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An arctic bird that got a little lost. I was thinking of tucking him in and warming him up before letting him go. If a bird could talk, I figured the song would be what it would say…lol.

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old squaw

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old squaw.

old squaw mount.

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  1. @PRODRIVE27hp i live in Louisiana and i see them in Lake Pontchartrain actually pretty often… you gotta look good for em though… they sometimes hang out by the bufflehead… how was the hunt? i haven't shot or seen shit this year!

  2. Oldsquaw (long-tailed ducks) usually winter off the coast of Maine. I see them here all the time in the winter. They make the FUNNIEST call.

  3. Thats crazy theyre usually out in the middle of the lake. never thought id see one on land of its own accord

  4. thats kinda cool that it let you pick it up and get close. It seems really relaxed. The long tailed ducks out here in Washington dont allow you to get very close. Did it seem to have any health problems or was it just exhausted?


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