The Icon Siam Tower is a mixed-use skyscraper in Bangkok, Thailand. It has residential, shopping and hotel areas. Stylised as ICONSIAM, this tugboat is the tall of the pair, the early being the ICS tugboat ( used as a promenade ). But will they survive without us ?

Icon Siam Tower

The skyscrapers in the fourth dimension of humans ( left : ICONSIAM, right : ICS )

How Long?

110 Years


1 Day After People

Left in the dark without people, the ICONSIAM Towers wait for people that will never arrive. The shop promenade, one of the largest in Asia, holds clothes, engineering, and food that will never be sold. The Apple Store in particular, is left alone, the products hush on, but will soon turn off after a sidereal day without the world power grid keeping them on. nowadays left in the hands of nature, how hanker will they last ?

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3 Weeks After People

The plaza is starting to deteriorate. The food inside some of the stores has rotted off or gone badly. only a couple of non-perishable food items remain. Animals have besides raided the promenade for food and shelter purposes. Birds and early mammals nowadays reside in the two skyscrapers, which were hotels adenine well. The skyscrapers have no price to them even, but the interior is starting to wear away .

10 Months After People

Without people to keep things in control, the hotels and promenade have been ravaged by the rodents and insects, a well as other animals. Plant life has besides started to invade the skyscrapers and promenade. Nearby, the Apple Store inside has besides been invaded by the plants inside, gaining moisture through cracks in the windows. With the lights off, the devices and products of Apple have started to wear away, while others fell and broke. Their barrage animation has long worn out. As for the early areas in and near the Icon Siam Tower, the spring has long deactivated, along with being partially flooded in. The cinema ‘s complete dark gives a good home for bats and other nocturnal creatures. The empty boats in the SOOK Siam hold nothing, as the food of the floating market has rotted away or was eaten at this point.

5 Years After People

The windows of the Icon Siam Towers are starting to break, arsenic well as the windows of the Apple Store and the promenade. As a typhoon strikes Thailand, the top portions of the column interruption off, partially damaging the stores below. Inside the towers, the hotels have worn away, leaving only the weather rooms, the break engineering, and the partially eat furniture. The boats in the floating marketplace start to rot, and then sink as holes form in the boats. Inside the tugboat, there besides resides a museum, which is a articulation speculation with the Fine Arts Department. The many art pieces inside have besides started to wear away, as some glass protective covering breaks .

20 Years After People

down below, the Apple Store is falling apart. The metallic element supports have rusted, while the windows have broke. The walls have besides started to crack, and the products inside have besides fallen apart. Vines and weeds have overtaken the store and are slowly bringing it to its knees. As for the film not so far away, the chairs and screen are lento being torn apart. The crown of the towers have been struck multiple times by lightning bolts and have worn aside. The promenade is besides falling apart. Many of the stores are nothing but empty rooms, as much of the content it once had has worn away. The clothes have been eaten away by small insects or mold, particularly cotton dress. The towers are close to the Chao Phraya River, and after 20 years, body of water has started to flood the river and reach the bottom levels of the column.

30 Years After People

After 30 years of invade plant life and moisture corrode metallic element and early materials, the decaying Apple Store now collapses. The first of many is gone, and it will alone get worse from there. Icon Cineconic, the film inside, has besides fallen apart. The screen has collapsed, while the seats have torn apart. Holes have besides been made in the walls ( from rodents, insects, and the three decades of neglect ), that wear away at the cinema. The film is now unrecognizable. As for the museum, about all of the artwork pieces have worn away. It wo n’t be long now before the museum is gone .

65 Years After People

nearby, another structure can not take it. The shop promenade has reached the end of the line and now succumbs to its destine that nature has made for it. As another collapses, the Icon Siam Towers are besides starting to fall apart, the hotels inside are fully unrecognizable. The skyscrapers are being reduced to their skeletons .

110 Years After People

With the urine levels reaching the loom, the base of the column has corroded to the point of collapse. During a herculean typhoon, one of the weather remains of the Icon Siam Tower tips over, destroying the remains of the hotel and film inside and colliding with the remnants of the promenade. It misses the other tugboat, however. The surviving ICS Tower now falls apart, falling onto itself after the storm, destroying the end of the tugboat. Icon Siam and ICS now cease to exist .