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Soy milk, oat milk, almond milk: If you’re vegan or want to avoid animal-derived dairy, there are a wide variety of alternatives to milk today. We present the most important varieties.

For the vegan diet: milk substitute

If you want to go without animal products, you have plenty of options when it comes to milk and milk products. The shelves are now well stocked with milk substitutes. Since each non-dairy milk has slightly different properties, there is a suitable cow’s milk substitute for each type of vegan recipe. Basically, milk replacer can be divided as follows:

  • Cereal drinks (oatmeal, rice, millet and spelled milk)
  • Nut drinks (almond, hazelnut, coconut, macadamia, cashew, and almond-rice milk)
  • soy milk
  • Hemp, lupine and pea milk drink

Which milk substitute you choose is a matter of taste. However, experts do not recommend plant-based beverages for young children under the age of three, as they lack important nutrients such as vitamin B12 for growth and others that are less digestible in plant form, such as calcium. Also, when shopping, keep in mind that some dishes work well only with certain milk substitutes.

Milk substitute for coffee foam and baked goods

For example, if you like your coffee with a good milk foam, you should not use rice, millet, cashew or hazelnut milk. Soy, almond, spelled and oat milk, on the other hand, foam well. Neutral-flavored rice milk is suitable for baking without milk or eggs, and nut drinks also go well with nut cakes and caramel. Note that some vegetable drinks have a naturally sweet taste. In the case of pastry recipes with cow’s milk, it may therefore be necessary to reduce the amount of sugar if a milk substitute is used. Our article on vegan cookies provides more tips.

Milk substitutes as slimming products?

Do you want to lose weight and save calories? Next, you need to make sure your milk substitute is sugar-free. The drinks with fewer calories are the sugar-free almond, coconut, oatmeal and hazelnut drinks, whose energy content is lower than that of skimmed milk. By contrast, all varieties with flavors like vanilla, banana, and chocolate are full-bodied. If you’re looking for a particularly high-protein milk substitute, you can try a pea drink. The relatively new plant-based milk contains as much protein as cow’s milk and soy milk. By the way, the latter serves as the base for our vegan sour cream.

Interested in trying alternatives to milk? Do it yourself! Oat milk can easily be made from cooked rolled oats, which are then pureed and strained. For nut drinks, soak almonds, cashews, etc. overnight and mix them raw. By the way, you can also make delicious vegan cheeses with nuts and soy. You can then turn your homemade non-dairy milk into a high-quality energy drink with our vegan Golden Milk recipe. You can find other ways to use non-dairy milk in the kitchen, for example in our almond milk recipes.

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