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What is CAT$cratch and why would I need it?

CAT $ cratch is UVM ‘s postpaid debit account which works right off your CATcard. Opening a CAT $ cratch score is a safe, convenient way to have access to goods and services without always having your purse or wallet with you. typically you will have your ID menu with you as it is needed for your residency hall and to access your meal plan. CAT $ cratch has no fees attached so you will never overdraw this bill. If you lose a debit or credit menu it may take a couple weeks to replace, where as the CATcard can be replaced the same day. You MUST have CAT $ cratch to print at our libraries .

How do I open an account and make deposits?

Opening an history is easy, merely print off the application class and either mail it or bring it in to our agency. After the history is open you can make deposits in our office, using cash, check, and credit or debit card. If writing a check, make account payable to UVM. Deposits can be made through our dependable web site, good chatter web lodge. You an besides sign up for the FREE GET Mobile APP and make a depository right from your smartphone. Credit batting order deposits are treated as a payment and not a cash progress by your credit menu company. Remember, CAT $ cratch rolls over semester to semester and class to year. If you have a symmetry left when you graduate or leave the University we take a $ 10.00 completion fee and send you a check for the rest .

Who can open a CAT$cratch account?

Anyone who has any type of ID from the CATcard Office is able to open a CAT $ cratch Account. This includes CATcard, courtesy cards for dependents, UVM Medical Residents, dining services, seller and alumnus cards.

How do I check my balance?

You can download the GET mobile App to check your balance and transaction history. Parents & Families can deposit to a CAT $ cratch Account on your behalf a well. You will need download the app on your fresh telephone and log into GET Portal using your CATcard number that is on the back field-grade officer your CATcard. Number starts with ( 21733 ) then follow the instructions !

Where can CAT$cratch be used?

CAT $ cratch can be used for a variety of goods and services including buying books at UVM Bookstore and groceries downtown at City Market. For a complete list of hundreds of locations, check out our off campus web page.

Do I need a debit or credit card?

CAT $ cratch can not be used for cash withdrawals so it is a commodity estimate to have a way to access cash .

What if I lose it, can someone else use it?

Your CATcard is a photograph ID which is checked at the fourth dimension of purchase. Businesses not only check the photograph but require a signature a well.

What is the difference between CAT$cratch and meal points?

Meal points will work lone on campus and do not roll over year to class. CAT $ cratch rolls over class to year and semester to semester. CAT $ cratch works on campus including all the dine locations, vending machines, the UVM Bookstore, CATpause, Henderson ‘s and over 100 off-campus locations in the Burlington sphere. All first class students and sophomores are required to have a meal design. Please contact the meal plan position for more detail information .

If I am an employee can I have payroll deduction for CAT$cratch?

Yes, you can set up automatic deductions through PeopleSoft Self Serve .

Still have questions?

For any questions we have not covered, please feel dislodge to call us at 656-4509 or stop by our office at Billings Library, 48 University Place. You can e-mail CATcard and we will get back to you within two commercial enterprise days.

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