Chief Technology Officer, Top Innovative university in the united states
I ‘ve been associated with Data and Transformation for over a decade nowadays. OneOrigin helped us with several all-important Drupal projects at Teachers College. I ‘m besides intrigued by their modern solution, Sia, to unify systems of that huge magnitude, which has significant value to any firm focused on true Digital Transformation.

film director of Marketing and Communications, Top 5 most advanced University in America
SpotSearch helps our customers by providing the right contented on the spot without having them navigate from our web site thereby increasing our customer retentiveness rate. The time spent on our web site by the visitors has increased significantly after we have installed SpotSearch on our web site. SpotSearch is a valuable product to have.

Information Technology Services, Top Public Research University in the United States
SpotSearch is a identical matter to intersection and it has a completely different approach. SpotSearch out of the box delivers results on the spot in more than 40 global languages. Key Sense is the have that I like the most in SpotSearch. SpotSearch is always getting updated with lots of new features helpful for the on-line business.

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We have experimented with Sia at multiple divisions within the University and I must say, it comes close to all the boastfully guns in the industry. Working with OneOrigin has been a very pleasant experience. Alongside their products, we have been able to transform a significant total of Drupal projects within an aggressive timeframe.

Director, Information Services, Best Global University

Sia offers a herculean suite of tools that every university must have and its user-friendly interface helps our prospective students with all the required information they need. The brawny insights from the real-time dashboards have helped us in understanding our student behavior and our conversion rate has importantly increased.

assistant Vice President, Enrollment IT, Largest University in the uranium
We have tried out different chatbots available in the industry and there were many issues with each one of them making us lookout for more chatbots. then we came across Sia at Educause and last, our product hound came to an end .. Sia has reduced a serious amount of workload on our staff by responding to thousands of queries every day.

IT App Development-Senior, World ‘s leading Teaching institution
Of other features available in Sia, one that has attracted me is its Automated Transcript Processing feature of speech. Sia recognizes, processes the transcript, and furnishes with insights about the transcript in a matter of seconds. I would say that this is one of the very few “ truly AI-powered chatbots “ in the market out there.

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The real-time insights from SpotSearch Dashboard have helped us understand our customer demeanor in contingent and with that, we were able to achieve our mission of providing a personalized experience to our customers and increase our conversion rate. We have been lucky in engaging with them in creating a digital presence.