Another day, another “ Door-in-Door ” refrigerator from LG. With Door-in-Door, you can push a button on the handle of the electric refrigerator to open the presence panel of the veracious door — this lets you grab the butter or a bottle of beer out of the in-door shelves without opening the refrigerator itself. This is a decent electric refrigerator, but the knock-to-see-inside freshness wears off fast, and it comes at an dreadfully high premium. immediately, the Door-in-Door compartment in LG ‘s latest refrigerators comes with an “ InstaView ” window. Give it a double knock, and the electric refrigerator ‘s interior lights will come on, illuminating your groceries inside. That lets you browse for a nosh or a beverage without opening anything at all. It ‘s an interest feature, but a niche convenience at best. still, as niche conveniences go, InstaView is true bang-up, and it makes LG ‘s Door-in-Door feature more visible than always. That, more than anything else, is what LG is credibly going for here. The korean manufacturer has made Door-in-Door a keystone have of its electric refrigerator lineup ; it needs people to know about it, and to want it. InstaView is n’t about seeing your groceries — it ‘s about seeing Door-in-Door.

All of which brings us to the LG LFXC24796D. It ‘s a counter-depth french door model in an attractive black stainless steel steel finish, and the InstaView window is its pavilion feature. The monetary value : $ 4,300 — or $ 500 more than a about identical counter-depth Door-in-Door model without the InstaView window. That ‘s a very steep premium for the trivial privilege of peeking at your groceries, and it makes the differently becoming LFXC24796D a hapless value. elaborate image Chris Monroe/CNET

This fridge is a looker

The rise of black stainless steel sword offered LG a fresh coat of paint for its high-end fridges. It ‘s an aesthetic that makes everything feel more mod, and it looks capital on the LFXC24796D. Add the InstaView windowpane, and you ‘re looking at a classifiable french door model that your house guests will be sure to “ ooh ” and “ ooh ” over ( they ‘ll probably want to knock on it, excessively ). Size-wise, this counter-depth mannequin offers 23.5 cubic feet of total storage space, 15.6 of which get allocated to the electric refrigerator compartment. It ‘s a properly number for a counter-depth refrigerator like this one that ‘s designed to fit flush with the battlefront of your cabinets and countertops. But keep in mind that counter-depth models offer less astuteness than their life-size siblings. Try to stuff an extra-large pizza box inside, and the doors wo n’t close. enlarge persona The electric refrigerator compartment offers 15.6 cubic feet of storage space. Chris Monroe/CNET silent, I had no disturb fitting our full moon load of test groceries inside, and, pizza box aside, I fit our boastfully stress test items in, excessively. My only quibble was that there was n’t a good spot for 2-liter bottles. The Door-in-Door shelves would be the optimum place for them, but none of those shelves are tall enough to fit one, and none of them are adjustable. You can slide one of the chief body shelves toward the back of the electric refrigerator to make room for tall items below it, but it only slides back indeed far. Our test 2-liter sat awkwardly over the edge of the ledge below as a result. As for features, there ‘s some full stuff going on inside of this electric refrigerator. My darling is the SlimSpace methamphetamine godhead, which packs the entirety of the ice godhead into the leave door. It saves quad inside of the electric refrigerator and keeps the home of the door perfectly flat, which makes it easier to fit things into the in-door shelves. You ‘ve besides got a temperature-adjustable pantry drawer that runs the width of the bottom of the electric refrigerator — a nice feature of speech, but one that did n’t prove all that useful when we tested it ( more on that in equitable a bit. ) enlarge visualize Chris Monroe/CNET

Door-in-Door: What is it good for?

It ‘s an honest motion. What ‘s the point ? LG pitches it as both a public toilet and an energy saver, but I do n’t see it as either. On the public toilet battlefront, you ‘re even opening a door and grabbing your bottle of beer — it ‘s just a different door than ahead. a far as energy goes, we ‘ve so far to see a Door-in-Door compartment have any appreciable impact on performance, and we ‘ve tested respective of them. If anything, you could argue that the Door-in-Door compartment actually cuts against performance — and against appliance, besides. Door-in-Door temperatures are about always a little bit warmer than the pillow of the electric refrigerator, a radiation pattern that held true with the LFXC24796D. And if you want to access those shelves the antique way ( from the inside of the electric refrigerator ), you ‘ll need to open — wait for it — another door. Yep, Door-in-Door has another doorway inside of the doorway. indeed, again, what ‘s the steer ? The cynical suffice is that Door-in-Door is barely an easy excuse for LG to charge more for its refrigerators. That might be effective for LG, but it ‘s not so good for consumers.

elaborate prototype The Door-in-Door shelves run warmer than the rest of the electric refrigerator. Chris Monroe/CNET

Cooling power

LG fridges have a pretty good track record in our examination lab, and the LFXC24796D was no exception. Temperatures held firm throughout all of our tests, with the independent body shelves and the entrust door shelves all coming in within 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit of the aim temperature at the refrigerator ‘s default arrange. That ‘s a bang-up result. elaborate image Temperatures came gloomy at the refrigerator ‘s coldest place, but the Door-in-Door shelves were inactive the warmest shelves in the electric refrigerator. Chris Monroe/CNET There ‘s a problem sphere, though, and it is n’t hood to spot in that heat map above. It ‘s the Door-in-Door shelves, all of which ran a couple of degrees warmer than the rest of the shelves throughout all of our tests. That holds true to what we ‘ve seen from other Door-in-Door compartments in LG refrigerators. Fridge for electric refrigerator, they constantly come in a little sting warm. It ‘s reasonably excusable since you ‘ll probably use those shelves to store things like butter, beer and preservative-heavy condiments. placid, you ‘ll want to keep your milk, cheeses and other temperature-sensitive groceries elsewhere. One other quick eminence on that Door-in-Door compartment. Take a look at the trio of crisp bins. In each heat map, they show a acquit tendency towards warmer temperatures on the right half of the electric refrigerator, where the Door-in-Door compartment lives. That ‘s clear tell that the Door-in-Door compartment compromises performance in the stay of the refrigerator, excessively, at least to a small extent. My other complaint with the refrigerator ‘s operation is with that temperature-adjustable pantry drawer. During the nonpayment, 37-degree setting test, I dialed it down to the cold plant ( “ Meat ” ) to see if it could hold a colder temperature than the rest of the electric refrigerator. It only came in about a degree cool than the refrigerator ‘s independent shelves, which was still warmer than the electric refrigerator ‘s 37-degree fructify. After that, I tested the refrigerator ‘s cold dress and dialed the drawer up to its warmest set up ( “ Produce ” ) to see if it could keep things from getting besides chilly. The draftsman finished a few degrees warmer than the refrigerator ‘s 33-degree plant — but so did the rest of the electric refrigerator. In other words, those drawer settings are n’t good for much more than labeling what you ‘re putting inside. enlarge image Chris Monroe/CNET

The verdict

If Door-in-Door is just an apologize for LG to charge more for its refrigerators, then InstaView is precisely an excuse for LG to charge more for Door-in-Door. Both have a “ Well, would you look at that ! ” entreaty, but neither offers much in the way of actual utility.

That ‘s what sours me on these InstaView fridges. They look great and they perform properly well, but in the end, you ‘re doubling down on expensive features that you do n’t actually need. Unless you ‘re in love with the knock-to-see-inside InstaView feature, I say there are enough of better ways to spend your money. Updated 10:35 AM, 11/1/16: The monetary value of this refrigerator has dropped from $ 4,399 to $ 4,299, and the textbook of this review has been updated consequently. Our value appraisal remains unchanged .