MOBILE HOME FOR SALE || Warren Buffet's Single Wide Trailers || Clayton Homes. | In general, the most complete rock creek hoa marysville wa contents

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Warren Buffet's Single Wide Trailers

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MOBILE HOME FOR SALE || Warren Buffet Single Wide Trailers || Clayton Houses. Subscribe to Exoman: support this channel:

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MOBILE HOME FOR SALE || Warren Buffet's Single Wide Trailers || Clayton Homes.

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MOBILE HOME FOR SALE || Warren Buffet's Single Wide Trailers || Clayton Homes..

rock creek hoa marysville wa.

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29 thoughts on “MOBILE HOME FOR SALE || Warren Buffet's Single Wide Trailers || Clayton Homes. | In general, the most complete rock creek hoa marysville wa contents”

  1. It's getting to where you can't afford anything anymore! People coming in from everywhere buying up houses and making it harder on us to find a place. It's not getting any better especially who is sitting in the seat today! People just don't care anymore!!!

  2. Be wary of anything that Warren Buffett has anything to do with…

    He's apparently one of the proverbial "THEY" that are destroying the world as we know it.

    Please look into these evil Corporations:

    Black Rock
    State Street
    Berkshire Hathaway

    If you look at any major companies stock reports, the major shareholders in every one of them are going to be one of the names above, but usually in different order.

    The really sickening part is that all four of those companies are owned and chaired by the same S.O.B.s, but those creeps essentially play "musical chairs" with who is "president" and who's "C.E.O.", etc… Specifically so they can't get labeled as a monopoly.

    Unfortunately… They own just about everything you can think of these days.

  3. Looks like nice BUT did you notice how few heating/ac vents there are throughout the entire home? Clayton Homes is notorious for not putting enough heating/ac vents in their in homes,which will end up costing you a LOT more in the long run for maintaining the heating & cooling in the home

  4. The carpet in the master bedroom looks like crap . I'd look it over real good. But it is a mobile home so you get what you get..FJB

  5. When I saw the name Warren Buffet I knew it would be high. It's actually a terrible investment, the value of a mobile home plummets the day you pay for it. With an actual house on it's own land, it usually rises in value every year. It's called Equity. There is no Equity with a mobile home.

    The bottom line is that a mobile home costs today about as much as a real home but it's very temporary even if it lasts for as long as you live, after you're gone it won't last much longer.

    It's a nice home, I wouldn't mind living in it at my age if I had some land to set it down on. That price is pretty high for what you get. What might be a good idea if you had the money, is to build a roof over it and cover it with solar panels. If you could place it on a concrete foundation and surround it with brick walls and a roof…… would last longer. Sort of like armor to protect it from the elements. Perhaps place the hot water heater in it's own brick structure beside the house.

  6. I have a Garden Tub in our doublewide, taking up space in the Master Bath. We never use it. For some reason, manufacturers continue to put these in. The water heater does not support the volume needed to fill it. I turned it into an open closet. The cat liter box resides there. A large low threshold walk-in shower would be much better and actually useable!

  7. Cannot you get some Cargo Trailers for a Couple Grand?
    Significant Difference between that and the 'Candy Bar'…..

  8. These are not homes they are a shit hole of nothing but problems they have no re sale value the workmanship is below professional they fall apart right in front of your eyes. Only a fool would buy one


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