Activities on Koh Kood
The first thing to do at Koh Kood is lazing on the beach, rest your life and thinker on the cosy beach. Besides, you may snorkeling at the beautiful coral reefs at Koh Kood and nearby islands. Do not miss the water sport activities, such as Kayaking and Fishing. Sights on Koh Kood The fantastic waterfall “ Nam Tok Khlong Chao ” which was visited by King Rama VI in 1911, is one of the most beautiful place on Koh Kood. It consists of 3 tiers : the upper berth two are running streams and the lower one is a large pond – an ideal seat for swimming. possibly you can visit “ Koh Wai ” this little eden is situated approximately 6 kilometers south of the southernmost end of Koh Chang. This island has the beautiful flaxen beaches .

Ao Klong Hin Beach

Ao Khlong Hin is in the beautiful South of Koh Kood with a pristine beach of about 400 meters long. The entire Khlong Hin area is very arrant & unmoved and even a bit boisterous. Although this location is distant it ’ mho quite easy to get there by minibike. A belittled but pave road connects Ao Klong Hin with the independent road. When driving to the South follow the signs to Pa Hin Sai and Cham ’ randomness House and take the exit to Khlong Hin Beach Resort properly after leaving the main road .

Ao Prao Beach, Koh Kood

about 1000 meters of white sand make Ao Prao Beach or Haad Ao Phrao one of the longest and most beautiful beaches on Koh Kood. It ’ second located in the South of the island next to a minor fish village. Ao Phrao Bay is home to five different accommodations. The fis hing village is alongside the estuary in the western corner of the bay. The refurbish fishermen houses of For Rest Boutique House & Gumm Lonely Club are situated along this small and beautiful river.

Klong Chao Beach

Klong Chao Beach or Hat Khlong Chao is a beautiful beach with a central location. It ’ s the most popular beach on Koh Kood yet it ’ s never excessively crowded. Koh Kood has no crowded beaches and this one offers about 800 meters of white and fine powdery sand besides during high tide. It ’ south exempt of rocks and the water is crystal absolved. No shops & no pushful keepsake vendors.

Klong Chao Waterfall

The waterfall is comfortable to reach by minibike, bicycle, taxi or even by foot. good follow the signs or rent a kayak and paddle up the Klong Jao River, a short trip but surely worth it ! The introduction is close to the point where kayaks can ’ thymine go any far up river. Kayaks can be rented at several accommodations along the Khlong Jao River .

Ao Salat Bay

“ Ao Salat ” is a belittled fish greenwich village. Located on the east side of Koh Kood away from the haunt repair. There is a fib in the by that in the past this bay was a tax shelter for the pirate ships plundered in this water to carry out the looting. then change the discolor of the boat before resale. It is the origin of the name “ Ao Salat Bay ”