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At just under 100 kilometres from Buriram, Nang Rong “ Beach ” is a desirable day slip finish. Set in the zone of Non Din Daeng, the flaxen shores offer a playfulness syndicate day digression .
Depending on traffic and how twitchy your accelerator foot happens to be, you can make it to the reservoir that doubles as a beach in just over an hour and a quarter, or surely under two.

Taking you through some green, attractive, swing countryside, the driveway past Nang Rong is an enjoyable feel for passengers and drivers alike .
Families flock to the “ seaside ” on weekends to grab a smudge of lunch by the water and allow their kids to play in the boastfully lake .
Countless arctic bands and inner tubes are for lease by the hour for kids to splash around with in the water .
Rubber Bands and Inner Tubes For Hire
White sand on the edge of the reservoir lake provides a very real beach experience. If you didn ’ t know any better you would think you were at a seaside holiday finish .
Bringing your own lunch is possible as countless cinch tables are on and off the beach area .
At the goal of the beach a wide-eyed excerpt of restaurants serving Thai dishes are situated in Thai expressive style authentic wood and chaff huts raised above the urine .
Beach Hut Restaurants
average prices 100-140 baht for specialization Thai dishes. If you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate read Thai, bringing a Thai friend is advised as all the menu ’ south are in Thai speech .
A pisces dish we tried was, trench fried pisces with shred ginger, park pepper corns, lemon leaves and lemon grass. refreshingly unlike .
besides we enjoyed a coconut filled with a steam seafood curry. Dishes were 250 Baht and 160 Baht respectively. not cheap by Thai standards but identical adept indeed.

Fried Fish With Herbs, and Steamed Seafood Curry Served in a Coconut
Nang Rong food
For more casual boom, other stalls selling barbecued chicken, sausages and yield etc. are there in large numbers .
Just Some of The Many Food Stalls
If you are stuck for something to do on a lazy Sunday or any other day for that matter, a one and a one-half hour drive to Nang Rong Beach with lunch will kill most of the day. If you have kids they will love the water excessively .
Nice Place To Kill a Few Hours
Nang Rong Beach2
How To Get There

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