Through numerous strategic partnerships at the circus tent level of competition in assorted sporting disciplines such as golf, bobsled, yacht, athletics and swim, OMEGA has, for many years, actively supported the ideal of perfection and preciseness. OMEGA was founded in 1848 and is a caller of the Swatch Group, the world ’ mho leading vigil manufacturer. For over 160 years, the sword has been synonymous with excellence, initiation and preciseness. Faithful to its original pioneer liveliness, OMEGA continues to make technical and watchmaking history with invention in areas a divers as sports timing, preciseness technology and design – innovations that have since led to our conquest of the ocean depths and out space .

Swiss Luxury Watches Since 1848 – OMEGA

advanced watchmaking at its finest, the basis of OMEGA watches ’ heritage is clear to see. From the sword ’ s conquest of space, advocacy influence, sports timekeeping, to helping everyone ’ second favorite spy save the earth, OMEGA watches are made for men and women looking for both functionality and sophistication .

Precision And Beauty

While tracking the universe around us, the all-important Speedmaster Moonphase besides counts time on earth with exceeding preciseness. Its Master Chronometer bowel movement is certified at the diligence ’ s highest tied – and it happens to be an amazingly pristine part of OMEGA ’ s collection of watches.

Discover OMEGA Watches In Thailand

Upgrade your collection of fantastic timepieces with an addition from OMEGA. Simply pay a visit to any of our boutiques in Thailand and pick an OMEGA timepiece you desire. No matter which collection you choose from, OMEGA watches are primed to impress both men and women alike .

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wish to find out more about our OMEGA watch collection, its prices, and specifications ? Our team is felicitous to answer all queries you may have. Fill out our on-line inquiry form, and we ’ ll be in touch a soon as possible. alternatively, view our frequently asked questions about OMEGA watches below.

Frequently Asked Questions About OMEGA Watches

What makes OMEGA watches unique?

OMEGA has set more preciseness records than any early watchmaking company in the earth. OMEGA watches for both men and women feature odd chronometric preciseness for series production mechanical watches cosmopolitan, and are known for their high quality Swiss watch molds.

What are the best OMEGA watches for women and men respectively? 

OMEGA ’ s De Ville Trésor series prides itself on a farseeing tradition of dainty OMEGA watches designed to empower women. The Tressor 36mm is a favorite amongst those looking for a sincerely modern touch with a hint of flair. The P restige Co-Axial 32.7mm and 39.5mm are besides well-loved for their class and delicacy .
As for men, the Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 44mm is a instruction piece that is known for its class and elegance. Watches from OMEGA ’ s Constellation Gents series are besides wide sought after by male determine connoisseurs from all over the world, for their iconic design and their sophistication with regards to materials used and watch movements .

Where can I purchase OMEGA watches from Cortina Watch

You can plainly submit an on-line inquiry and our team will get back to you ampere promptly as possible. alternatively, you can find a Cortina Watch store near you in Thailand and purchase Omega watches there .