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Seitan is made from wheat protein: it has its origin in traditional Japanese cuisine. Due to its meat-like consistency, seitan is ideal as a meat substitute for vegan and vegetarian dishes. Find out here how to prepare seitan yourself and learn more about the food.

Seitan: meat substitute made with wheat flour

There are a number of alternatives for those who want to avoid meat. In addition to soy products, such as tofu or tempeh, seitan is a substitute that is particularly close in consistency to meat. This is due to wheat protein, also known as wheat gluten. When making a dough from cereal flour and water, this protein mixture ensures that the elements “stick together” and form an elastic dough. Therefore, anyone who is gluten intolerant should avoid seitan.

Seitan: a good source of protein?

Seitan is low in fat and high in protein. However, the human body does not absorb wheat protein as well because it contains few essential amino acids. Proteins from soy products, dairy products, legumes, nuts or meat, for example, provide higher amounts. Therefore, if you want to eat a vegan and balanced diet, you have to pay attention to protein sources with high biological value. A detailed answer to the question “What is seitan?” » puts our experience at your disposal.

How to make seitan yourself

For the homemade seitan, knead the wheat flour and water into a dough. The dough should now rest for at least an hour. Then knead the dough again under water and wash off the starch. The process is repeated until the water is relatively clear. This creates a hard wheat gluten dough: seitan.

Tip: It’s faster to make seitan with gluten flour. Gluten flour has already been stripped of its starch and is available as a finished product in organic stores, among other places. When making with gluten flour, there is no “washing process” and you have the dough finished in no time. Now you can marinate and season your homemade seitan to your liking.

Seitan can be grilled, fried, or baked. Classic seitan products and dishes are schnitzel, sausage, minced meat or sliced ​​meat. The latter can be used for vegan doner kebabs, for example. Looking for cooking inspiration? Then recommend our recipes with seitan.

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