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my NEW fave lippie!!!

one was hesitant to to buy this lipstick coz one might not like the shade, but to my surprise i love it. The shade is so perfective to my peel tonicity ( shade # damage ). It feels sol full on my lips and very light weight, feels like one ‘m not wearing a lipstick. I have a dry lips but wearing this lipstick alone made my lips indeed hydrous. It felt so good when iodine glide it on my lips. I might have to purchase more. Love it .

Most Helpful Critical Review

Not a fan of new formula or packaging

I ‘ve bought this shade ( Gipsy ) several times after trying several early Nars colors. The new tube is more square, less comfortable in the hand and feels cheap. Most importantly, though, it ‘s a glistening formula, without the nice feel, moisture and permanent ability of the old. It ‘s a major bummer, as that was my holly grail lipstick.

Reviewed by 202 customers

didn’t care for it

3 strwbrygrrrl from new jersey tried using this a few times but did n’t like the feel of it on my lips as the sidereal day went by. it becomes sticky and a bit clumpy. i ‘m returning it .

Beautiful Color

5 Tabby Darling from Worcester, MA This is a identical gorgeous lipstick. The color is stunning, it ‘s smooth and satiny, and lasts a fair time. I do n’t like how small the tube is though


5 Trixie 27 from VA I was diffident what to expect from a sheer lipstick, but this is gorgeous. I got Dolce Vita and the shade matches Orgasm blush very well. The sheer conceptualization applies the color in a room that has a satiny sparkle to it, looking about like lip gloss. Basically, you get the lush dimensional look of lip semblance without any stickiness or unwelcome transfer. It ‘s a capital price for a high end product !

nice pink

4 DebbieB from Chicago I am still on the search for a surrogate for Urban Decay Frenemy or KVD Sexer intense pink with a blue shininess. This is not it, but it is a pretty tap. comfortable .

Great lipstick

4 Linda Marie from California Perfect color that stays the like as when yiu first put on. good lasting ability. Is a moment dry spirit when applying but does not dry out my lips .

Smooth, even, light color

5 Iris from Detroit This lipstick is comfortable to wear, stays on well, and has a legato evening color. If you like subtle color and long wear, this is a adept balance .


2 Jamie G from TN For the price and sum of merchandise you get, the lipstick should be opaque. I ordered the shade “ orgasm ” and it is sheer. I saved it a sting by pairing with ABH lipliner in “ yellowish pink amber. Without a lining, it is equitable a light tint with sparkles .


5 hank from Las Vegas, NV The colors are beautiful. I last found the perfective pink/red and crimson. Damage Control and Bulgarian Rose. besides the lipstick is creamy and deluxe and lasts .

Once you go NARS, everything else is SUB-PARS!

5 runningal262 from New Castle, CO NARS is plainly the best stigmatize out there, I ‘ve discovered. I ‘ve purchased 2 different shades of bluff lipsticks, the Shrinagar and Roman Holiday. I LOVE that I do n’t even have to use lip glossary with these. It ‘s like a lipstick and gloss in 1 ! The colors are AH-MAZING ! Ca n’t wait to try others by NARS. I have tried a couple of other competitors and nothing else compares. other lipsticks do NOT glide on like NARS, creating that annoying “ feathering ” thing that looks merely plain atrocious ! I hope NARS is around to stay, because I have last found a product that works for me !

Lipstick Falls Out!

1 deed from South i love Nars concealer sol decided to try the lipstick. From about the 2nd sidereal day when I opened the lipstick, the entire stick FELL OUT. Poor product and this needs to be made known and corrected. Do NOT buy .

My Go To

5 YassJass85 from North Carolina I wear this constantly to work. It ‘s a very natural semblance, and I love this formula. I regard Nars would stop animal testing. That ‘s about the only victimize I can think of .

would buy again

5 Emma from PA I have nars cruising lipstick. It ‘s a pale beigey tap on me and great for casual. It besides is very moisturizing for a lipstick which I love, makes me want to use it often. I recently besides picked up rosecliff. This is a light to medium beige with some rose, merely adequate to give it a snatch of color and not wash me out. It ‘s a inert so if I want to amp it up I use chesea girls gloss over it. It ‘s a great color for my light to medium cool peel tone.


3 Lucy27 from New York NY I have ordered respective lipsticks recently and practically all the lipsticks arrive damaged with the merchandise coming out of the tube. I have reached out and of naturally Nars makes good. But I am disappoint because if i decree it again, again it arrives damaged. I have seen other complaining about the same emergence .


1 tuna from undisclosed Lipstick was broken off at basis and squished into capital. Quantity ( size ) of product was little. Disappointing, NARS .

Love it but some suggestions

4 Hallisa from Connecticut I must start by saying I have many Nars lipsticks and wear them frequently. however, for the price, the bullet is very small. The shades that are shown online are not accurate, neither are some of the description. last, it would be easier to buy liner pencils that go with the lip color .

Love it but some suggestions

4 Hallisa from CT. I must start by saying I have many Nars lipsticks and wear them much. however, for the price, the bullet train is identical small. The shades that are shown online are not accurate, neither are some of the description. last, it would be easier to buy liner pencils that go with the lip color .

A solid 4 star with issues

4 christineloveslipsticks from Mexico Everything about it is arrant ( the color, texture, longevity, package design ), however, the bullet train keeps falling out of the tube which is super thwart. For that reason, I wo n’t recommend/repurchase until the issue is solved. I mean, for the overall quality and price of Nars Cosmetics, I expect better .

This is my signature lipstick

5 Opera Girl from Northeast Niagara is my favored lipstick of all time. It ‘s obtrusive but not besides bright. It ‘s satiny legato with good staying power. It a slightly warmly coral but not excessively a lot for my cool toned complexion. Love sexual love sexual love .

Renovation Beware

1 Zonia from Miami, Florida identical disappoint that I ordered my favored 2 lipsticks and the formulas were changed with no notification. What you may think was better no longer gives the like result. very sad .

Lipstick Change

1 Zonia from Miami, Florida very disappoint that I ordered my 2 favored go-to lipsticks and the formulas were changed with no notification. What you may think was better ( absolute ) no longer gives the lapp solution. Very sad and a barren of my money. Unhappy that I have to find a refilling .

Beautiful color with a little shimmer

5 Kristy from Kansas fantastic color with just the justly measure of shimmer

Great color!

5 kasianbeauti from Dallas, TX Great semblance ! Love this lipstick, it is hanker persistent and I love the color !

Long lasting pigment

5 Amber C from undisclosed long survive, very pigmented

Perfect everyday lipstick

5 Edna from undisclosed literally my plump to lipstick. I keep one in my purse and cable car at all times.

Not depicted and described accurately online.

1 Lucys Mum from Salem, OR. The description of this ghost called Cruising is not the pink/nude color that it ‘s described as, and it besides is not an accurate photograph on-line. When l received this lipstick, it is actually a brick spirit of nude, not pink. It just shows up as a shade of corrode. I was very disappoint, and l returned it .

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