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Lithia Springs Park Campground Take a ride with us as we traverse the park and explore what Lithia Springs has to offer, a swimming hole where the water is 72 degrees year round. A great little county park for camping, the sites are very private and well maintained. So sit back and enjoy. #lithiaspringspark #floridasprings #floridacamping DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE, SHARE AND RING THE BELL Different ways to support Bearfoot Adventures on our travels. BEARFOOT PAYPAL: BEARFOOT PATREON: BEARFOOT MERCHANDISE: Bearfoot Adventures PO BOX 602 Parrish, Florida 34219-602 _________________________________________________________

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Lithia Springs Park Tour | Florida Camping  | Hot Springs
Lithia Springs Park Tour | Florida Camping | Hot Springs

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Lithia Springs Park Tour | Florida Camping | Hot Springs.

hot springs in florida.

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  1. Even if your videos don’t go viral thank you for making one, I’ve been looking for recent updates on the campgrounds because I want to go with my boyfriend =)

  2. That's nice that they actually blocked off every other parking spot to keep the distance with COVID. Looks like a nice place to stay, thanks for showing us the place and hope you guys had a good time and stay safe. Donovan & Jodi

  3. Looks like a great park. We were suppose to go to Florida in April, and that got postponed until next year. We will put this little gem on our list to stop at next year. 👍🏼

  4. Great Tour of the park Fred and Cindy. Wow those were some deep camping spots. Been out with at moms with no internet for a while so we are behind making and watching videos. Did you ever sell your RV and did y'all ever get a 5th wheel?

  5. Another great Park Tour, thanks for showing us around, looks like a very nice place to stay 🥰👍Hope your week is going well & you are keeping well, Take Care 👍🥰🇬🇧

  6. God bless you and your family and another great video and thanks for sharing and happy Father’s Day and keep them great videos coming and I send you and your love ones lots of blessings always

  7. Hi Fred and Cindy. Nice review! Even the sites are social distanced. Nice editing with the inset shots. Did you use your new Osmo camera? I think I saw it above the driver side window @ 12:15 . That swimming area looks quite nice.

  8. That's great how you put your belly flop in the pink tutu in your intro! I like that you're using multiple cameras too. Rather than doing PIP like that, you might try using the full screen and flip back and forth between the angles occasionally.

    It's just a suggestion but watching two driving videos simultaneously on a big screen made me a little car sick. 😁😁

  9. Great video thanks for sharing. Love seeing all those beautiful trees we don't have any trees like that where we live. Stay safe out there. Sincerely Adventures of David and Aaron

  10. What a super cool place ty for sharing enjoyed this sledgehammered that like button stay safe awesome and blessed


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