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If you are looking for a great whirl reel without breaking the bank then you actually have to look no promote .
Okuma Fishing is a stigmatize that has been around for fair over 30 years manufacturing both fishing reel adenine well as fishing rods and seems to be bringing a number of quality products to the market at identical low-cost prices .
The new Okuma Inspira spinning virginia reel that was introduced to the marketplace in 2015 is an amazing spin for the money.

barely like its big buddy the Okuma Helios SX, the Inspira has a C-40X carbon character frame and side plates that make it not only whippersnapper but besides provide an highly high level of performance, which I will go into more contingent late .

The Okuma Inspira spinning reel is available in 3 models : the 20 ( 2000 series ), 30 ( 3000 series ) and the 40 ( 4000 series ) with two color choices : an amazing blue and a standard clean looking white .

Okuma Inspira 20

The Okuma Inspira 20 which is a 2000 series fishing reel is the lightest of the three models weighing in at alone 6.5 oz. This is the perfect size if you like to fish the actually lightweight tackle and will lone be going after smaller trout and reds and possibly some fresh water fish as well .

Okuma Inspira 30

The Okuma Inspira 30 which is a 3000 series fishing reel is the following size up weighing in at only 7.4 oz and increases the trace capacity by 25 %, the drag is the same at 13 pound .

Okuma Inspira 40

The Okuma Inspira 40 which is a 4000 series fishing virginia reel and the largest of the three weights in at an amazingly clean 9.1 oz. bumps your credit line capacity up another 40 % and is just the tag for the larger reds and snook while still maintaining a light setup .
If you looking for a great spinning reel to fish inshore that you can besides use on the lakes then this is a capital option and the best contribution is that you can have this carbon paper fiber fish bobbin for under $ 80. YES, you heard me right, a carbon fiber spin with advance engineering for under $ 80 .

The Bottom Line

  • Very lightweight reel due to carbon fiber frame
  • Smooth with 13lbs. of carbon fiber drag
  • Precision brass pinion gears

The Okuma Inspira is a lightweight performance reel and is available HERE.


Lightweight C-40X carbon frame and side plates – By using a new long maroon carbon fiber technology that Okuma refers to as C-40X, they produce an extremely lightweight ( 25 % ) lighter than their graphite counterparts and 50 % stronger design .
An extra benefit of this design is that it is 100 % corrosion immune so it will withstand the harsh conditions of seawater fishing .
Cyclonic Flow Rotor  – The satiny and modern invention of the cyclonic flow rotor not only looks great but the port design allows for more evening and increased airflow over the rotor which means that it will dry faster and reduce the chances of corrosion from seawater .
TCA: Torsion Control Armor  – TCA or Torsion Control Armor is a unique design that reduces the twisting impression that we sometimes feel on a virginia reel. By utilizing two arms like the pitchfork of a bicycle a a lot stronger arm is created that is divide from the body .
By eliminating the distortion, it keeps all of the internal components in line for a legato recover, under loads like a bombastic red drum, the pinion gear wants to lean forward and this tortuosity control armor plan pretty much eliminates any twist .
Carbon Fiber Drag – The Inspira uses a carbon paper character drag organization with a multi ratcheted dredge knob on top of the spool that provides for a very legato and strong haul for the system of weights of the reel .
8HPB + 1RB stainless steel bearings – The Helios uses 8 corrosion-resistant stainless steel steel main bearings and one corrosion insubordinate stainless steel sword roller hold .
Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing – This makes certain that when you go to set the hook you will not have any slop on the bobbin .
Rigid, machined aluminum, anodized handle. – In design and test, it was determined that a lighter weight handle could be achieved with the aluminum alloy that with a carbon character wield .
Heavy duty, solid aluminum bail wire – The Helios uses what is called a CDB or Centrifugal Disc Bail plan that combines an aluminum bail wire with a new design that uses a heavy brass magnetic disk to create a very smooth and well-adjusted bail operation .
RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System. –  When you combine the RESII with the Torsion Control Armor you get an extremely smooth and satiny feel to the retrieve.

 Features at a Glance

  • Light weight C-40X carbon frame and sideplates
  • 8BB + 1RB corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Precision machine cut brass pinion gear
  • Rigid, forged aluminum, anodized handle
  • Lightweight, EVA handle knob
  • Precision Elliptical Gearing system
  • Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool
  • Heavy duty, solid aluminum bail wire
  • CFR: Cyclonic Flow Rotor

For the inshore fisherman, I think that you will in truth appreciate what Okuma has done with the Cyclonic Flow Rotor. The way that the bobbin is ported and the rotor is designed allows for a lot more airflow around the bobbin .
We know that one of the challenges with seawater fishing is corrosion which comes from urine sitting on the reel for excessively long and seeping into all the little areas of your reel .
While this design is not a utility for a fully sealed spin, it is an excellent design invention and has proven to make a big dispute in corrosion protection. When you combine this with the carbon fiber body and sideplates, you have a spin that if washed down in between fishing trips should survive you for years .

For those of you who want all the details I have provided the chart below.  Inspira is available in Blue and White designated by the last latter in the model number.

ISX-20B 5.0:1 8BB+1RB 6.5 22.6″ 13-lbs 190/4
ISX-30B 5.0:1 8BB+1RB 7.4 24.2″ 13-lbs 200/6
ISX-40B 5.0:1 8BB+1RB 9.1 29” 13-lbs 270/8
ISX-20W 5.0:1 8BB+1RB 6.5 22.6″ 13-lbs 190/4
ISX-30W 5.0:1 8BB+1RB 7.4 24.2” 13-lbs 200/6
ISX-40W 5.0:1 8BB+1RB 9.1 29” 13-lbs 270/8

I must say that I had taken the Okuma Helios SX for a spin first and I was identical impress with the virginia reel and the price point .
When I next unbox the Inspira and mounted it to a lightweight 7′ ugly Stik GX2 I was very surprised to see that this virginia reel which sells for 40 % less than the Helios SX had about all the lapp features making this a 10 on our scale for value .
presently, I have paired an Okuma Inspira ISZ-30B with one of my favorite fish rods, the St. Croix Mojo Inshore. together this is an incredibly lightweight frame-up for inshore fish that will handle everything I have thrown at it so far .
With a carbon paper fiber embroil system and 9 corrosion tolerant stainless steel ball bearings you have a smooth bobbin both when trace if being retrieved and when the trace is screaming off the spool .



  • Cyclonic Flow Technology
  • Price
  • C-40X Carbon Fiber Technology
  • Very Lightweight
  • Smooth Drag


  • Not fully sealed
  • Not braid ready


There very is nothing to compare the Okuma Inspira in the under $ 100 range of reels as this is a true carbon fiber bobbin .
For about $ 60 more you can take a front at the Okuma Helios SX where you will pick up a few extra features such as the higher end HPB ball bearings, a cyclonic flow rotor made of the C-40X carbon paper roughage material five aluminum and higher end ALG Precision AlumiLite main and oscillatory gears. Read the full recapitulation of the Okuma Helios SX HERE .
Two early reels to compare would be the Pflueger Supreme XT and the Pflueger Purist. One of the things that you get with the Pflueger reels that you do not get with the Okuma Inspira or the Okuma Helios SX is a sealed carbon fiber drag system. Read the wax review on the Pflueger Supreme XT hera .
Neither Penn, Shimano or Daiwa have anything to compare with at this price luff and burden .

In Conclusion

I love to fish with whippersnapper gear and to teach others to do the like. I am getting a few of these reels so that when I have friends down to fish for trout, reds, and snook, we can go forbidden and have some playfulness .
I think that if you combine the Okuma Inspira with a Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 say a model USSP702M which is a 7′ Medium Fast gat that you would have an incredible combination for under $ 125.

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While I have good recently purchased these reels, I am looking advancing to seeing how they will stand up after a year or therefore of fishing in the seawater of SW Florida .

Through this article, we hope to help you understand more about the most detailed and complete is Dennis Point Campground MD.

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