Imagine a menagerie where the lemur sprints by your legs or a toucan casually perches on your shoulder ! To live this imagination, lead to NIFREL Osaka because this whisk of a museum, menagerie and aquarium is an animal fan ‘s eden ! here, you can witness animals in their component, exhibiting their singular characteristics and you can interact with them, which is not possible even in the best of menagerie. Visit NIFREL Osaka for an once-in-a-lifetime feel that will help you prize nature better. NIFREL is located with the ExpoCity Osaka, an expansive retail and entertainment hub where you can spend the stallion day ! Before heading to NIFREL, here ‘s all you need to know – unfold hours, directions, the best exhibits and a few insider hacks to help you plan your chew the fat better .

What is NIFREL Osaka – In A Nutshell

NIFREL Osaka Tickets The NIFREL Osaka is a venture by Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan – one of the world ’ second largest aquariums. The concept of NIFREL came about through the japanese news ‘ KANSEI NIFREL ’ which means ‘ appealing to your divine guidance ’. NIFREL aims to bring people closer to nature and animal biodiversity, and showcase their extraordinary features. It aims to inspire people to recognise nature around them, even in its most subtle forms – like the setting sun or a bloom rising out of the pathway. This combination of museum, aquarium and menagerie is created in an artistic manner to appeal to all senses of visitors.

NIFREL Osaka Tickets

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Plan Your Visit at NIFREL Osaka

NIFREL Osaka is spread across two floors and has eight themed zones. Each of the zones has different animals and will offer unique experiences. The aquazoo is well explored at a at leisure pace ; while finding out everything about each animal, and it should take you less than four hours to view all the zones. here is what you can expect at NIFREL Osaka –


NIFREL Osaka Tickets The thirteen aquaria display versatile fish and aquatic animals that exhibit graphic colors. You will find rake red fire shrimp, yellow Okinawa goby, and sapphire satan among the colorful fish .


NIFREL Osaka Tickets Be amazed at the distinctive abilities of these animals as they can spout water, bury in the sand or camouflage in the environment. Spot horseshoe cancer and Peacock mantis prawn in these exhibits !


NIFREL Osaka Tickets A phantasmagoric expose space, it is a dark enclosure lit up by strings of easy and aquarium which highlight the weird and fantastic shapes of animals. Admire the Red lionfish, blue jellyfish and long spined porcupinefish here .

Wonder Moments

NIFREL Osaka Tickets Enter a dreamlike worldly concern in a room where this cycle light art initiation, by Takahiro Matsuo, will help you view the earth and planets from space, and be mesmerised by its natural smasher .


NIFREL Osaka Tickets Keep a lookout for these perplex creatures that mimic the environment around them and become invisible to protect from predators and to catch prey. Mossy frog, stonefish and Bearded leatherjacket find a space hera .


NIFREL Osaka Tickets Learn about the animals that survive by the water in this huge and bright space. You will find a white tiger, seawater crocodile and a pygmy hippopotamus in this parade .


NIFREL Osaka Tickets One of the most popular spaces in NIFREL Osaka, this expose allows the animals to roam freely. You can interact with Ring-tailed lemur, asian otter, Capybara, Toco toucan and african Penguin at the show .


NIFREL Osaka Tickets The closest to a museum display, this space has a huge sieve where you can watch the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. There are three aspects to the presentation – ‘ Being the same ’, ‘ Being different ’, and ‘ Being interactional between them ’.

NIFREL Osaka Opening Hours

NIFREL Osaka is exposed from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM casual. stopping point submission is at 7:00 phase modulation

Directions to NIFREL Osaka

NIFREL Osaka is situated at the EXPOCITY complex.
address : 2-1 Senri bampaku koen, Suita-shi, Osaka

Via Monorail

The nearest station on the Osaka Monorail is Bampakukinenkoen Station. NIFREL Osaka is about 5 mins or 400m away from the station.

Via Bus

The nearest busbar stop is Banpakukinen Koen Eki ( Expo City Bus Stop ) from where NIFREL Osaka is about 3 mins or 280m away from the bus topology intercept. You can take the buses on these lines – ExpoCity Line 100, Suita City Line 21, ExpoCity Line 50128

Via Car

The Expocity Parking is at the following address – 1 Senribanpakukoen, Suita, Osaka 565-0826, Japan. You have to walk for 5 mins or 400m to reach NIFREL Osaka.

Insider Tips for Exploring NIFREL Osaka

NIFREL Osaka Tickets

  • Make sure you stop at the cafe EAT EAT EAT where you can find an innovative edible called ‘Eating Water’. You can hold water right in your hands without any utensil!
  • The best time to visit NIFREL Osaka is on weekday mornings and late in the evenings, as the aquazoo is open till 8:00 PM.
  • Stop at the museum shop, it is a great place to pick up souvenirs from your trip. You can find educational material and interesting products related to the animals in the aquazoo.
  • The Behavior section allows the animals to roam freely and they may move closely around you. However, make sure that you do not touch the animals as it is a safety risk for both you and the animal.
  • NIFREL Osaka has locker rooms where you can store your luggage and it costs upwards of 200 Yen. Do not bring bulky items as only small and medium luggage is allowed.
  • You are free to record and photograph your experience at NIFREL Osaka but make sure that you do not use flash (it irritates the animals) and do not use selfie sticks (it irritates fellow travelers!).

NIFREL Osaka Reviews

My kids loved it. not much extraneous tourist and largely locals. Exhibits were actually decent and synergistic from the aquarium to the penguin area. Its not excessively crowded and you can take your fourth dimension. It is besides right beside expo city sp after the tour you can either corrode or go shopping. From central Osaka the permute is a sting army for the liberation of rwanda with several train changes but the change is worth it .
181raffym, Tripadvisor 2019 The walk from the coach station to Nifrel was identical nice, with the Tower of the Sun in clear position. Nifrel was not precisely running but it was designed to wow the senses. Although small, it was a identical good experience with nice friendly staff. Mostly locals and barely any tourists. After visiting Nifrel, we made our room to the big promenade for some patronize at Adidas and Loft, and lunch at the conveyer belt belt sushi restaurant. overall very decent. To be honest, the crisp cool weather played a major separate excessively !
WendyL3563, Tripadvisor 2019 Read what past visitors have to say about NIFREL Aquarium.

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