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PT Lion Mentari Airlines, operating as Lion Air, is an indonesian low-cost airline. Based in Jakarta, Lion Air is the nation ‘s largest privately run airline, the second largest low-cost airline in Southeast Asia ( after AirAsia ) and the largest airline of Indonesia. With Wings Air and Batik Air, Lion Group is the area ‘s largest airline ‘s group. The airline operates domestic equally well as international routes, which connects unlike destinations of Indonesia to Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, India, Japan and Saudi Arabia, [ 1 ] angstrom well as charter routes to Mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Macau, with more than 630 flights per day. [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

The airline has repeatedly broken records for largest aircraft orders, such as its $ 24 billion rate for 234 Airbus A320 jets, angstrom well as its $ 22.4 billion regulate for 230 competing aircraft from Boeing. [ 1 ] The airline signed an agreement with US-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing for fifty 737 MAX 10 passenger jets worth $ 6.24 billion in June 2017. The airline is Boeing ‘s second-largest customer ( after US-based Southwest Airlines ). [ 4 ] It had once been criticised for poor operational management in areas such as scheduling and safety, although steps have been taken to improve its safety : on 16 June 2016, the European Union lifted the prohibition it had placed on Lion Air from flying into european airspace. [ 5 ] In June 2018 it attained a positive guard denounce following an ICAO audit. [ 6 ] [ 7 ]


The airline was established in October 1999 by Rusdi and Kusnan Kirana and started operations on 30 June 2000, when it began scheduled passenger services from Jakarta to Denpasar and Pontianak using a leased Boeing 737-200. It was the foremost low-cost airline in Indonesia. The evanesce was quickly expanded with the wet-lease of five Yakovlev Yak-42 Ds, two McDonnell Douglas MD-82s and two sub-leased Airbus A310-300s. Rapid increase enabled modernization of the flit with Boeing 737-300 and Boeing 737-400 aircraft. In 2003 a subordinate airline was established, Wings Air, operating flights on lower density routes. promote subsidiaries were developed including Malindo Air in Malaysia in 2012, Thai Lion Air in Thailand in 2013 and domestically, Batik Air, a full-service auxiliary, besides in 2013. [ 8 ] The airline is planning to join the International Air Transport Association ( IATA ) and consequently hoping to become the second IATA Indonesian member carrier after Garuda Indonesia. Lion Air failed, in early 2011, the initial IATA assessments for membership due to safety concerns. Lion Air and Boeing pioneered the habit of ask navigation performance ( RNP ) procedures in Indonesia, having successfully performed establishment flights at the two terrain-challenged airports of Ambon and Manado. [ 9 ] From 19 July 2011, Lion Air grounded 13 aircraft due to sanctions caused by bad on-time operation ( OTP ). The transportation ministry recorded that Lion Air ‘s OTP of 66.45 percentage was the worst of six airlines in an judgment conducted from January to April 2011 at 24 airports nationally. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] On the early hand, airlines using Jakarta airport faced considerable delays to their schedules due to runway congestion. [ 12 ] On 18 November 2011, the airline jointly announced with Boeing a record-setting order of 201 Boeing 737 MAX and 29 Boeing 737-900ER aircraft, setting the record for the world ‘s biggest one ordain of 230 aircraft for a commercial airline worth $ 21.7 billion. [ 13 ]
In January 2012, the Transportation Ministry said that it sanctioned Lion Air because some of its pilots and crew members were found in recent months to be in possession of crystal methamphetamine. In late 2011 Muhammad Nasri and two other co-pilots were arrested at a party in Tangerang ; in early 2012 a pilot burner was caught with crystal meth in Makassar. [ 14 ] On 4 February 2012, another Lion Air fender was arrested following a convinced urinalysis quiz for use of methamphetamine ; he was scheduled to fly the Surabaya – Makassar – Balikpapan —Surabaya flight hours late. [ 15 ] The licenses of the pilots and crew were revoked. On 18 March 2013, Lion Air signed a contract to purchase 234 Airbus aircraft worth US $ 24 billion in France and witnessed directly by French President Francois Hollande. The rate aircraft are types of A320 and A321. [ 16 ] Lion Air established a full service airline with the name Batik Air, which started operate on in 2013 using 737-900ER. Lion Air besides signed a committedness with Boeing to order five Boeing 787 Dreamliner for this airline, and this made Lion Air the inaugural indonesian airline to order this type since Garuda Indonesia canceled its order for the 10 Dreamliners in 2010, and is expected to be sent in 2015. [ 17 ] The airline has besides considered ordering widebody aircraft aircraft Airbus A330, but chose to buy 787. [ 18 ] On 31 July 2015, Lion Air officially left INACA ascribable to a mismatch [ further explanation needed ] with other members. [ 19 ] In June 2016 Lion Group was removed from the list of blacklisted airlines to fly into the EU. [ 20 ] During the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, Lion Group suspended operations until June 1. It suspended operations again on June 5 after finding few passengers could provide documents proving they were virus-free and have a occupation reason or family emergency requiring travel. [ 21 ] In July 2020, Lion Group announced that the airline will lay off 2,600 contract workers as escape traffic stay to nosedives. [ 22 ]


As of July 2020, Lion Air serves a total of 60 destinations : 41 domestic and 19 international .


The Boeing customer code for Lion Air is GP, which appears in the designation of its older Boeing aircraft as an infix, such as 737-8GP and 737-9GPER .

current fleet

As of April 2022 the Lion Air fleet consists of the following aircraft : [ 23 ]

Fleet development and orders

Lion Air was the launch customer of the 737-900ER, seen here on the type ‘s first flight Lion Air was the launch customer for the largest variant of the Boeing 737, the 737-900ER, for which it placed an regulate in 2005. On the 2005 Paris Air Show, Lion Air signed a preliminary agreement with Boeing for the buy of up to 60 Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft, valued at $ 3.9 billion at list prices. Lion Air confirmed their order in July 2005 and became the launching customer for the Boeing 737-900ER with firm orders for 30 aircraft and options for 30 more, which were subsequently converted into firm orders. The -900ER can carry up to 215 passengers in a single-class layout, and is powered by CFM56-7B fanjet engines. On 27 April 2007, Boeing delivered the first 737-900ER to Lion Air. The aircraft was delivered in a special dual-paint system that combines Lion Air ‘s logo on its erect stabilizer and the Boeing “ Dreamliner ” livery on the fuselage. Lion Air set a world record when it placed an order for 230 aircraft from Boeing, making this the largest orderliness in terms of aircraft ordered a well the cost of the order. In November 2011, Lion Air and Boeing announced that the airline planned to buy 29 extra Boeing 737 Next Generation and 201 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, with options for 150 more, valued at $ 21.7 billion at the time. [ 13 ] A tauten ordain was signed on 14 February 2012, with the 737 MAX aircraft identified as 737 MAX 9s, making Lion Air the launch customer for that variant. [ 26 ] By the clock time of the sign, the order ‘s value had risen to $ 22.4 billion at list prices, the largest aircraft order in history. [ 26 ] Additionally, the engines for the -900ERs, CFM 56-7s, monetary value about $ 580 million and the engines for the MAXs, CFM LEAP-1Bs, price about $ 4.8 billion. [ 26 ] Deliveries of the extra NGs were to start in 2014, with the MAXs to follow in 2017. [ 26 ] On Monday 18 March 2013 Lion Air placed an club for 234 A320 jets with Airbus, the largest individual order always made, surpassing the previous record by Boeing ( $ 22.4 Billion ). The contract, which was signed at the Elysée Palace in the presence of President François Hollande and respective politics ministers, was worth €18.4 billion ( $ 24 billion ) at catalog prices, the french president said. [ 27 ] In April 2018 Lion Air Group placed an rate for fifty Boeing 737 MAX 10 jets, valued at a number price of $ 6.24 billion. [ 28 ] however, following the barge in of Flight 610 in October 2018, Lion Air announced that all Boeing orders would likely be cancelled. [ 29 ] The argument was further reinforced following the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, which finally led to the worldwide ground of all 737 MAX aircraft presently in avail. In the days that followed after Flight 302 ‘s crash, Bloomberg News reported that Lion Air was evaluating options from Airbus, having already refused to take manner of speaking of a 737 MAX that was going to be delivered in March 2019. [ 30 ] The airline received its first of 10 Airbus A330-900 aircraft on 19 July 2019, becoming the first Asia/Pacific operator of the type. [ 31 ]

Former fleet

market parcel

In the 2000s Lion Air began to grow and became a serious rival for Garuda Indonesia in domestic air out travel in Indonesia. By mid 2015, Lion Air led Indonesia ‘s domestic tune change of location market with 41.6 percentage share, while Garuda Indonesia came in second with 23.5 percentage share. Sriwijaya Air came in third gear with a commercialize plowshare of 10.4 percentage, followed by Garuda ‘s low-cost auxiliary Citilink ( 8.9 percentage ) and Lion Air ‘s regional flight service Wings Air ( 4.7 percentage ). Indonesia AirAsia, a unit of measurement of malaysian budget airline AirAsia, had a 4.4 percentage market share. [ 33 ] overall, indonesian domestic air out travel commercial enterprise is overwhelmingly ruled by two airline groups ; Lion Air Group and Garuda Indonesia. By mid 2015, Lion Air Group accounted for 43.17 percentage of market contribution, while Garuda Indonesia had 37.08 percentage of grocery store parcel. [ 34 ] From 2005 to 2017, the domestic grocery store share of Lion Air Group increased by more than 100 %, from 25 % to 51 %, while Garuda Indonesia ‘s increased from 24 % to 33 % ; [ 35 ] their external grocery store partake in 2017 was 21 % and 39 % respectively, while Indonesia AirAsia / Indonesia AirAsia X had 36 % of the external market. [ 36 ]

Incidents, accidents and early controversies

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