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It looks like blueberries, it comes from Chile and it is said to be a true nutritional miracle: the maqui berry. Many health benefits are attributed to berries. We are getting to the bottom of the statements.

it is in maqui bay

The more exotic the better: True to this motto, more and more so-called superfoods are hitting the market. Food from distant countries must contain a particularly high amount of vitamins, minerals or trace elements, and other ingredients that are known to be particularly beneficial to health. In the case of the Maqui berry, the high content of vitamin C and secondary plant substances, in this case anthocyanins, are praised.

The problem with that: the exact amount in the Chilean grape has not yet been officially investigated. Since the fruit is not available fresh in this country, but rather as a dietary supplement in the form of maqui berry powder and juice, the nutrient content can also vary widely from product to product. The Consumer Center also warns that maqui berry supplements, such as goji berry or acai berry products, may be contaminated.

Effect and flavor of the maqui berry

It has not been proven that Maqui & Co. powder has a special antioxidant effect due to anthocyanins and can thus prevent various diseases. This also applies to other advertising claims: there is no evidence that taking medicine with the Maqui berry boosts the immune system, or that you can lose weight using the fruit.

The supposed vitamins contained in the berries do not justify the purchase of expensive dietary supplements based on extract of Aristotelia chilensis, as is the botanical name of the maqui berry. If you want to do yourself a favor in this regard, we recommend using local fruits like blueberries for recipes like our Smoothie Bowl. Especially since the taste of fresh berries is usually better than that of processed specimens.

Local berries have the edge

Speaking of flavor: the maqui berry is not much different here than the slightly tart aroma of blackberries combined with blueberries. Also from this point of view, the Chilean grape does not offer any advantage that justifies the high price of food supplements. The intense purple color for optical delights can also be achieved just as well with local fruits. Our berry recipes introduce you to the variety of delicious summer fruit dishes from Germany, from fine fruitcakes to smoothies. For the winter, you can freeze, preserve or dry the berries, with the ingredients you determine and using methods that save nutrients.

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