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Cooking ahead is all the rage because it saves a lot of time, money, and stress. We show an example of what a weekly meal prep plan would look like and give tips for prep ahead.

Meal Prep: Meal prep for 1 week

In German, “meal preparation” means nothing more than preparing the food. Precooking is a proven concept with many benefits. Meal prep is great for using up leftovers. If you plan wisely, you can cook with a manageable amount of food for the entire week. The trick: you simply prepare more, for example rice, and use it for more dishes. This keeps the shopping list manageable for a weekly meal prep plan. At work you have a quick lunch that, unlike fast food, is healthy and cheap. In principle, all foods and all forms of nutrition are suitable. Only dishes that must be fresh on the plate for reasons of taste or shelf life are not suitable, such as mussels. Alternatively, a weekly vegan or vegetarian meal prep plan can be implemented as well as a meat-based plan for muscle building.

How to set up a weekly meal prep schedule

Planning is the alpha and omega of precooking. So it’s best to print out one of the many weekly meal prep plans available online or use an app. Here you enter meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks for 7 days and write the necessary foods on a shopping list. If you are having trouble finding the time to create the plan, it is better to create several plans “at once”. This approach is also useful if you are creating a weekly meal prep schedule for the family and everyone has different food preferences. If your 16-year-old prefers a weekly high-protein sports meal prep schedule, you can include the right ingredients. The foods and recipes suitable for balanced precooking are:

  • Side dishes: potatoes, pasta, quinoa, rice, oatmeal
  • For the contribution of vitamins and minerals: all kinds of vegetables
  • Protein providers: meat, fish, sausages, legumes, eggs, dairy products, nuts
  • Snacks: fruit, energy balls, granola bars, boiled eggs, raw vegetables
  • Recipe examples: pasta with lentils or bolognese with meat, pancakes, casseroles, pea stew, salads, stir-fries

Combine, vary, enjoy: Pre-cook with a head

By continuing to combine ingredients from the above food groups, you can simply create a long-lasting and varied lunch box as a meal prep lunch. You can also lose weight with a weekly low carb meal prep plan – anything is possible and nothing complicated. It is useful to always have a well-stocked pantry with non-perishable foods such as rice, precooked chickpeas or flour. For example, you can bake your own whole wheat bread and freeze it, then you’ll have snacks for the kids on hand in no time. So that the same dishes are not always on the weekly meal preparation schedule, you can turn to country kitchens. One week there are Italian dishes, the other Asian, then Greek, etc. Of course, it is also possible to change the dishes on a daily basis. Meal prep is delicious and can be a lot of fun – give it a try!

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