This 2.9 kilometer extend of beach south of Jomtien in the submarine zone of Na Jomtien is unlike most beaches in Pattaya because it has many resorts situated on the beach, unlike Pattaya and Jomtien there is no busy road between the recourse and the beach. Na Jomtien Beach is credibly more comparable to Koh Samet than it is to Pattaya, the beach itself could be well described as extension of Jomtien Beach without the road and promenade but a small wide in most parts. My comparison to Koh Samet does not relate to sand and water quality, you won ’ metric ton see pristine white backbone and crystal well-defined water on Na Jomtien Beach .
There are several resorts on Na Jomtien Beach, including the Pinnacle Resort, Baramie Residence, The Ambassador, Dor Shada and Botany Beach Resort. Besides the resorts there are 5 or 6 beach bars, restaurants, massage, kite board, wind browse and tied tattoo parlors .
A river estuary ( see photograph above ) and fish village bound the northern point of Na Jomtien Beach, at the southern goal it is bordered by the Ocean Marina Yacht Club. At the norther point there is a road running latitude to the beach, along this shortstop road there are a few hotels, shops and restaurants plus a handful of bars on the beach .
Na Jomtien Beach on the whole is not very clog, it tends to be crowded around the resorts who provide their own loungers for guests, away from the resorts there are lots of unpeopled areas, deck chair rent is chiefly concentrated around the beach bars. You will find isolated areas which are tree lined and ideal for taking your own beach mats and a field day.

This is a lovely little beach measure ( see photograph above ) on Na Jomtien Beach, food and drink, plus deck chairs for lease on the beach. You can reach this little bar by taking Na Jomtien Soi 12 off Sukhumvit highway, or you can walk from the “ The View ” .
The View restaurant on the beach has big food, Thai and Western menu and come night clock time you can dine on the beach .
Kite board and wreathe surfboard are popular on Na Jomtien Beach, you can arrange to have lessons by inquiring Blue Lagoon Water Sports Club future doorway to The View .
The Glass House ( photo above ) is another popular option if you like to dine on the beach.

Na Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand
Na Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand
The beach in front man of the Ambassador hotel ( see photograph above ) is one of the most congested areas of Na Jomtien Beach, and you will credibly notice most of the signs are wrote in Russian, you may momentarily think you just walked through meter fix in to Russia but wear ’ metric ton concern, they don ’ t have tropical beaches in Russia .
The southern end of Na Jomtien Beach is well wider and is shared by the Dor Shada and Botany Beach Resort, all the loungers here seem to be reserved for guests merely.

The Ocean Marina Yacht Club harbor forms a lifelike boundary at the south end of the beach .

What’s good about Na Jomtien Beach ?.

  • Bars and restaurants on the beach.
  • Resorts on the beach.
  • Kite boarding and wind surfing.
  • Despite having resorts on the beach it’s not overcrowded.

Access to Na Jomtien Beach.

Best ways to get to Na Jomtien Beach are Sukhumvit Na Jomtien Soi 8 which takes you past the Pinnacle Resort, Soi Glass House, Soi 12 or Soi Than Nam Chai to The View, or you can take the road down to the short beach banish via Soi Glass House or Soi 12. As a rough guide, Soi Glass House is opposite the Alangkarn Theater. Use this Google Map of Na Jomtien Beach to get directions .
car park might be slightly unmanageable unless the resorts let you use their park facilities, the Glass House has parking for guests but I think the best place for car parking would be The View. you will have no trouble finding somewhere to park a motorbike .