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Lupins could be the soybean substitute of the future. Patties made from the ground seeds of the plant serve as a protein-rich meat substitute. For people intolerant to gluten, lupine flour is a good alternative to wheat, spelled & Co.

From ice cream to steak: lupins

Sweet lupine seeds were already eaten as cereals in ancient Egypt. The beautiful flowering plant is currently enjoying a renaissance in Europe. The small light yellow lupine seeds look like corn. They contain as much protein as soybeans and can be made into flour, lupine flakes or ground. There is also lupine coffee, lupine ice cream, lupine loin, lupine milk and yogurt, so that vegetarians and vegans can compose a richly laid table with the protein source.

Botanically, lupine with spikes of brightly colored flowers is a legume, along with peas and beans. It is native to the Mediterranean region. Since its rediscovery in the late 1990s, it has also been brought back into cultivation in France and northern Germany, for example. You can buy lupine seed products at the supermarket year-round and use them for legume recipes and lupine recipes.

Sweet lupine is a protein bomb

Due to its high protein content (around 40% protein per 100 grams of lupine seeds), products made from the legume are marketed for vegetarian and vegan diets. Like soy, lupine protein can replace animal protein. Lupines also have the ecological advantage of not having to be imported from abroad like tropical soy products. You can even grow the flowering plant in your own garden. Make sure, however, that you plant the edible sweet lupine and not one of the poisonous species.

Suitable for many dishes: Cooking with lupins

If you are vegan or want to do without animal products from time to time, lupine products are the right choice for you. You can find ready-made patties, sausages, and milk alternatives in the freezer of well-stocked supermarkets or health food stores.

The legume also offers what gluten-intolerant people need: bread and pastries work just as well with lupine flour, it even makes pastries last longer than wheat flour, but it is gluten-free. This also applies to the coffee substitute made from lupins, making it a good alternative to coffee beans.

And the taste? Lupins have a neutral to slightly nutty flavor, ideal for further processing into vegetable stews, veggie burgers, lupine salads, smoothies and cakes. Our lentil recipes serve as inspiration for dishes in which lupine seeds can also be used as an alternative.

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