Sai Kaew Beach Chonburi | Navy Beach at Sattahip

Hat Sai Kaew Navy Beach Sattahip Chonburi

Hat Sai Kaew is one of two Royal Navy Beaches on the East coast of Thailand competing for the ‘ best beach on east coast award ’ ampere far as we are concerned ( the early being Hat Nang Ram ) .

The beach is a shoal crescent of pure white soft sand, with clean water and few facilities to spoil the peaceful atmosphere .
The whole of the beach area is clean and tidy thanks to the general government of the navy staff.

Hat Sai Kaew is in the region of 500metres in distance with a good astuteness of arenaceous beach .
It is by and large hot ! But, backing onto the beach, there several well laid out sitting places and a good attractive categorization of shade trees .
A little bar area together with a few restaurants are the chief facilities .
There are besides a few non-intrusive shops set spinal column from the beach sphere. A navy coffee bean workshop completes the photograph .
There is small to spoil the passive nature of this superb beach, and surely nothing by way of k ski or speedboats. Long may it be therefore ! The solid beach and sea area are basically for peaceful relaxation .
The most active thing we have seen hera is a little bit of kayaking or canoe, and of course the banana boats – courtesy of the Thai Royal Navy staff .
Hat Sai Kaew Navy Beach Sattahip Chonburi It is a photographer ‘s dream with many backdrops and view view to be taken for the vacation – I was here – photograph album .
The professional wedding photographers love the place for their bridal shots .
Whilst the beach is administered by the Thai Royal Navy, there is little to make you aware of this when actually on the beach .
To get to the beach – once entering the grounds of the Chumpol Royal Naval School near Sattahip, you will be required to deposit your designation document .
Driving license, Thai ID tease or Passports are the average. You will be directed to the booth for this transaction by the guards at the entrance.

Make sure that you keep the slip of newspaper you receive as a acknowledge. You will need this when exiting for the return of your text file .
drive on down through the school grounds for a few kilometers, bearing round to the left beach road at the sign before you get to the sea .
This will then take you to a small car parking lot sphere. Over to the left, there is another military booth adjacent to the road barrier. here you will pay for entrance and entree to the beach area. ( 30 baht for Thai nationals and 80 baht for foreigners – well worth it ! )
At weekends, you will need to park in this car ballpark, and then get a songthaew up over the hills to the beach. This is provided for you .
Midweek, you will credibly be allowed to drive the narrow tortuous hill road which will then take you down to the beach area proper .
An concern, twisting and turning, scenic drive. Be careful. It is narrow. The beach car park is on the left – set well back from the passive beach area .

Things to do at Sai Kaew Beach

basically, relax, soak up the sunday and have some commodity food and a drink. Pattaya beach it is not ! The Royal Navy is identical accommodating – wear ’ t push your luck with nakedness or bibulous behavior .
For the ladies, it is not unobserved for them to lay face down and undo bikini tops. For the men, you can flaunt your stomach – no more than that .
Hat Sai Kaew Beach at Sattahip Shady Palm Trees at Hat Sai Kaew Beach Sattahip Sai Kaew Navy Beach at Sattahip Chonburi

When to go to Hat Sai Kaew Beach

As with the majority of the East coast beaches, those that are accessible at weekend from Bangkok tend to get a little overladen for Saturdays and Sundays.

otherwise the beach is normally pleasantly populated with batch of space for relaxation and peace. It is not broadly over run with ‘ group-tourists .

How to get to Sai Kaew Beach

From Pattaya City, driving towards Sattahip along Sukhumvit, it is round 15 kilometer drive. Pass the Bang Saray traffic lights, and drive for a further couple of kilometer and the next place of dealings lights will allow you to turn right into the Chumpol Naval School .
eminence : Drive cautiously and lento, for you will need to check in immediately you enter the naval School .

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