The Everygirl ’ s merchandise selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no price to you. We only recommend products we truly love. Isn ’ t it weird that we want to apply constitution. .. that looks like we ’ re not wearing constitution ? experiential beauty crisis apart, the off-duty model, no makeup vibes are here to stay. This look directly goes against the typical “ Instagram ” beauty looks we see a draw of —bold brows, full coverage foundation, winged liner, you know what I ’ molarity talking about. “ No constitution ” makeup is basically the bare minimum, focusing more on the steps of lotion than the number of products .
We ’ ve broken down the best tips and tricks for this natural drift angstrom well as rounded up our front-runner products to get you there quick and easy .

Meet the adept
Erika LaPearl
Erika is the winder makeup artist for rapper Cardi B, focusing on natural and full glam looks .

1. Skin First

This look is all about radiance, natural skin. The easiest way to get that ? actually have glowy, natural skin. While not everyone has the amazing youthful glow of Amal Clooney or Jennifer Aniston, we know how to how fake it ! Before embarking on this no-makeup- makeup travel, indulge in some skin homework. Using a hydrating boldness mask before applying makeup makes sure the peel is already supple and moisturized .


Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream

A gel moisturizer will add a layer between your skin and foundation without adding extra shine.

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Summer Fridays

Jet Lag Mask

To ensure an ultra-moisturized complexion, apply this cult-favorite mask and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The trick is to leave it on—this works flawlessly as a primer for makeup.

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2. Prime your base

When you ’ re going for a minimal look, a fuse is the easiest way to get a legato base. “ For me, using a primer creates a base that keeps your constitution in place, so it lasts throughout the day alternatively of sliding around your face, ” said fame makeup artist Erika La ’ Pearl. You can cater your product choices to what kind of look you ’ re going for or your skin type. A pore-filling fuse will smooth and fill any pores without clogging them the way a thick foundation garment might. An illuminating fuse will add that “ light up from within ” freshness and make you look extra hydrated .


Blurring & Moisturizing Primer

This is the perfect mix of a blurring, soft-focus texture with a bit of radiance. Our editors swear by it.

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Hydrating Illuminator

Add a glowy, luminous finish to any foundation by applying this underneath.

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3. Go light on the coverage

Steer gain of thick, fully coverage foundations for this look. Tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams, and peel tints give your skin some extra hydration and still allow some of your freckles, inflammation, and imperfections to shine through. La ’ Pearl swears by liquid foundations in this step because they keep your skin looking beaming, blend easily, and can be built up. One of her favorites is Be a 10 ’ mho Beyond Belief Foundation if you want a entire coverage that doesn ’ t look cakey. Apply your liquid foundation or skin shade with a buffing foundation garment brush to cover more, or with a quick study to keep the dewiness and diaphanous it out—La ’ Pearl ’ s ideal method of applying foundation garment .

4. Use a lightweight concealer for blemishes

If you ’ re even not used to letting your blemishes or night circles go uncover, use a lightweight, hydrating concealer. Blend with your fingers—the warmheartedness of your skin makes the product fade right in !


Radiant Creamy Concealer

arguably the most celebrated concealer on the satellite : our editors swear by this cult-classic for its blendability, shade roll, and ability to somehow always look good. La’Pearl besides swears by this concealer for her celeb clients, like Cardi B .
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Radiant Under Eye Concealer

This concealer has crept up to the acme of our Beauty Editor ‘s favorites list because it ‘s a medium coverage that looks aglow without ever looking oily .
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5. cream everything

Creams make everything good blend and sink right in, and it tends to look more lifelike than powders. After applying your foundation and concealer, blend a cream bronze with a damp mooch. Set thinly with a powder bronze if you ’ re disquieted about everything lasting all day or keep all the glowy good by locking in with a rig spray. La ’ Pearl applies bronze to her cheekbones and the temples, and flush blends it on her eyelids as eyeshadow to create dimension and intensify the look a little bite without going overboard .

em Cosmetics

Multi Face Play

This contour/bronzer hybrid will add shadows and property to your face, but unlike other bronzers, it blends seamlessly into whatever ‘s underneath it. For a natural look, put your brush directly into the product and then blend on your face .
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Putty Bronzer

This cheap bronze rivals some of the most expensive cream bronzers on the market, coming through with a bang-up shadow range, a buildable coverage, and easy-to-blend rule .
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6. Dew is your friend

Adding a decent dewiness to the tops of the cheekbones can go a long way in making your confront look natural but silent glowy. Rather than going for a traditional shimmery highlighter, choose for a cream with a clear foundation. This basically looks just like effort ( sounds gross, but trust us ! ) or a natural dew to the skin. The texture of the product will besides blend right in with all the early cream products on the face .

7. Fake the flush

There ’ sulfur something about a natural, blushed attend to the skin that is so gorgeous and unpolished. Get that look the easy way by adding a little sting of a cream bloom to the apples of the boldness, up onto the temples, and correct on the bridge of the nozzle .

makeup By Mario

Soft Pop Blush Stick

If you ‘re a founder in cream blush, this is the easiest formula on the market, thanks to the built-in applicator that blends the edges seamlessly .
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Cloud Paint Blush

The bloom that started it all : the Cloud Paint from Glossier is the perfect bedewed blush that you can wear sheerly or build up for more color ( making it ideal for all skin tones ) .
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8. Brush Up Brows

The best part of this expression ? Bushy, indocile brows are both accept and encouraged. Enhance the smasher of your natural brows by simply using a hilltop mousse with fibers and brushing them up and into place .

9. light Mascara or Skip It

The skin is the star of the show with this look, so it ’ mho o to go light on the lashes. I know I haven ’ t worn brown mascara since middle school, but unless you have super dark lashes naturally ( then jealous ! ), it just lightly opens your eyes without looking excessively heavy. Curl your lashes and apply a embrown mascara to the top and buttocks lashes, or very go for the natural spirit and jump mascara altogether. La ’ Pearl suggested applying mascara with a smaller brush to help you apply less, like using an old brow mascara wand or repurposing a spoolie from the end of an eyebrow pen .

10. Popsicle Lips

Ah — popsicles. now I ’ thousand athirst ! Anyhow, you know the look after you eat a ice lolly, where your lips just have a natural tint ? fortunately, there are products that give you that same look without the muggy hands. Hack your way to this count by applying any lipstick and blotting off the excess with a tissue .