Talking about Lolane today because of respective reasons : I ’ ve been eyeing the sword since forever, got my hands on it finally so want to put my experience/word out there because there aren ’ t many reviews on the internet for this amazingly AND its something oozing with Keratin and aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate we already dying to put some onto our hair’s-breadth ? long long sentence, please breathe .
Let ’ s find out what the Lolane Intense Care Keratin Repair Hair Mask (Damage from Heat and Blow Dry) is very wish .
Lolane Keratin Repair Hair Mask - Damage from Heat and BlowDry
Lolane Intense Care Keratin  Repair Hair Mask
(Variant: Damage from Heat and Blow Dry)

So the brand comes out with Keratin Repair Hair Masks in three variants. These are : price by Coloring, Damage by Heat and Blow Dry and Damage by Straightening. You can find more details here .
Lolane Intense Care Keratin Repair Mask
According to the brand, the Mask “ stops damage by restoring, repairing & rebuilding brittle hair to a healthy, lustrous express by reconstructing hair from the inside out. A couple of lines of keratin is twisted like a impregnable and elastic r-2 as protein structure. This protein structure makes hair’s-breadth look healthy, potent and shine. ” Hmm. Okay. Let ’ s investigate .
The Packaging
The box of the product has recently changed. It took me ages to find this in the market primarily because I ’ ve been looking for the wrong bathtub – lol .
Coming to the basics, the promotion is a regular decent matte-feel bathtub with a screw-in hat. Pretty sturdy, cool enough to hang out on the bathroom aisle with your shampoo and conditioners. There is 200 milliliter of product that sits correct inside without a seal or anything so you dig right in upon unscrewing the hat. Check out the photos for character .
Lolane Intense Care Keratin Repair Hair Mask
Lolane Intense Care Keratin Repair Mask
The Product – Application
According to the brand, the intersection is to be used in position of a conditioner and works just like one. Shampoo hair and dab some onto hair, give it a couple of minutes and rinse off. You ’ re done .
I ’ ve got different ways of using it and I ’ ve been ( since first use ) in love with these methods :

  1. Use as shampoo substitution: On days when you wanna give your scalp a break from all those chemicals infused in shampoos these days, use this product as a standalone for hair that are away from the scalp. Wet hair from behind your ear down (using a spritz bottle) and apply the Lolane mask liberally. Keep it in for about 5 minutes and rinse off. Hair is instantly refreshed without touching the scalp and messing up natural oils over and over. Yay?
  2. Use as mask: Wet hair and apply it all over your hair and scalp as a mask. Keep it on and rinse off in 10 mins. Makes hair suuuper soft and frizz free.
  3. Use as a no-heat no-frizz straightener: This trick’s my favourite! Wet second day hair in a way that you don’t massage the water at all. Instead straighten your hair under tap/shower water using fingers. Once down, dab some Lolane mask and further work it in using the same downward motion (like straightening hair using hands). Keep it on like that for about 5 mins and rinse off WITHOUT massaging hair. Use the same downward straight motion to get the product out of hair. Air dry hair and voila! You’ll see your hair will have waaay less frizz and will dry soft and smooth. Might not work with people who have ultra dry and curly hair.

I honestly think the product shouldn ’ metric ton equitable be limited to use as a conditioner ( as the sword says ) because it can wholly do wonders in other ways excessively – which is probably why it ’ south called a disguise and not conditioner .
The Product – Results
One give voice verdict : LOVE. This merchandise has by army for the liberation of rwanda been the best thing I ’ ve tried on my hair EVER. The intersection holds an amazing aroma that works just so good with both wet and dry hair’s-breadth. I don ’ thymine think there ’ s a unmarried flaw that I can point out. Given the price item, its actually quite a steal !
once hair dries off post treatment, it ’ mho left soft, satiny and absolutely crimp detached. I honestly feel like my hair ’ s been through some salon treatment – and the effect is decidedly enhance because of the aroma that feels precisely thus good. I could smell it ALL DAY. I ’ megabyte rather low key addicted to the bathtub and have placed it on my dressing board rather so I can smell it all day – no evaluate pliss nah nah !

I ’ ve been using the product in all the ways I ’ ve mentioned above, and I have to say its amazing whichever way you choose to use it. I chose to buy the one that counters damage done via heat because I kinda think straightening would fall under this any way no ? so what ’ s the point of buying the one that addresses straightening lone. Imma smart person .
Its an excellent scalp moisturizer, conditioner, straightening treatment ( for me atleast ! ) and mask. Leaves hair absolutely ravel detached and light as a feather. I very feel like my hair gets more motion with this since it makes them identical easy to manage and play around with ( love finger-combing hair all the clock time ! ). I have to admit I kinda planned to use it once a week but I find myself reaching out for it on about every other shampoo sidereal day. It ’ s wholly addictive .
The lone downside to it is that the merchandise might feel a fiddling hard to pull out of the bathtub with wet fingers and finally out of the hair’s-breadth besides. The texture is badly creamy and a small sum spreads to the stallion scalp pretty easily. While rinsing, the intersection comes across as something reasonably slippery and creamy ( which is alright ) and might take a while to completely unfriend your haircloth. however, once you get the attend of it you ’ ll know know how to work your way around that ; depends entirely on your hair texture and environment actually .
Lolane Intense Care Keratin Hair Repair Mask

The Yays

  • Perfect anti-frizz treatment
  • Amazing to fight damage done via heat and weather fluctuations
  • Perfect conditioning masks
  • Has a ton of uses actually
  • 200 ml could literally last you a lifetime
  • Easy to use
  • Pretty affordable
  • Smells better than all the world’s perfumes combined!
  • Easily available at all big stores in Pakistan (Karachi for sure!)
  • Boosts Keratin content in hair
  • Perfect as a standalone product – even if you don’t use it with shampoo

The Nays

  • Could be a bit difficult to rinse off in some cases/hair types

The Price –  The dandy is priced at PKR 400 for 200 milliliter of product which is literally peanuts compared to the quantity and quality that you ’ re getting. You could try buying immediately from here or order onlina via I found mine at Naheed Supermarket in Karachi .
TBTFB Verdict – ITS A DEFINITE yes ! Must-have for winters and summers alike .
TBTFB Rating – 11 on 10 – my blog my scale rules please ? 😀
If there ’ s anything you should decidedly buy and own its this. You ’ rhenium gon na do your hair such a huge prefer .
Awaiting your plans in the comment section below ! xx

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