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It’s no secret that a good meal can reduce a bad mood. But is there some kind of lucky formula behind it all, as the mood food trend claims? We are getting to the heart of the matter.

Happy Recipes: Food for the Mood

“Mood food” is a nutritional trend that is causing a sensation, especially in the food influencer scene. The underlying idea: Foods containing certain ingredients should improve mood. In particular, the neurotransmitter serotonin, contained among others in chocolate, would act as a hormone of happiness. The expert knows that what we absorb through the intestines does not have an automatic effect on the brain. The question “Does chocolate make you happy?” however, it can be affirmed. On the one hand, candy causes a feeling of well-being simply because of its taste, on the other hand, it affects the “reward system”. Serotonin and the precursor tryptophan are also found in many other foods, so the definition of a mood food is broad. Therefore, it may be worth adding more serotonin-rich recipes to your diet.

The stars among food products for mood

Especially in the dark season, many are not exactly in a good mood. The lack of light makes us tired and apathy: a phenomenon known as winter blues. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to cook something good during this time. Better yet: choose foods as ingredients that can have a positive effect on the release of endorphins or improve mood through psychological effects. In addition to sweets, these include:

  • Blue sea fish: due to the high content of vitamin D;
  • hot spices such as ginger and chili: promote the production of endorphins;
  • Bananas: they are rich in tryptophan;
  • Berries, especially blue berries, contain flavonoids that, according to one study, can improve mood;
  • Royal Vanilla – Reputed to help release serotonin;
  • Nuts: they promote relaxation due to their high magnesium content and contain B vitamins that strengthen the nerves;
  • Complex carbohydrates, like those found in whole-grain products, help the body increase tryptophan levels.

Eat, move, relax: the multipurpose formula for happiness

In addition to the frequent integration of your personal Mood Food wellness recipes into everyday life, there are other measures that chase away a bad mood. Walks or sports in nature provide us with oxygen, UV rays and other substances that are still being investigated. Terpenes, which plants secrete as messenger substances, are said to reduce stress. Forest bathing, which is popular in Japan and now also in this country, not only has a positive effect from a subjective point of view. Our other tips against spring fatigue will help you, with mood food on your plate, ease mood swings.

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