Tamber Z. It ’ s a courteous ritual in the dawn ruth five hundred. The water system taste just like The water that I love called Evian so legato and sparkling clean it ’ s a joy to drink Thank You

Jessica G. This is such a beautiful and beneficial product. Love my Mayu eddy, thank you ! Katrina S. It is soothing having the swirling reasoned in the background while I do my homework. I drink more water while I do homework in the evening now and before bed. I take a bottle of body of water to work casual now excessively and I finally started drinking it all. Olivia P. I love my Mayu … I can taste and feel the difference both on my clapper and in my skin. It up levels the form water I normally drink. I am so grateful for this technology. Karen K. We already have reverse osmosis water in our home therefore not certain if, for us, it truly makes a deviation in taste ( ? ), the skill behind it make smell, HOWEVER in sexual love with the expression of the vessel and stand and the eddy water. It is like a musical composition of artwork on the table ! decidedly a conversation piece as well ! ! Esther G. Water sample amazing Brandy L. I love my Mayu ! I ’ ve been doing taste tests between regular Kangen water and Kangen water that I then aerate with Mayu and there ’ s a noticeable difference. Water is the key to life itself ! Thank you Mayu ! ! Alice I. This is a beautiful and adorable addition to our kitchen counterpunch. The water tastes perceptibly softer and “ fluffier ” and the whirl is mesmerizing. I love my Mayu ! Jacob C. elegant and thoughtful design. not only vortexes your water but doubles as a water system feature which enlivens the room. A moment costly. Would like to be able to vortex in the opposite steering. Would be cool to sell unlike determine propellers to create different vortices. Jaap L. Great merchandise, capital taste Wendy M. Love it ! Makes vortexing body of water slowly. Great for blending my minerals to. Lauran S. Love it ! good customer servicing a well ! Lindley H. absolutely love it ! ! ! Richard M. lovely product, the body of water is energized and has a satiny feel going down Chante B. absolutely love the Mayu Swirl ! It ‘s beautiful, tastes even better, and besides what a simple direction to reconnect with the chemical element of water. GG M. This device is one of my favored purchases ! It not only encourages me to drink more water, I see it as beautiful moving art on my counterpunch top. Kelly T. Love the beautiful stone colored base, and we feel the water nourishes us even more after we see it do it ‘s little whirl twirl. Julie B. I love my Mayu water system. I want one in every room of my house. not equitable for drink, but the energy and gratitude I experience while being around it. Thank you so much for such an amazing creation. Julie Bacon Rachel C. one love it ! i makes me want therefore much more water ! ! My bark is sol much more hydrate ! ! ! Kyle D. good Justin S. I love this thing ! Best thing I have bought in a farseeing time ! Anna A. The intersection looks beautiful and has a very elegant line and it works well but I got very defeated when I saw it ’ s made in China… .. Please consider moving your production to another country…. Thank you Gloria J M. so far do good. Nice looking blueprint Julie M. I ‘m in beloved with this water helene thousand. The water is wrinkle and tastes very good. Tove F. beautiful determine. A piece noise with the eddy. Glad I had with me an electric adapter. A travel arranger. otherwise no recharge of the battery. Julia C. beautiful ! And tastes so clean & fresh ! I have tried other body of water whirl before but most of them did n’t work after just a few uses. This one is working fantastic, and is decidedly the most attractive I have owned. Thank you so much for your true craft & creativity ! Highly recommend to anyone who cares about the structure of water they put in their body, you can feel the remainder in every sip ! Most delightful water I have ever had in my animation, and I am an extremely finical water system drinker. I will not drink barely any water system. This makes my distill water taste like mousse urine, which is what I know we need for our cells to get the true hydration they need. HalleluYah ! Einat M. A choice and beautiful product. Delights the kitchen and makes the know of drink urine a singular experience Hamish B. This thing looks so cool. Its a sport in my consulting room arsenic well as being a water imprison. I think the skill around it is credibly bogus but the water does taste quite a bite decent from my orient of position and if it happens to be purifying my person at the same time I wont object. David A. I live near a city water recycling plant and not merely do I, but my syndicate and friends besides taste a remainder in the sample of the water system after the Mayu Swirl. I ca n’t test whether or not the water is rightfully contaminant free ( in truth, who can ? ), but it sure tastes well ! But I do know that I prefer my Mayu water to expensive bottles like Fiji or Liquid Death ! Gail K. It ’ south beautiful, It taste fantastic, It ’ randomness comfortable to use and makes my water commitment a pleasure and easy ! I fill with my trickle water, eddy for 10-15 minutes and then sit carafe on my gem charging denture ! Perfect comb ! Shari H. I was impressed with the Mayu system the moment I saw it on the table at a late dinner party. I was in want of one more Christmas endow for a pair and I purchased the basic system for them, strictly for the aesthetic, but with the think that it might encourage their two young children to drink more water. They liked it out of the box, but I have so far to hear any comments about its use. I am surely contemplating buying more of these as gifts and for myself. When I drank the urine at the dinner party it tasted clean. I do n’t think the server used any of the drops as the carafe was filled a few times. Most of the dinner guests seemed to be drinking more water than any other beverage — so that shows something. Carter T. I love my water-spinner ! I have it placed in the center of my home and I feel the endlessly spin water system creates a positivist “ feng-shui ” energy flow. This is chiefly what attracted me to the product, though the water tastes fantastic besides ! Ainat C. Love it Sharon B. The water taste so fresh Linda B. Love it ! It ’ south pretty, unique, and the water taste then good DONNA G. Found Mayu water, ordered for myself and one as a gift ; have recommended to friends and they besides have ordered and all of us love the structured water Mayu makes. Your body craves more of this integrated water ; amazing ! ! ! Angela S. I love my Mayu body of water purifier. I drink from this respective times a sidereal day, each and every day. The water drops add such nice natural flavors. very felicitous with my purchase. Well made and sturdy ! Yonatan S. identical dependable, everytjing works and received in time Gina S. Love the Mayu water system foil ! ! It ’ second good mesmerizing watching it oxygenate ; it ’ second about like a lava lamp ! The water tastes crisp and delectable. The pitcher is absolutely beautiful. I know it will make a big conversation piece, and I ’ ve already bought one as an employment endowment. Can ’ metric ton wait to get the minerals ! Korinne D. I love the concept and front, however the field glass should be thicker then its not as easy to break and might become chip or cracked ….. not shattered. Robert T. It is visually stun and I think it helps the taste of the water. Mardi J. Water never looked nor tasted so effective then add a few pomegranate seeds flimsy cut of orange and a sprig of newly basil ooh and don ’ triiodothyronine forget mineral drops. Va la Isa L. I love using this with BLKWTR Tracey P. MAYU has added an extraordinary have to my hydration ! not merely beautifully hypnotic, but I can feel a dispute throughout my body. Mine eddy casual with jump water and liquid oxygen. Thank U MAYU ! Jerrell. The water taste much more alive ! I love this intersection ! Peach P. Loved the first one so much that I ordered a second one for my bedroom Paul B. I love the hypnotic twirl. I love the bracing, clean taste. I love the human body of the glass pitcher. It ‘s just cool Wendy B. I actually love the Mayu intersection. It is easy to use and the urine tastes refreshing. The order and pitch was so fast and easy. Maria L L.

Looks beautiful, and water taste capital Claire H. It ’ second cover girl ! Looks perplex and the water decidedly tastes better. Tony A. Got mine a week ago. Love it. I got so addicted to constantly having my urine this way that I ordered a moment unit for the office ! Thanks so much for making this merchandise ! Anna R. I love my raw water. I add the electrolytes to the container. It tastes fantastic and I feel fully of energy. It besides helps me to drink more water on a daily basis. And it tastes full. Was a very commodity leverage. And of course people who come over to visit love it to Kate O. I love this amazing urine whirlpool ! You can in truth feel a shift in your energy level ! Thank you Susie R. I absolutely love it ! ! vicki phosphorus. We love our MAYU water pitcher. I am homeschooling the kids during the pandemic, and constantly try to get them to drink more water. This perplex pitcher is so fun to watch and fill our glasses from. We have to fill it up many time during the day, because we empty it so much. The water tastes fantastic and we have read the science about how much healthier it is for us. I can set it on the table where we work, and the rechargeable cordless floor works all day long. We read about a man named Emoto who ‘s hypotheses is that urine can react to positive thoughts and words. so everyday we choose new words to put on the glaze. Between the love and the whirl, this pitcher has a permanent place in the center of our home. Thank you so much for inventing such a plainly beautiful and healthy work of artwork. Bethany O. I bring my purify body of water to another level of life force and suavity with the Mayu. I am wholly in love with the sedate whirl of water reminding me to hydrate and shower myself with good thoughts. Dawn K. I was then excite to get this because I think it looks so cool. not actually expecting my body of water to taste any different but OMG, no more chlorine taste ! ! ! ! I feel like such a snob now if I don ’ triiodothyronine have MY water ! Lol. I just love it ! ! Austin M. Can feel the deviation of stimulate water and makes you want to drink more. Awesome product. Bao N. decidedly nice to have for entertaining. Show stopper and great with fruits. Tara P. Love ! ! The water system smack so piano and smooth and the rainbow light coming off the water shows equitable how herculean it is ! HARISH C. Tap water system taste far better after using Mayu. Heaether J. I love my Mayu pitcher ! You can absolutely taste the remainder and the plan is beautiful. Jessica B. amazing product. My urine tastes fantastic. easy to set up and manipulation. Will purchase one for my office vitamin a well. Don A. This product is an amazing, elegant addition to any table set. I am still disbelieving about the aerating benefits, but since I normally have water at the table, why not have an immediate conversation piece ! It is gorgeous. Anthony M. I purchased the product with the cognition that we need to be drinking hot water. After, brining the product home I was pleasantly surprised at how ascetic it besides look. Sophia B. I am a body of water being ! Having this tool allows me to create my own vibrational stream. Kellie T. absolutely LOVE my Mayu ! I can be a body of water snob, but with every good so – water is biography ! not only does this beautiful beautiful product front ace cool, but it actually makes the water taste fantastic ! Water molecules can hold memory, which you can then bring into your torso, the movement improves your connection to water. Highly commend ! Javier J. Love it Janet H. I love it ! It ’ mho what I ’ ve been looking for. not alone is it beautiful but it besides charges well and the water tastes so a lot better victoria C. Love Stacee M. Beautiful, well made, works wonderfully. Thank you Mayu ! Nani L. Something charming happened when I discovered the Mayu water system ! When I Feng Shui ’ d my newfangled home, there was an unfavorable expression along the South facing wall. Remedying this situation requires the installation of a water feature ( specifically, moving water ). I thought of a little waterfall spring or a pair of fighting fish in separate bowls…but then I found Mayu ! It ’ s not only exquisite as interior decoration, but it ’ s the perfective redress for the house, angstrom well as for my personal health and wellbeing ! Thank you ! Tracy C. very good thanks ROSE S. The pitcher is to thin. Easy to break. To expensive to keep replace. Mercedes K. I love it Kari G. I love putting herb and bits of produce in my water, and I find that using the Swirl enhances the flavors ! The movement acts like a muddler to bring out spirit in mint, cucumber, lemon – any I add ! The water seems so much fresher once it ‘s swirled for a bite, excessively. I love it ! Brenda gigabyte. Looks beautiful and tastes amaze ! melody V. I love this product ! ! ! The water taste therefore good ! A beautiful product ! Jana L. It is as advertise, love that. Marianne W. I am drinking more water and I keep it on a table where I sit to do desk workplace or watch television. I am well hydrated and can tell a dispute. Ceciley S. Beautiful design, cool concept. Michelle D. I ‘ve used my Mayu whirl every sidereal day since I got it. It came within days. I love the crisp taste that it gives our delectable well water Marjorie B. Learning as we go. Peg M. yes, I use this water for me, plants and animals. good farce ! Paul D. I have always tried to ensure I drink adequate urine. I very enjoy the taste of this urine, as a consequence Im drink more and looking more ahead to it. Jennifer P. Beautiful High Quality Product Sherilyn S. The biggest conversation piece on my kitchen island ! beautiful ! Water tastes better, I ‘ve heard research that the whirlpool breaks the latent hostility on the water, allowing the water to be well absorbed by your cells ( I only use a big purify water ). Thank you, its a beautiful product ! Sandra H. It only improved our ro water slightly. I did do some experiment and I ordered the minerals. It takes 10 drops and 15 minutes to get improved taste. We immediately enjoy the taste. possibly this will help person else. The glass container is very thin and I fear it will slip out of my hand. If that happens can I order a replacement ? It is a strange human body. You offered free minerals inside when I opened corner but when I placed my order they were not free, there was a lesser cathexis and of naturally shipping. Mark S. I am a workweek or so of using structure water created by the Mayu Swirl and I am enjoying more and drink in more water. I have noticed that my meal size has decreased and I have less hunger stress between meals. Energy level is improving deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as sleep quality. besides feeling more creative and content. Looking forth to the days ahead as the body adapts more. Nice one ! Lois S. Everyone needs a short SWIRL in their life … an elegant water dance in a glass. supportive customer service excessively ! therefore grateful for the beauty it has brought into our lives. Alphonzo M. Works bang-up, looks capital ! I love all the functions and the price for a water social organization device that looks elegant to the eyes. Alice A. I have no worry getting 3 liters a day in. I love it. Steve T. well being newly to water vortexing I was a little doubting. But the price was fair indeed I went for it. To my surprise the water system tastes perceptibly better. evening did a subterfuge test on my daughter and she noticed a definite deviation between water out of my liveliness ionizer and the same water after vortexing. besides customer serve was capital. After receiving mine with a snap base. ( Which one was surprise because of the great packaging ) they immediately shipped out a new one. great product ! Thx DrT Shauli L. We love it capital water smack Brenda L. I love Mayu water ! I ‘ve been experimenting using the mineral drops with different spring waters and different ph balances. I find I drink at least two containers full of water throughout the day. I did not like the long delay for delivery : six weeks. I want to buy a new unit as a gift, but I ‘m reluctant to, thinking about another long wait time. Patricia S. Excellant product. rapid manner of speaking to Canada. Very felicitous Jessica G.

I feel more hydrate and think I am drinking more body of water. I want to order the minerals next ! Great product ! Katherine K. It ’ randomness cool Looking !