OnlyFans Price List – What to Charge

Video OnlyFans Price List – What to Charge

While there is no set OnlyFans price list for what you should charge for a monthly subscription price, there are a few things you can consider when you set up pricing for your account. You want to ensure that your OnlyFans page is priced in a way where you will be able to keep your subscribers month after month.

This post will help you walk through what you should consider so that you can charge what you are worth and give you some ideas on how to set up your own OnlyFans price list.

While OnlyFans is more than just another social media platform, you will need to look at your full influence as well as the content you intend to create. You will want to make sure you can entice people to pay the monthly fee it takes to see your custom content.

Here are a few things you should consider when determining your subscription price on the OnlyFans platform:


    One of the first things you should do when deciding what you should charge on OnlyFans is to look at similar content creators in your niche and what they are charging. Don’t just look at what they would typically post, but consider the size of their other socials, their professional history, followings on other social media sites, and other factors.

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    When you have a list of people whose influence value is similar to yours, look for the range that they charge on OnlyFans. Your pricing should typically be within this range or slightly less/more.

  2. Video to Photo Ratio

    How many videos do you plan to post in relation to photos? Subscribers generally appreciate video content more than they would still shots, so if you plan to produce a large amount of video, you may be able to charge more without losing subscribers.

    Remember that premium content will generate revenue if it is made by a high-quality content creator. Take extra time to set up lighting and check poses so that you can make more money over time.

  3. Will You Also Create PPV Messages?

    If you plan to post less to subscribers as a whole and instead really push PPV messages, you may want to charge less for your subscriptions since the main portion of the content will be behind another paywall.

    On the other hand, if you plan to post about the same as other content creators and still take advantage of the PPV application, charging the same as other accounts would be considered normal.

  4. Listen to Your Fans… to a Point

    Most of the time, you can count on 1-3% of your Instagram or other social followings to convert to purchasing a OnlyFans subscription. If you are not in that range and have fewer subscribers than you should, you may be charging too much.

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    On the other hand, if you have far more subscribers than you anticipated, you may be selling yourself short. If you choose to raise your prices, do so gradually until you see the balance best for you or keep your prices low to bring in a greater percentage of viewers.

All OnlyFans content creators are allowed to design the best business model for their own personal brand. Putting a price list will let those who came from another social media platform what they will be able to expect from you. It can sometimes be difficult for people to subscribe to exclusive content without knowing what they are getting.

Here is an example of a price list you can use on your own OnlyFans page. If you choose to sell custom content, make sure you charge a little more for it than you would for other content. You will want to edit it based on your own personal business model and total influence:

  • Monthly Subscription Fee – $7.99

    Paying the fee will allow you to view 2 uploaded images per day and 1 video per week. This subscription-based content will be viewable to all fans.

  • Premade Content Pricing

    I also upload PPV premade content 3 times per week. Prices for this content is as follows:

    • Standard Image – $2 each
    • Premium Image – $3 each
    • Video Content – $7-10 dependant on length
  • Custom Content Pricing

    I try to respond to most accounts that send me private messages on a daily basis. I do prioritize those whose users pay tips or purchase custom content.

    • Standard Custom Image – $5 each/$40 for a 10-image photoshoot
    • Standard Custom Video – $8 per minute
    • Paid Messages – $1 per message

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You can add emotes (such as a dollar icon) to help the list stand out. If people visiting social media platforms see your price list upfront, you will likely make more money from this subscription-based platform over time.

Don’t forget to put in rules stating what you will and will not do so that people know the rules and you can refer to them if someone complains.

What Should You Consider When Pricing Your OnlyFans Subscription Price?

When setting your prices, you should compare what you will offer to other Onlyfans creators who are within your same niche. How many followers do they have on other social media platforms compared to you? What products and services do their subscribers pay for? How often do they post compared to how often you plan to post? Are they ex-porn stars or notable in another way?

Why Are There So Many Sex Workers on OnlyFans?

Unlike other social platforms, OnlyFans allows creators from any niche to create content on their sites, even if it includes adult content. While there are many other cam sites available, OnlyFans gives a lot more flexibility on what can be done. OnlyFans is also safer than many other jobs in the sex industry, allowing people to do the work from their own homes and under their own personal rules and standards.

What Is the Minimum Subscription Price on OnlyFans?

The minimum subscription price on OnlyFans is $4.99 per month. Subscriptions are only one way to make money on OnlyFans. In addition to premium accounts, creators can create a “free account” where they can post anything they like (including PPV content).

What Are The Average Earnings of OnlyFans Creators?

While there are many creators who make thousands of dollars per month, there are thousands of others who earn very little (or nothing at all). The average amount an OnlyFans worker receives is $180-200 per month.

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