HYBE may be launching another boy group but the attention it is getting on-line is decidedly what the label expected. After months of teaser videos and dance practice clips, the label has ultimately revealed a photograph for the approaching K-pop group that is presently in its pre-debut stage with the name ‘ Trainee A ’ under HYBE. The group is composed of seven trainees but penis Leo is one of the most celebrated members of Trainee A for his appearance in the music television for BTS ’ concluding hit single, ‘ Permission to Dance ’ .
After his short appearance in a BTS music video, Leo was soon called out for writing misogynous rap lyrics for a song slandering women. In a now-deleted video that was primitively posted on Trainee A ’ randomness YouTube manage, titled ‘ Showdown ’ that rapper trainee was heard saying the words, “ Ain ’ metric ton cipher gon na tell me why that b * * * henry stopped breathing. F * * k that h * vitamin e why that sulfur * * metric ton stopped breathing. ” With all of K-pop stan Twitter calling him out for being misogynist, fans of the writing style are still not ready to accept his apology and are lashing out at HYBE for including him in the group.

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Trainee A’s Leo apologized for his misogynistic rap verse

After being called out for Leo ’ s offensive lyrics the production team for Trainee A deleted the video recording posted on the group ’ s YouTube channel while besides apologizing for their error of judgment. Trainee Leo himself besides apologized to fans of K-pop for not thinking about the consequences of the topic. In his apology, Leo said, “ As it was a rival, I felt as though I needed to use more provocative words and expressions in order to make an affect. This ultimately led me to make an extremely inadequate decision in which I feel big embarrassment over. ”
Trainee Leo besides said, “ Although I can ’ t take it ( my performance ) back, I am mindful that this was wholly my fault and will strive to do whatever it takes to reflect and learn from my mistakes. ” K-pop fans who are not bequeath to let the return skid are now calling the label despite the trainee ’ randomness apology stating that Leo who is from Australia needed to understand the graveness of his words and alternatively of apologizing subsequently, he should have thought in hindsight by not writing such lyrics in the first place .

K-pop fans divided over their stance on Leo

While Trainee Leo has been getting hate for his insensitive lyrics, stan Twitter is divided with their position over the trainee. While some K-pop fans are hating on the label for getting him to debut, early fans are stating reasons for haters to accept his apology. One user said, “ Trainee a is a group of trainees under hybe that ‘s debuting soon and leo ‘s one of the members but he wrote rlly gross lyrics abt like … abuse and his apology was arsenic cuz he knew what he was writing cuz he speaks english and is from australia. ”
Another exploiter rose to his defense and said, “ If this is about trainee A Leo, then this is my thoughts on it : I work with a lot of teenagers in Australia ( where he is from ). Lots of teenagers lack the aroused intelligence to reflect on how regretful their lyrics particularly angry young men. There ’ randomness no excuse. ” One more exploiter said, “ Fyi. Its a traverse and he modified the lyrics but not all i “ bxtch discontinue breathe ” part is in the master. He and the company have issued an official apology and took down the video which contained the knock. ”

Stan Twitter lashes out at HYBE

Fans of K-pop have started calling out HYBE for debuting a group with a misogynous member as one drug user said, “ Hybe ’ s fresh bg looks very interesting… however they have that misogynist leo in the group indeed im not certain how that will work… ” Another exploiter said, “ I can ’ thyroxine believe sexist and misogynist leo is going to debut ; he should burn in hell. ” One more drug user said, “ streets saying one of them new hybe bg members is a misogynist like ouu not on women ‘s sidereal day ? ” One user said, “ F * * k off they truly confirmed that misogynist ‘s ( leo ) debut on women ‘s day hybe can go to hell idc. ”
One fan of Trainee A said, “ God leo makes me so delirious if he wasn ’ thyroxine in the group I don ’ t think trainee a would get as much hate as they get. ” One fan slandered HYBE saying, “ Hybe actually thinks they can create another BTS, have n’t they failed with the early 2 already. besides, Leo misogynist is in the group. I mean no surprise when I saw the selfie of bangpd with scoter. BTS hard earned money will be used now to get fictile surgery for these newbies. ” One user said, “ You ‘re just proving that the Leo guy is a misogynist bcs you ‘re saying he writes his own songs ? ”

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