Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Accessoires Review

( Length x height x width ) Chain Drop : 15.0 cm/5.9 inches
Pricing at the time of writing – March 2022 .
Canvas £515.00
Leather £610.00

seasonal pieces pricing varies and is national to a price addition .
The reference is either made in France, Spain, Italy or in the US .


This is such a bright detail to own and more utilitarian than I ’ five hundred ever anticipated. I typically use this as a catch-all inside my handbags to carry my essentials. I ’ ve besides used it as a miniskirt bag when running errands when I didn ’ thymine want to carry a bag. It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fit my telephone as I have the bigger iPhone but I do believe that it fits the smaller iPhones with ease. I tend to carry what I need in my bags and this is more than big enough to do that. The inside is one open compartment and as previously mentioned, it is deceptively roomy. I love how this organises my udder keeping my items together rather than rolling around freely .
due to its great functionality, this is easily one of my most use luxury items. As I ’ ve purchased an extra shoulder strap I have besides attached this to my Mini Pochette and worn it crossbody. As the universe gets back into some kind of normality I ’ ll be able to get more manipulation out of this. It would make a great wristlet for a date night or meal out. I besides think it will be fab to use for travelling excessively.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette

Durability and Quality

Louis Vuitton canvass is renowned for its lastingness and quality. Of course with all things there can be a degree of quality issues but I ’ ve not experienced any. All of my items are in perfect condition without any flaws. I ’ d say when it comes to durability the Monogram canvas would be the least durable due to the vachetta tab. That said it is only small and despite being a spot wary of vachetta myself it doesn ’ t actually bother me .
The textile line could be prone to becoming dirty over time or if anything is spill inside. I pack mine in such a manner I ensure any liquids are upright to avoid this. The Monogram and Damier Azur have lighter linings whereas the Damier Ebene has red. If you use the one with a red home be mindful of possible color remove to lighter items. I ’ ve not experienced this personally but I do feel that it could happen .

Is It Worth It?

little disavowal because yes I think so absolutely. I love mine and use it daily giving me a brainy cost per wear ratio. however, I bought mine for £230 for the regular canvas pieces, £295 and £375 for the vacation animations. With price now starting at an eye-watering £515, I actually don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think I ’ five hundred purchase this item anymore.

That said, it ’ randomness ace running for my life and I love how it organises my bag. For me personally, this is more than worth it which is discernible in my owning four. They can be slippery to get but they ’ re so worth it if you ’ re able to get your hands on one. decidedly one of the brand ’ s most iconic items in my koran .
If this is something you would like to purchase try on to do it sooner rather than late as they ’ re much included in price increases .
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