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There is so much to do in Phuket that you may wonder why anyone would ever find the time to go to the movies. But occasionally a movie can be a perfect way to spend a few hours.

Some people may be shocked to hear that you would send clock time indoors at the movies if you live on a tropical island and specially when you are on holiday .
But going to the movies is a great way to spend an afternoon, particularly if you go specifically to catch a bang-up new movie, or if it is low season and besotted outside. And of course, it surely keeps the kids entertained for a few hours ! ! !
But we think there is more to it than that. It can be an feel for those who have never been to the cinema in Thailand before. particularly if you go first class in Central Festivals ’ FX Cinema .
Things have changed therefore much over the last 20 years and the choices were limited back then to the Coliseum, an old film in Phuket Town. today, that remains open, but we nowadays have two more, so the option is expanding all the clock time.

Most foreigners would choose a film either in Junceylon in Patong, or in Central Festival, chiefly because they are newer, more flashy and show chiefly foreign movies rather than the Coliseum ( now called C.E. paradise manifold ) which shows chiefly Thai movies .
All three are in the center of the island so unless you are staying in Patong, near the SF Cinemacity, you ’ ll likely have to drive or jump in a taxi to get to either one .
Below we ’ ve provided addresses and contact details and websites where we can then you can check schedules online .

Here are your choices:

Central Festival SFX Coliseum Cinema:

The SFX Cinema in Central is the largest and most advanced of all three choices. You ’ ll find it on the third shock and it is frequently busy so make certain you get there a little early in case you have to argumentation up for tickets .
It wouldn ’ t be overstating it, if we said this is a world class cinema. It ’ mho super modern, pretty jazzy, and has a capital sound systems in each of the theatres. Although standard seats are available there is besides a first classify sofa and dramaturgy which has big and comfortable seats and make the travel to a rightfully extra experience. These seats are actually cheaper than you think, therefore worth every penny. You besides get complimentary drinks and snacks, a well as coke and popcorn while you watch the movie .

Central Festival, Phuket

75, 74, Wichit, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand.
T : +66 76 209 000
Website : hypertext transfer protocol : //

Jungceylon SF Cinemacity

SF Cinemacity is great if you are local or staying in Patong. You can find it on the third floor of Jungceylon at the eastern end above Robinsons Department Store. The film has 5 separate movie theatres and they all have a option of duplicate sofa on the back rows, or standard seats .
3rd Fl., 181 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Rd.
Tambol Patong, Amphur Kathu,
Phuket 83150 Thailand
Tel : +66 76 600 555

C.E. Paradise Multiplex Cinema in Phuket Town

This film is much older than the others and has had a few reburbs in the by. It ’ randomness still a bang-up experience and prices are a lot lower here as aimed at the Thai market, but make surely you check before going whether they have any english movies showing. There is constantly the possibility that they are only showing Thai movies or western movies dubbed in Thai .
unfortunately, this film has no web site, so you ’ ll have to call first .
18 Tilok Utis 1 Rd,
Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Tel : +66 76 220 174


Going to the movies is a great way to get out of the sun or the rain. Catching a blockbuster newly liberation can be a bang-up way to unwind with the family.

But we besides think that a movie is a great direction for vacation makers to catch a snatch of life outside the tourist areas. Being amongst the locals and standing for the national hymn is an experience in itself. And if you can afford it, make certain you try the first class in Central Festivals ’ FX Cinema .
And although we ’ ve mentioned it already, please don ’ t forget to stand for the national hymn. rightly so, the Thais identical frequently take offense if you don ’ t adhere to local custom-made .

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