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Make your own wedding cake – bake it

  • The most important thing when baking the wedding cake is that you choose a flavor that the bride and groom prefer. After all, it is your wedding.
  • Once you’ve decided on a flavor, bake a pie crust and divide it into thirds. Danger! Before that, peel off the upper part of the floor. It absolutely must be straight. However, without a pastry cutter, the cup will warp.
  • Buttercream is particularly popular as a filling. Arrange the lower part of the base with the filling and place the middle part on top. Repeat with the top.
  • If you want more layers for your cake, you will need another base of the same size. Stack as described above.
  • For a layer cake, repeat these steps with a smaller cake.

Make your own wedding cake – decorate

Once you’re happy with the height of your cake, it’s time to decorate it.

  • First spread the entire cake with more buttercream. Here it is important that you work very precisely. It is necessary to create a smooth surface, especially on the top face, otherwise you will not be able to place more levels on top of each other later. A kitchen spatula is suitable for this.
  • Then take the fondant. You can buy it ready to use. For this step, it is crucial that you have worked correctly beforehand. Uneven spots on the cake will stand out here as unsightly mounds.
  • Now roll out your fondant. You can use a rolling pin to roll it over the cake. Smooth out the fondant with your hands, then cut off any excess corners.
  • Do this with each layer of your cake and then assemble your cake.
  • Now the personal decoration: it will depend on the theme of the wedding. You can find ready-made decorations online or at baking stores. Flowers, flowers and hearts are particularly popular. These are also edible.

wedding cake planning

  • Be sure to plan for each tier to cook and cool first. This is taking longer than originally expected.
  • Wrap the cake in fondant on the wedding day.
  • You should start preparing the cake two days before the wedding.

Wedding Cake: More Baking Tips

  • Decide in advance how many tiers and layers you want your cake to have.
  • Also, directly plan how the cake should look in the end. You can buy a cake stand well in advance and it makes the cake stand out.
  • Make sure the bride and groom are happy with your choice of cake. Not everyone likes chocolate or buttercream!
  • The more levels your cake has, the more unstable your work will be. Especially at the lowest level there is an immense weight.

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