Live turkeys dropped from plane during small town's festival | Summary of the most detailed turkey trot kansas city documents

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YELLVILLE, AR — In a small town where there’s little action, there’s always that event everyone’s been waiting for. “It’s the biggest thing happening in Yellville. … It’s been 71 this year,” Vicki Sefter said. Crowds line ‘the square’ in Yellville once a year for the annual ‘turkey trot’ parade, but it’s not the parade that’s causing controversy on a sunny street this year. Each year, a pilot flies over the festival and drops live turkeys from an airplane. “I think it’s inhumane,” Bobby Wilson said. “Turkey Lives Matter – it shows we are not barbaric people.” said Vicki Sefter. “I liked it. I thought it was interesting,” said Debra Johnson of Oxford, AR. “People will chase them.” Four turkeys were dropped on Saturday. “Between the power lines, the landing in the creek, and the traffic here, I noticed a lot of birds being killed,” Wilson said. “People in town who don’t know just think we’re smashing turkeys.” Arkansas Game and Fish Cpl. Tim Davenport says the matter is out of their control because turkeys are considered pets, not wild animals. “Everyone is different. Everyone has their opinions,” Davenport said. “Some want to live one way, some want to live another.” As Sefter sells shirts, she tries to lighten the mood in the town she’s called home for three decades. “Everyone loves the Turkey Lives Matter this year,” she said. “You have more adults climbing those trees to reach those turkeys than you have the kids.” While Yellville continues to draw crowds from across the state, some are just not happy with the results, no matter how many people come to town. “I’ve seen a few birds go into power lines and get burned by the power lines, and I’ve seen some get run over by cars,” Wilson said.

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Live turkeys dropped from plane during small town's festival

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Live turkeys dropped from plane during small town's festival.

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  1. Wait what!?!
    Theirs a place in this our beloved nation
    that launches turkey’s from airplanes?
    I just don’t get out enough

  2. A bunch of good ole boys should get together, wait for the plane to land, and confront the jackass who threw them out of the plane.

  3. Perhaps whoever is throwing the turkeys out of the plane. Should throw themselves out of the plane afterwards in solidarity with the Turkeys 🤣

  4. Absolutely revolting and disgusting. 🤮

    Then why not drop puppies, kittens, lambs, cattle, chimpanzees, or koalas as well as turkeys to their deaths? They can all fly equally well.

  5. That’s disgusting. Every one of those people should be herded into camps. You know the kind of camps I mean.

  6. This is what happens when a small town missed the WKRP Thanksgiving show. "As God as my witness I thiught turkeys could fly."

  7. This is disgusting! Animal abuse! How about we do this with humans, let’s see what they will say then

  8. I wonder if wild turkeys could fly enough to be launched from a plane? Farm grown turkeys are to stupid to do anything but eat.

  9. I love throwing animals not built to fly from 500 feet in the air! We should start dog drop next!

  10. Well don't try to play hypocrites here. That's by far less cruel than the normal methods of turkey executions. Think about that at thanksgiving

  11. Did I hear him say they are not game but are pets so it's not against the law? Does that mean they can throw cats and dogs out of a plane?

  12. Thinking some turkeys are burned up in the power lines is not the same as knowing the turkeys are burning up in the power lines. I would suggest you get some proof of your allegations. Evidence is what you need not suppositions.

  13. Yee haw! Fire up the station wagon and let's run us over some Gaw Dam Turkeys! WWWOWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


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