The Naturehike Star River 2 is an low-cost two-person tent for year-round packing adventures.

With a potent frame and a rainproof coat that resists over 4000mm of water, you can trust this camp in wet and stormy upwind. It is besides suitable for camping in the winter months, so long as you bring the appropriate dormant bag and thermal pad.

It ’ s not the best choice for hot and humid climates, though. It has only one vent, therefore hotness and condensation can build up quickly. late in this follow-up, I ’ ll give you some tips to avoid condensing and overheating, along with everything you need to know before going ahead with the purchase .

Naturehike Star River 2 Review

Who Is the Star River 2 For?

The Naturehike Star River 2 is an ideal tent for one or two people who want to hit the trails outside of the hot summer months.

many backpacking tents will do fine in good weather, but you can rely on the Star River 2 year-round .

Design, Material, & Performance

While it ’ s slenderly more expensive than some of Naturehike ’ s other tents, the Star River 2 is inactive a bang-up value for what you pay. Of course, this is an entry-level tent and should not be treated like an expedition tent that costs 10 times the price. In this section, I ’ ll spill you through the invention, material, and operation indeed you know what you are getting for your money.

Waterproofing & Wind-Resistance

The raincoat coat can resist over 4000mm of body of water. therefore, if you pitch your camp sanely and take good care of the tent, you can trust it to keep you dry in clayey rain. For example, you should spray your camp with a raincoat coating after each big rain because some of the protective covering inescapably washes away in a storm. The Star River comes with a footprint, which you can place on the land beneath the camp. The footprint doesn ’ t make your tent more waterproof per selenium, but it does prevent any rub or tears in the tent floor that would let water system into the quiescence compartment.

The half-dome shape can handle wind exceptionally well, and the 7001 aluminum frame is solid and robust, preventing heave in heavy weave. Make indisputable to set out the ridicule lines for more tip immunity. The guy lines will besides stop the wet tent-fly from dither, which can bring moisture into your sleeping compartment .


The Star River 2 is reasonably durable, but has some limitations. The strong frame and camp footprint will help extend the life of this tent, as will regularly respraying the tent-fly.

At 20D thickness, the tent fly can withstand easy snow. If you ’ re going to head out into high altitudes where there ’ south a probability of heavy coke, you ’ ll want a minimum 40D thickness for your tent walls. As can be expected with a tent of this price, it ’ s not going to last a life. Some users reported small tears and rips from the one-fifth or one-sixth trip. You can limit tears by choosing a camping spot without acute pebbles or plants on the establish. ( You ’ ll get a better night ’ randomness sleep, besides ! ) besides, invalidate pitch during a airy clock of day when the tent is more likely to flap around and catch on something.

Ease of Set-Up

The Star River 2 features a quick and straightforward gear system, so you can set up everything in a couple of minutes. Simply unfold the hub-style frame of reference and clip it into place. You don ’ t have to be hard or tall to set this up, as it is lightweight and compact. If you ’ d prefer to cut some weight unit on your tripper, you can use the Star River 2 ’ mho light-and-fast set-up option. In fact, you can set up this tent without the inside torso for an ultralight tarp-style shelter in the mountains.

Comfort & Livability

This tent is technically a two-person tent. personally, I would want to sleep in it only with my conserve, sister, or best supporter at a push ! You won ’ thyroxine have a fortune of elbow room, so choose your camp buddy carefully if you ’ re going to be sharing. To be fair, there are two vestibules for you to keep your kit out, so at least you don ’ t have to partake with your backpacks, besides. If you use it as a one-man tent, you ’ ll have more space to spread out, but then you ’ ll have to carry the wide weight ( 4.4 pound ) in your pack alternatively of sharing it with your tent buddy.

A center height of 43.2 ” ( 110 curium ) is pretty decent for a backpack camp. Most people will be able to sit up well without brushing the ceiling, which can make a game of cards or reading a book a lot more comfortable. There are besides two separate doors, so you don ’ t have to climb over your tent buddy to come and go. This makes a huge dispute when you are sharing a quad. Something that international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate indeed comfortable about this tent is its limit breathability. The sleeping area can get quite hot and airless in the summer months. You do have a vent to help with this, but you should try to pitch in the guidance of the breeze to get clean air travel moving through the inner .

Weight & Packed Size

The weight of your tent is critical if you ’ ll be backpacking. At 4.6 pound ( 2.1kg ), it ’ south on the heavier english of hiking tents, but it will be no trouble for two people to share.

If you ’ rhenium camping alone, you might have to make some slant savings elsewhere to keep your battalion at a comfortable weight. To be fairly, this model is desirable for 4 seasons, so it wouldn ’ thymine be fair to expect anything lighter at this price .

What Users Are Saying About This Tent

Most users of the Naturehike Star River 2 have big things to say about this tent. typically, people say the comfort and dimensions are very good for its weight. The two doors and two vestibules make camping a distribute easier, and users report staying ardent and dry in filthy upwind. On the other hand, some users report that the breathing international relations and security network ’ t dear adequate for summer camping. The miss of breathing can lead to a build-up of condensation and an uncomfortably warm quiescence compartment.

To avoid this, you ’ ll want to camp in a shady touch whenever potential. Keep your vents open all the time, and storehouse any damp kit out of the dormant compartment. You can besides take down your tent in the day and pitch it again equitable before the even. This prevents inflame from building up throughout the day .

What I Love About the Naturehike Star River 2

There is a draw to love about the Star River 2. I particularly appreciate the two vestibules and two doors, which make the tent seem much more broad. It ’ s low-cost, you can trust it to keep you dry in the wettest and windiest weather, and it ’ s a great weight for the price.

What I Don’t Like About This Tent

I ’ m not excessively impressed with the public discussion. I would have liked to have seen a ground vent to help draw cool air in and up through the quiescence compartment .

Pros & Cons