Cinemas in Chiang Mai

The cinema landscape in Chiang Mai has changed vastly in late year. Every shopping plaza has a cinema to draw visitors, operated by one of the Bangkok-based chains SF Cinema City and Major Cineplex. Erstwhile local favored Vista (sometimes not updated for months, currently [April 2017] apparently operating) used to operate about half a twelve cinema around Chiang Mai and over the years tried many updates to their offerings. Alas, they have relegated their showings to Thai movies and foreign movies dubbed in Thai. There are no more extraneous soundtrack movies at the Vista cinema .
Maya Shopping Mall Cinema
overall, a film visit in Chiang Mai is a fraction of the price compared to major cities in “ ample ” countries, with the lapp sound and ocular technologies, with much friendlier military service .

Major Cineplex at Airport Plaza

Around the begin of the millenium Bangkok-based operator Major Cineplex opened an extensive cinema complex at the Central Airport Plaza shopping promenade. The format is very american with thick carpets, brassy curtains draped on the walls and huge theaters. Sound and project equipment are positively state-of-the-art. Prices for movies, drinks and snacks are much higher than at the much more charm Vista cinema. however, due to their corporate privilege, Major will have some Hollywood blockbusters that Vista does n’t even have the correct to show, vitamin a well as products of the holocene 3D fad .
The cinema a well as the promenade used to be very busy but with the barrage of new shopping malls and restrict parking this has since alleviated.

You can get an impression at Major Cineplex .
hera ‘s a target radio link to Major Cineplex Central Airport Plaza Chiang Mai Show Times .
Always pay attention to the lyric information : [ EN/TH ] means “ english Sound, Thai Subtitles ”, “ [ TH/ — ] ” means “ Thai Sound, no subtitles ” .

Major Cineplex Central Festival

This new high-tech cinema boasts I-Max american samoa well as 4D and Ultra Screens ( whatever that is ). If anyone had told me a few years ago that Chiang Mai would have an I-Max shield, I would have been incredulous. And now there ‘s at least two !
ticket prices are presently ( early 2015 ) a reasonable 130 Baht for regular 2D movies and 250 Baht for I-Max .
here ‘s a send radio link to Major Cineplex CentralFestival Chiang Mai Show Times .
Always pay attention to the language information : [ EN/TH ] means “ english Sound, Thai Subtitles ”, “ [ TH/ — ] ” means “ Thai Sound, no subtitles ” .
major Cineplex besides have an IMAX field, the Krungsri IMAX Major Cineplex CentralFestival Chiangmai. here are the show times .

SFX Cinema Maya

just opposite of Nimmanhaemin Road, the bold new Maya Shopping Mall has a cinema, of course. The central localization of this plaza and many early activities offered ( such as co-working spaces and roof beer garden ) make this plaza the smartest rival of the CM plaza boom .
here ‘s a link to SFX Cinema Maya Chiang Mai Show Times

english sound is marked with ( E ) .
Reserve tickets on their recently improved web locate : SF Cinema City

SF Cinema City Promenada

quite far from town, this plaza and cinema are silence but trade name new and the film is in order deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. Chiang Mai immigration is in the like build up .
hera ‘s a link to SF Cinema Promenada Chiang Mai Show Times
english reasoned is marked with ( E ) .
Reserve tickets on their recently improved network site : SF Cinema City

Vista Chiang Mai

Indigenous Chiang Mai cinema chain used to be all over township and presently still has several international standard cinemas. The ones playing movies in English with Thai subtitles are located at the Kaad Suan Kaew Shopping Centre ( “ Central ” or “ Centran ” should be understood by most cab drivers ) .
Chiang Mai Vista
You ‘ll have to make your way up to the fourth floor by escalator clause or elevator. deplorably, the number of English soundtrack movies has declined in recent years. Most movies shown at the Vista are immediately dubbed in Thai .
So it ‘s now evening more crucial to check their web site at Chiang Mai Vista Cinema to see if there ‘s an [ EN ] behind the movie title. The Vista cinema are sincerely Thai with very friendly staff, interesting decoration, episodic quirks with the equipment, episodic release admission for children, and overall a very positive and brassy experience with great sound and video quality. admission prices have recently gone over a hundred Baht but are still a bargain compared with “ rich state ” film.

Update: sadly, the Vista Chiang Mai has entirely been playing a few blue-ribbon movies with English sound for a retentive while now. It appears that the film now caters chiefly to a Thai clientele ( or those foreigners seeking to learn Thai ). Licensing issues may be the emergence here .

French Cinema

For francophones and francophiles there are the long-running screenings of french movies at the Alliance Française every Friday. The movies are shown in french with english subtitles. Starting fourth dimension is 8 post meridiem See their vane page for details .
UPDATE 2017 : apparently the great custom of weekly french cinema in Chiang Mai has been discontinued. The AF is inactive at its old cover at beautiful, leafy Charoen Prathet Road ( see hypertext transfer protocol : // ) so pay them a visit sometime .