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Why buy prêt-à-porter when the good stuff literally grows on your doorstep? Making tea yourself is very easy, costs next to nothing, and makes delicious beverages. We’ll show you how to make your own creations, from fruit teas to spiced teas.

Variety of flavors – make your own tea

Are you tired of the monotony on the tea shelf and want to try something new? Nothing easier than that. If you make herbal tea or fruit tea yourself, you alone determine the taste, you can avoid additives and, above all, create your own varieties. What does not work with pure green or black tea, because the tea plant does not grow here, works more with ingredients from the flower bed or pot, from the edge of the forest, from the meadows, from the greengrocer, or the spice rack . But you can also use black or green tea as a base and refine it with herbs, just like with our rosemary tea. Of course, you can make any tea yourself by combining finished products with fresh ingredients. Here we tell you how easy it is to do it.

Dry and assemble the tea ingredients yourself

All you have to do to make your own tea is collect herbs, leaves, plants, fruits, and flowers, thoroughly clean them, and steep them in hot water. For a reserve, simply dry your ingredients in a food dehydrator, in the oven, or outside (no sun, please). To make your own tea, you can use:

  • peppermint
  • lemon verbena
  • wise
  • thyme
  • Rosemary
  • dandelion
  • lemon balm
  • woodruff
  • nettle
  • Strawberry and raspberry leaves
  • to worry
  • primroses
  • linden flowers
  • Daisy flower
  • lavender flowers
  • chamomile
  • do
  • field horse tail
  • apples
  • oranges
  • rosehip
  • elderly
  • juniper

The list, far from being exhaustive, can be complemented with already dried spices such as cinnamon, cloves, anise, cardamom and ginger. When blending your own tea, anything that tastes good is allowed. Simply experience to your heart’s content here. Beginners are best to choose no more than five ingredients at first, so as not to overload their own mix with too many different flavors.

Make winter tea yourself from roots, cones, and bark.

In winter, the variety of fresh ingredients for tea is naturally less, but that doesn’t stop you from making your own tea. The best example is our Cardamom Honey Tea with Fresh Ginger Root, Anise and Cinnamon. You can also use these spices to create a delicious chai tea, and other toppings or toppings include licorice, cloves, fennel seeds, and black pepper. On a walk in nature you will find all kinds of things that are suitable for hot aromatic drinks and, by the way, can also have a calming effect on colds and other ailments. Try fir tea or maple bark tea. You can also make such amazing tea as a gift.

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