Modernform Group Public Company Limited, Thailand’s leading furniture designer who understands lifestyles of all generations, is collaborating with Jirayu Koo or Jirayu Kooamornpattana, a Thai artist renowned for her whimsical illustrations, to design a special collection called “The Power of Positivity Series” under the concept of “Summer Blooms” to enliven home furniture and other lifestyle items with unique patterns and playful colors this summer. Kittipat Nerngchamnong, CEO and President of Modernform Group Plc, stated that Modernform has therefore far collaborated with respective partners to launch new creations that will connect lifestyles of today ’ s generation in versatile dimensions, ranging from design to engineering or even digital assets as reflected in the NFT limited token plan where concern parties can bid for a favorite NFT and receive a real objet d’art of furniture from Modernform. “ On this occasion, we combine artwork with affair again to create every day ’ south furniture and life style items that will brighten everyone ’ s homes this summer. ”
As people continue to spend therefore much time at home under the current situation, home therefore is a locate for solve, pillow, a plaza to spend free time and do what we love. Modernform is joining hands with Jirayu Koo or Jirayu Kooamornpattana to design furniture and life style items in the Power of Positivity Series Collection. The illustrations, which are created under the concept of “ Summer Blooms, ” brings about tinge, joy and animateness to little pieces of furniture that can be moved around to suit day by day activities. The design estimate is to fill our place of know with liveliness and positivity.

“ equally soon as I learn about “ The Power of Positivity Series ” collection, I found that “ Nong Klom Klom, ” which is my touch character, actually aligns with furniture and items in the collection as she exudes cocksure attitude, ” Jirayu said. “ That ’ s why I feel that this collection brings out my individuality even more. In accession, by witnessing my illustrations being transformed from a two-dimension assemble on paper or on sieve into family furniture that can be actually used, I feel that I am very partially of the collection. ”
The inspiration behind this collection is to embrace summer with “ Summer Blooms. ” The collection is wide of colors and enchant feel by “ Nong Klom Klom ” who is surrounded by blooming flowers everywhere. Being the chief character in this solicitation, she exudes plus department of energy and enlivens the surrounding space. No matter how hot the weather is, we are fix to welcome the situation.

The Power of Positivity Series Collection is designed by matching colors in ordain to express their animation. Putting a piece of furniture in this solicitation in a bland space may brighten the plaza. For living quad which is already quite colored, the furniture will make it tied more satisfy. The freehand drawing technique similar to the use of a rouge brush is used in this collection, which makes the patterns feel relaxed and natural like to the way our hands naturally move. The patterns are illustrated on furniture and modest life style items such as cushion, large pillow, blanket and side mesa, all of which are comfortable to move about in ordering to reflect temper changes each day. Underling the concept of “ Small Change, Big Happiness, ” the entire collection is ideal to re-create and re-freshen a exploit corner or a corner to enjoy dawn coffee.

Come to witness furniture and lifestyle items in “The Power of Positivity Series” Collection under the “Summer Blooms” concept at Modernform Srinakarin, Modernform Plo e nchit Q House Building and Modernform CDC; and online at ; Facebook at Modern Furniture; and Line @ Modernform Furniture. For more information, please contact 0-2094-9999.
source : โมเดอร์นฟอร์มกรุ๊ป symbol : MODERN