G Shock vs Luminox 2 Both G-Shock and Luminox have a reputation of “toughness”. Both brands are popular among tactical operators, EMS personnel, and jurisprudence enforcement agents. This article has everything you need to know about the similarities & differences between G-Shock and Luminox: hint : There is a clear achiever in this comparison …

fix ? Let ‘s draw started …


Casio G-shock watches are :

  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely tough
  • 200m waterproof
  • And come packed with all sorts of digital features (timer, stopwatch alarms, etc.)

Because of that, G-Shock is the go-to determine for servicemen, policemen, EMS, professional divers, etc.


Luminox watches are known for their military-style and their always-visible tritium lume. Luminox makes watches for US Coast Guard, US Air Force, Navy SEALs and a kind of other special forces and EMS teams world wide. Tritium is a slenderly radioactive material that has a half life of 12.3 years. It is a step up compared to “ normal ” watch lume, as it does n’t need to be “ charged ” by daylight. If you buy a Luminox watch, the tritium will still have 50 % of its brightness left after 12.3 years.

G-Shock vs Luminox: Toughness & Durability


G-Shock is the only watch I know of that will survive being run over by a truck.  even a budget G-Shock can take closely anything you throw at it. Which is why most other watches – including Luminox – ca n’t compete with G-Shocks on temper and lastingness. A video recording says more than a thousand words. Click play to see some of the tests that the G-Shocks go through :


Unlike G-Shock, Luminox makes two broad categories of watches :

  • Cheaper, plastic models with mineral crystals ($150-250)
  • High-end, metal models that are heavier and come with a sapphire crystal ($300+)

Plastic Luminox models feel and wear like regular cheap watches. They do n’t have a good reputation when it comes to lastingness. High-end Luminox models are built better. I found this forum weave on the first page of Google. here are the experiences that people have had with Luminox :

  • “My Luminox broke 3 times in 3 years and it’s not that I wear it every day.”
  • “I’d pass on Luminox. The one I had lasted about two weeks. POS.”
  • “My Luminox fell down and one of the Tritium tubes came out. Never again.”
  • “Front fell off.”
  • “Warranty and support sucks.”
  • “I dropped my Luminox on the linoleum floor of my last house, from waist height. one of the hands broke off at the center pin. They would not repair it.”

And keep in mind – these negative reviews are only on the first page of Google. The posters do n’t specify their models, so I assume that it ‘s the cheaper Luminox watches they ‘re talking about. For comparison, the entirely thing I ‘ve heard G-Shock owners complain about is having to wear their old, battered watch because it never seems to break down. Winner: G-shock

G-Shock vs Luminox: Features

Features and value for money are where G-Shock very outshines Luminox. A $200 Luminox has less functionality than a $40 G-Shock.  tritium lume is the independent “ feature ” that you ‘d want to buy a Luminox watch for. And if you were choosing between Luminox and another analogue vigil with “ normal ” lume, Luminox would win. But the backlight of a G-Shock on beats tritium for me. With one crusade of a button, I can see the time and access my timer/stopwatch/alarms. There ‘s even a hands-free backlight setting on progress G-Shocks that lets you activate the backlight by flicking your wrist. With the G-Shock backlight, I can control when my watch is visible. With tritium, it ‘s always “ on ” and I have no control condition over the visibility of my determine.

side notice : tritium lights up in night vision like a road flare. You ca n’t turn it off, then if you want to hide your situation … do n’t go for tritium.

G-Shock Features

here are the basic features that every G-Shock comes with :

  • Shockproof Construction
  • 200m Water Resistance
  • Auto-adjusting calendar
  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm
  • Timer (auto-repeat option)
  • A vivid backlight so you can see the time effortlessly
  • Date/weekday/time/millisecond readout
  • 12/24h time display

even the cheapest G-Shock will have the above features – like DW5600 or DW9052, for case. If you do n’t mind paying a little extra, here are some of the advanced G-Shock features you can get :

  • Multiple time zones
  • Solar-powered battery
  • Atomic Clock (time is adjusted daily via radio signal)
  • Compass
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Moonphase
  • Tide Graph
  • Vibration alarm (GD350)

There ‘s probably more, but you get the decimal point. If something can be built into a watch, G-Shock has done it.

Luminox Features

The basic models will have :

  • Tritium tubes on indexes and hands for visibility in the dark
  • The date on the side
  • Rotating bezel timer

On advanced models, you might besides get :

  • GMT 24 hour hand complication to track multiple timezones
  • Tachymeter for calculating your ground movement speed

Winner: G-Shock

G-Shock vs Luminox: Size, Comfort & Style


Most G-Shocks are bulky, which is their biggest downside. The bigger models wo n’t fit under a shirt sleeve. But despite the bulk, G-Shocks are comfortable to wear daily because they sit flat on the wrist here are two things that many people do n’t know about G-Shocks :

  • They don’t look like it’s the 90s anymore. There are some sweet-looking models out there that can hold their own as “fashion watches”.
  • Smaller G-Shock models exist. For example, the 5600 and 5610 squares are around 43mm in width, which is about the size of a regular watch.

And while most G-Shocks come with a digital time display, there are enough of analogue models available.


Luminox has a more attention-getting “ military ” dash. The analogue display besides makes it look more “ elegant ” than G-Shock. Luminox watches are besides thin, so they are more comfortable to wear with suits and shirts. I would n’t think twice about wearing a Luminox in a dinner dress set up, while I would with a G-Shock. A Luminox on your wrist will decidedly catch more compliments. There is a significant difference in looks between the two watches. The styles are unlike and both Luminox & G-Shock expect great in their own direction. No pass achiever here, as it comes polish to personal preference. It’s A Tie

G-Shock vs Luminox: Price


G-Shock watches range in monetary value anywhere from $ 40 up to $ 1000. They give you a good “ hit for the buck ”, as evening the cheaper $ 40 models will last for years.


Cheaper Luminox watches start around $ 200 but have problems with choice. If you want a Luminox watch that ‘ll last, expect to pay more than $ 300. Compared to G-Shocks, Luminox watches are overpriced.  Winner: G-Shock


Get the Luminox if you like the style. Get the G-Shock if you want something that will take whatever abuse you can give it and laugh in your face. G-Shock is still the go-to watch for a lot of military folks. No matter what the Luminox commercialize says about it being the “ Navy SEAL determine ”. When it comes to tactical watches, I have n’t seen a better watch than G-Shock.

  • Better durability
  • More features
  • Cheaper price
  • And more options when it comes to models

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