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Do you want to return to your childhood and rightfully enjoy everything that is happening around you ? then the Dolphinarium in Pattaya is a capital place to have fun. Welcome to our unique nautical mammal express ! An exclusive program of performances of dolphins and seals and communication with these amazing animals will charge you with convinced emotions for many days to come. And it ’ s hard to describe how happy your children will be ! Be sure to visit the Dolphinarium in Pattaya, and believe us – you will decidedly come to us more than once ! Our Dolphinarium in Pattaya can rightfully be called a wholly unusual place ! After all, the Dolphinarium in Pattaya is a real number marine ballpark located on a large area with animals singular for Thailand, which provides an opportunity for close up communication with your pets. Dolphinarium in Pattaya is the lone entertainment center of this kind in Thailand, where you can not only watch picture with dolphins, but besides take pictures with them and swim with dolphins, having an excellent have of interacting with these unusual sea beauties. And beauties ! Because the dolphinarium in Pattaya is home to very Black Sea bottlenose dolphin dolphins – both males and females. These are real number acrobats, traverse and battlefield athletes and first supermodels at the like time ! And communication with them will become a unique experience that will be remembered for a life and will become a changeless composition for pleasant memories and numerous stories in friendly companies, both for children and adults. And how many likes on social networks will collect photos from the Dolphinarium in Pattaya with dolphins and seals, which you can easily do after the show and during swimming ! And it ’ s very easy to get such an experience – fair buy tickets to the dolphinarium and come to the show and float with dolphins. And preceptor ’ t forget to stock up on commodity temper and a draw of memory in your mobile phones and cameras beforehand ! Believe us, there is always something to photograph in our singular dolphinarium !

It is very comfortable to buy tickets to the dolphinarium ! You can do this on-line on our web site, having previously selected the day and time of the indicate or the meter when you prefer to swim with the dolphins, and pay on-line. In addition, you can besides buy tickets to the dolphinarium at the box function of the dolphinarium itself. Dolphinarium Pattaya welcomes its guests boastful and small every sidereal day except Wednesday. And every day we bring to your attention three rounds of a alone show with dolphins and seals, which is rightfully considered the number one prove in Asia ! And you can swim with dolphins in the lapp pool where our show is taking place, and with the like perfectly trained and very human-loving dolphins. A great opportunity to feel like a veridical dolphin flight simulator ! Under the constant supervision of the experienced staff of the Dolphinarium in Pattaya, you can dance with our pets, listen to a chorus of dolphins, and get a real kiss from a huge dolphinfish, which can be easily captured on your mobile telephone or camera. And believe me, this will be the perfective weekend for your entire syndicate or friends ! And in addition to shows with dolphins and seals and swimming with dolphins, the dolphinarium in Pattaya besides offers the administration of a birthday party for the whole company ! And if you think that such a vacation format is perfective merely for children, then we have great news program for you – adults will be nobelium less happy about it ! A decorate cafe, a delightful cake, an single endowment from a dolphinfish, american samoa well as extra discounts for attending a read and swimming with dolphins as part of a birthday celebration in the dolphinarium are constantly available on our web site and when ordering at the box function. We are besides constantly happy to share our programs by calling our hotline and posts on our social networks ( Facebook, Instagram and Line ) And welcome to the Dolphinarium in Pattaya !

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