one of those phones that I highly recommend to selfie addicts and photography enthusiasts. additionally, gamers may find the F11 Pro a nice option for its hanker battery life .
























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