To celebrate the launch of Softer Volumes : Cafés —our hardback bible exhibiting beautifully-designed coffee shops around the world—in this article we ’ ve highlighted a selection of the best minimalist cafés. Showcased here are pared-back spaces that ensure the focus remains directly on the specialization coffee they serve. To see more inspire café designs and coffee destinations, check out the record here —now besides available in digital form .

Asia ’ randomness Best Minimalist Cafés


Hong Kong
In the newly opened K11 MUSEA—a epicurean shopping center on Hong Kong ’ s Victoria Dockside—two outstanding chocolate shops blend and contribution a space, so far each has its own purpose. OMOTESANDO KOFFEE serves as more of an initiation to specialty chocolate, and offers light meals such as sandwiches and curry. KOFFEE MAMEYA caters to those with even greater interest in chocolate, and pairs its drinks with sweetly treats .
OMOTESANDO KOFFEE / KOFFEE MAMEYA K11 - World's Best Minimalist CafésOMOTESANDO KOFFEE / KOFFEE MAMEYA K11 | Design: 14sd / Fourteen stones design | Photography: HDP photography


Tokyo, Japan

chocolate formulation at OGAWA COFFEE LABORATORY is carried out with the utmost care and consideration, in a venue designed to celebrate craft and encourage negotiation. The huge selection of beans on propose are prepare using whichever method the customer desires, creating a bespeak experience for each guest. The unclutter home with bleak finishes draws divine guidance from Japan ’ s rich history of trade .
OGAWA COFFEE LABORATORY Shimokitazawa - World's Best Minimalist CafésOGAWA COFFEE LABORATORY Shimokitazawa | Design: Yusuke Seki | Photography: Tetsuya Ito


Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Orijins embodies nature and its fallible beauty. The department of the interior materials and furnishings have been as cautiously selected as the chocolate, offering a singular experience of the highest choice. The chocolate counter has been replaced by huge blocks of stone and marble, each with raw and unfinished edges. The walls curve to meet the ceiling, cocooning the quad and suggesting not a manmade environment, but a natural one .
Orijins - World's Best Minimalist CafésOrijins | Design: VSHD Design | Photography: Oculis Project

Equate Coffee

Patrons are led to this cafe through intrigue ; a cave-like wall obscures their view of the department of the interior, encouraging them to venture in and discover what lies inside. Upon entry, they ’ re rewarded with forte coffee bean and baked goods—such as canelés and a excerpt of cakes created in collaboration with early local businesses—served over a arresting fortunate prevention. Situated near Chinatown, there is no dearth of sights and restaurants nearby .
Equate Coffee - World's Best Minimalist CafésEquate Coffee. Design: Jacob Ngoh / Ryan Pang. Photography: Equate Coffee.

PAGA Microroastery

Bangkok, Thailand
Plain white facades allow the build to interact with its environment as the changing inner light transforms the construction throughout the day. By the entrance stands a big stone, paying court to the shop class ’ s inhalation ; the mountainous regions where chocolate is cultivated. The roasting board is exposed, not only to optimise conditions but besides to al- abject visitors to engage in the product serve. There is besides a dedicated workshop space and extra seat on the second floor .
PAGA Microroastery - World's Best Minimalist CafésPAGA Microroastery | Design: Taste Space | Photography: Mr. Jinnawat Borihankijanan

% Arabica Shanghai West Jianguo Road

Shanghai, China
An outdoors facade, warm alight, and the manipulation of field glass make this shop feel much larger than its 50 square meter footprint. Situated on a leafy street, inside the store a modest court and seat area is arranged around the u-shaped methamphetamine box that houses the chocolate buffet. The whole café feels bright and expansive, offering quad to pause and enjoy a cup of expertly train coffee .
% Arabica Shanghai West Jianguo Road - World's Best Minimalist Cafés% Arabica Shanghai West Jianguo Road | Design: B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio | Photography: Eiichi Kano

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Europe ’ sulfur Best Minimalist Cafés

Prague, Czech Republic

A monochromatic palette and clean design human body the basis of this unfussy, industrial-like café space. furniture characterised by simple forms, minor fall, and natural greenery, ensure the concentrate is very much on the peculiarity coffee. With a minimalist approach in every sense—there is no wi-fi or sugar—the customer can experience a remarkable cup of coffee, instinct with natural bouquet . - World's Best Minimalist Café | Design: | Photography: Eliska Kubikova

Lift Coffee

London, England
Lift Coffee exudes an industrial atmosphere with a bohemian feel. By dipping the stairway in liquid chromate tanks, the effect creates a rainbow of color vitamin a well as consider corrosion. Seating hewn out of tree trunks, heavy-knit textiles, and greenery add an aesthetic, free-spirited dimension. The menu focuses on light-roasted coffee bean from interesting peculiarity coffee bean roasters around the world .
Lift Coffee - World's Best Minimalist CafésLift Coffee | Design: Simon Astridge (Szczepaniak Astridge) | Photography: Nicholas Worley

Van Dyck Espressobar

Cologne, Germany
With bifold doors that outdoors onto the street, Van Dyck Espressobar welcomes patrons into its slick, mod sanctuary. Colours are neutral, with plants and coffee packaged in k bags providing a bright accent. A retentive, uncluttered counter divides the space, serving honest trade wind, organic chocolate .
Van Dyck Espressobar - Minimal Coffee ShopVan Dyck Espressobar | Design: Gerdesmeyer Krohn | Photography: Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

Three Marks Coffee

Barcelona, Spain
experience Three Marks Coffee at design studio Six N. Five ’ sulfur showroom space in Barcelona. The clear inner design is celebrated for its straight lines and politic surfaces. The summation of a mirror coffee bean counterpunch, artistic furnishings, and greenery enhances the character of this impressive distance. Roasting its own beans at Port Fòrum in Barcelona, you will besides find Three Marks Coffee in the city ’ s hep Poblenou vicinity .
Three Marks Coffee - Minimal Coffee ShopThree Marks Coffee | Design: Three Marks Coffee / Isern Serra / Six N. Five | Photography: Salva López

Best Minimalist Cafés in the united states

JISU Specialty Coffee

Buenos Aires, Argentina
In the revamp dockside area of Puerto Madero is JISU, a café with a design that ’ second as well thought out as the specialization coffee on the menu. Drawing inspiration from the public spaces of Buenos Aires, this café is a little taste of outside, indoors. Stone-tiled benches and flooring is a nod to the city ’ sulfur squares, and the space is lit by a big, modeled light in the center of the industrial ceiling .
JISU Specialty Coffee - Minimal Coffee ShopJISU Specialty Coffee | Design: Tomas Mielnikowicz | Photography: Hernan Taboada


Chicago, United States
Dayglow ’ south offer is refined. There are two coffees, handpicked by the team from the best international roasters, that can be enjoyed with any brew method. The short menu graces the bloom pink wall—one of the lone pieces of décor in the clean space—behind the large concrete bar that ’ s topped with just a few choice pieces of matte total darkness coffee equipment. Guests can grab their coffee bean of choice and watch the vicinity go by from the streetside tables .
Dayglow - Minimal Coffee ShopDayglow | Design: Range Design | Photography: Kam Sears

Newport Coffee House

Evanston, United States
Newport Coffee House is a little slice of Sweden in Evanston. Serving espresso-based drinks using constituent beans from the owners ’ roastery, along with traditional bake goods from their bakery, this is a great spot for fika. The scandinavian design of pale wood, white surfaces, and clean lines is the perfect escort .
Newport Coffee House - Minimal Cafe DesignNewport Coffee House | Design: 34-TEN | Photography: Mike Schwartz

Best Minimalist Cafés in Australia


Melbourne, Australia
In a little erstwhile panel beat garage in Collingwood is ACOFFEE, a simple and bright space with built-in wooden bench and anticipate that ensures all focus is on the chocolate. seasonally source beans are roasted on site in belittled batches, each one cautiously considered to bring out their classifiable flavours. Guests can grab a pastry with their coffee, and a bag of beans to go .
ACOFFEE - Minimal Cafe DesignACOFFEE | Design: ACOFFEE | Photography: Steven Yue Yan


Melbourne, Australia

Tucked away behind Richmond Station is Midi, a elementary café serving espresso and cold brew from local roasters Seven Seeds, ampere well as a host of impertinently made sandwiches. From the outside, the brutalist concrete outside apparently blends in with the commercial buildings surrounding it. Inside though, the recycle Spotted Gum bar, smooth curved lines of the seating, and graphic elements in the ignite bring the space to life .
Midi - Minimal Cafe DesignMidi | Design: Sans-Arc | Photography: Dan Preston
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World’s Best Minimalist Cafés

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