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People all over the world are suffering from a strange disease that officially doesn’t even exist. Sufferers report horrible skin lesions, a feeling that insects are crawling under their skin, and unidentifiable multicolored fibers sprout from their pores. | For more, visit Subscribe to Science Channel! | Watch the full episodes! |

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Morgellon's Disease | The Unexplained Files

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Morgellon's Disease | The Unexplained Files.

zack kraus obituary.

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  1. #drogbeifun Have natural herbal products to cure herpes virus, Leishmaniasis and morgellons permanently and the herbs are free from side effect.

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  3. What if the fibers are dead veins or capillaries? Maybe it’s a genetic condition that causes the capillaries to lack a certain chemical and it causes the capillaries to die, and which they come out of the skin. When these capillaries die, maybe they cause the rashes, as well as weird sensation of bugs crawling under the skin.

  4. This is the most dangerous thing. A medical community that ignores a real disease. The CDC says that Morgellans does not exist yet thousands of people suffer from this and no one wants to help them. I find that very disturbing.

  5. Misinformation like this is so damaging. It's unbelievable that a network would feed into sick peoples delusions like this.

  6. Oh these are textile fiber let me put this in my old shakey box and prove ya wrong….. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall he got back the results.

  7. I vividly remember when I went hiking with my sister to some cali mountains in 2014, a day later after I got back I started experiencing strange itching fits. It only got worse, as every time I felt itching it also felt like bugs were crawling under my skin and the summer heat only made it worse. I can only describe the sensation as squirmy and viral, like your a walking disease thats gonna burst into parasites. 3rd day in I noticed the fibers coming out in small clumped hive like rashes on random spots of my body but more focused on my arms. The fibers can be compared to my arm hairs and they were clearly different. This was in summer vacation so i stayed home those 4 days growing more and more lethargic and hazy with each passing day. By the fourth day, I knew something was wrong. I felt sick but it wasn't a sick I had ever felt before, I was burning up with a delirious fever but all I could do was just lay on my bed watch TV with a itchy fibery haze that kept me from doing anything but just lay there. My mom came in and noticed i looked like death so she took me to the hospital. At the hospital, the doctors didn't know what was wrong with me. They drew blood for tests but they came back negative. I told them how I felt, my hiking story and I pointed out the strange foreign hairs and asked what it was, they never told me or my mom what it was or even what was wrong with me. By their medical standards I was technically fine and healthy, but face to face I was not ok at the time. They kept me under observation for a bit, gave me some ibuprofen for the fever I technically didn't actually have according to them, then sent me home with some more ibuprofen. The way it was all handled was strange to me. Getting back home I still had the itching fits every now and then but no more delirious fever. But here comes the weirdest part, I dealt with the itching and the foreign fibers for the rest of the summer but by the end of summer the skin from my feet and hands was starting to peel off the same way a snake molts it's skin and gets new skin. The molting stopped near my knees and mid forearm, after that…. process the itching stopped and the fibers stopped growing out of me but i was left with a scar from one of the clusters on my arm. Maybe it like, combined with me like a real life symbiote.

  8. Boron to counteract Morgellons

    A friend sent me a video on how Morgellons look and operate under different conditions.

    Then I just happened upon a note I made some time back while watching a video from a doctor. He said; "Boron counteracts Nano bots / Morgellons."

    He also said: "Do NOT swallow mucus." A theory is that they are spraying that stuff all over the country in those "Chemtrails." We breathe it in. Our body tries to get rid of it in mucus. If you swallow the mucus they (Morgellons) interact with stomach acid and become activated.

    It was recommended just using Borax to get Boron. It's supposed to be 99% Boron. There are different forms of Boron so I got "Triple Boron" tablets on eBay. I did the Borax for a short time until I got the Triple Boron in the mail.

    The key factor is that Boron counteracts the Morgellons. I think that is the case even if we already swallowed some in food or otherwise inadvertently or even got them in a SH0T. Right now I'm thankful I always spit that stuff out and NEVER swallow mucus. It never made sense to me to swallow something my body was trying to get rid of.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. Spread the word. All the best!

    One more thing. I looked up the FDA Max dose on Boron. Max Dose is: 1/8 teaspoon per 100 lbs. body weight 1/4 teaspoon per 200 lbs. body weight. Before I got the Triple Boron tablets I was just adding the Borax/Boron to my water.

    I did NOT find adverse effects if staying at or below the FDA Max dose.

    Of course I am NOT prescribing, diagnosing or even recommending to anyone to do anything. I’m not a doctor or scientist. I’m just passing on information I gathered. You should do your own research and of course consult your doctor.

  9. I sill can't believe that I shruked my bad Morgellons with herbal supplements from DR. Osaka on youtube channel, who I came across actually couldn't believe it at first because it sounded impossible to me knowing how far I have gone just to get rid of it. All thanks to you sir Dr. Osaka

  10. Here's a crazy thought, mutated hairs are a possibility of this. I have said look and reaction of, but it used to be allergy to sun. I have checked and assured that no extra infesting is any problem around me. Not only that but my skin healing altered after my rash seemed to alter. Recently I've read science finds a bad hormone for causing baldness, so maybe there's a connection

  11. Thank you Dr Ehimare i really appreciate professional people like you who really care about people with this proplem, i can't really pinpoint how i got this Herpes virus because there are so many i was exposed to it and that would have trigger it. God bless you #DrEhimare on YouTube for curing my herpes virus.


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