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If you have a lemon verbena bush, you can consider yourself lucky. Because the kitchen herb smells good and enriches many dishes and drinks with its lemony flavour.

Wonderfully Cool Herb: Lemon Verbena

Lemon verbena is a South American relative of verbena. Aloysia citrodora, the plant’s botanical name, captivates with its fresh fragrance and strong citrus scent. The fresh leaves can be wonderfully used for herbal recipes, the dried leaves are poured with hot water to make a tasty tea. As a medicinal herb, the lemon bush is said to have a calming effect, and the verbena plant is also believed to relieve indigestion. Lemon verbena is not found in this country as a wild edible plant, but you can grow it yourself. In the garden bed or in a larger pot, the lemon tree becomes a robust plant that can reach three meters in height. However, unlike verbena, sister verbena is only partially hardy and should not be left outside in the cold season. You can harvest fresh leaves of the herb throughout the year. For larger quantities, it is best to stock up on dried Aloysia citrodora leaves when pruning.

You can do it with lemon verbena

Whether fresh lemon verbena or dried leaves for tea, the plant inspires with its versatile uses. It tastes great as an ingredient in herbed cottage cheese, yogurt or pesto, refines desserts and cakes, gives a little something to jams, serves as a fresh spice for fish and mushroom dishes and can be used as a herb for salads. As for drinks, in addition to tea, lemon verbena syrup is also very tasty, or you can add some lemon verbena leaves to your smoothie. Biting insects can also be repelled with the plant by simply smoking a few dried leaves. Like tea tree oil, lemon verbena oil can also be purchased to use as a perfume.

Dose of fresh leaves in tea and food.

If you have your own lemon verbena plant, you can easily use a leaf here and there in the kitchen. For a tea that focuses on the healing effect, it is best to use about five fresh leaves and let them steep for about ten minutes. The aroma also develops better if you harvest fresh from the plant rather than using dry tea. If you fancy a cool drink, we recommend a glass of healthy lemon water as an alternative. Since lemon verbena is as intense in flavor as lemon balm, you need to be careful when seasoning your food, otherwise the citrus scent could be too overpowering.

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