Lebanese SEAFOOD & STREET FOOD in TYRE – Ancient ROMAN RUINS Tour in Lebanon!! | Overview of the most complete night in the country new tripoli content

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🧳NICO: 🇱🇧 THE PHENICIAN: 🇱🇧 AL BOHSALI SWEETS: 🌎 MY TRAVEL/FOOD BLOG: My epic journey through Lebanon continued in Tyr, the country’s fourth largest city. Join me as I explore the city of Tyre, its food and attractions. Tire is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 👕 DAVID HAS BEEN HERE MERCH: My friend and guide Nico and I would be exploring several today! Our exploration began at Tire Racecourse, which was an old chariot racing venue. It had a capacity of 20,000 spectators and is located just south of the Al-Bass Tire necropolis. It was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. I could see many old houses, collapsed walls and an ancient tomb outside the racetrack. We go down the main street, or Cardo Maximus, and continue through the large arched doorway. They renew it often. After getting into the seats, we headed to one of the longest public beaches in Lebanon. There are usually tents and seafood vendors there, but the beach was currently flooded. From there we headed to the old town of Tyre. We stopped at Sandwich Mahfouz for the fatayel, a pita sandwich with slices of lamb, tarator, tomatoes and pickles. You can also get sandwiches with morning after (brain), sausage, kofta, liver and kidney. It was good and salty, juicy and creamy. The outside was a little crispy and the veggies added a bit of crispiness. I loved its lightness and small size! Later I had another one with sujuk. The spicy sausage was fantastic. It was only about $1.20 per sandwich. The sujuk was the best! Then one of the cooks even gave me a sample of sheep’s brain fatayel! It was really good! This was easily my favorite of them all! Then we walked around the old town. There were jewelry stores and clothing stores. Then we crossed old alleys between old houses. We also saw an old house which had been transformed into Dar Camelia, a magnificent boutique hotel with 8 rooms. The old town reminded me of Asilah, a city in northern Morocco. The colors and the sandstone were very similar. Then we saw the harbor and some ruins by the sea. Next to the harbor is Le Phénicien, one of the many seafood restaurants in the area. Lebanese seafood uses lots of cilantro and lemon juice. At the Phoenician, we order abou sin (raw fish), fried calamari, cilantro-lime prawns, batrakh (spicy fish liver), tajin (fish, onion, nuts and tahini sauce) and kibbeh of fish. The abou sin with oil and lime juice was so succulent and fresh. I also loved the pepper. The batrakh was spicy and had a nice sauce! I loved the thick texture and the heat, as well as the cilantro. The prawns with cilantro and lime juice were tender, succulent and super light. I also loved the calamari with garlic sauce! The tagine was an amazing fish dip, and with the kibbeh, it was unreal! It was my first time eating seafood kibbeh. The onions and lime did it! It was one of the best seafood I have ever had! It came to around US$35. Then we drove two minutes to the archaeological site of Al Mina, where there are many massive columns! It costs 6,000 Lebanese pounds for non-foreigners to enter. Here is a temple. There are also beautiful mosaics, old houses, a stadium and more columns by the sea which used to be the Temple of the Sea. We had the whole place to ourselves! Beyond stretch the sea and the ancient Roman baths and houses. Our last stop was Al Bohsali Sweets, where I tried the shaabiyet, which looks like a big baklava with heavy cream inside. It was filled with crispy layers, pistachio and cream. Where were you? Register here! Related videos! Follow me: + INSTAGRAM ► + FACEBOOK ► + TWITTER ► + MY BLOG! ► Contact me: + BUSINESS EMAIL ► david@godandbeauty.com #Davidsbeenhere #Tyre #Lebanon #LebaneseFood #DavidinLebanon About me: My name is David Hoffmann. For the past 13 years I have traveled the world in search of unique destinations and cuisines. Since starting David’s Been Here in 2008, I’ve explored over 1,200 destinations in 84 countries, documenting them on my YouTube channels, travel blog and social media sites. I mainly focus on cuisine, culture and historical sites, but my passion is food! I love discovering and showcasing the different flavors each destination has to offer, from casual street food to fine dining restaurants. Where were you? PS Thank you for watching my videos and for subscribing!

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Lebanese SEAFOOD & STREET FOOD in TYRE - Ancient ROMAN RUINS Tour in Lebanon!!
Lebanese SEAFOOD & STREET FOOD in TYRE – Ancient ROMAN RUINS Tour in Lebanon!!

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Lebanese SEAFOOD & STREET FOOD in TYRE – Ancient ROMAN RUINS Tour in Lebanon!!.

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  1. Sorry, love ur videos, but one correction… these are not houses but graves, their is an ancient Roman cemetery at the site.

  2. Enjoying your videos I'm seriously thinking of traveling to Lebanon who are your Guides and how can I hire them??? Links and Contacts?

  3. Did you try the fish feet together with the fish kidneys? You should probably try the fish nose soufflé next time – It always reminds me a bit of Cantonese stir fried boar toes.

  4. David your work ethic is top notch 👌 👏 👍
    Almost at that 1 million mark
    Cheers from Canada
    Your one of the best on you tube

  5. Be there next week flying from California! It’s been six long years since my last visit. You make me so excited. Thank you for nice video coverage. One question for you please, how do you connect to Internet and do you need a SIM card. Please your feedbacks are appreciated!

  6. ڈیوڈ دوست لبنان کے ویڈیو سب کے سب بکواس ھے اس دفھ صرف لبنان دیکھنے گے ھوں اپ فوڈ چیک کرنے نہیں

  7. Batrhakh/botargah is fish roe as far as I know. I've missed some araq brandy on the rocks in your vlog.

  8. One thing is for sure that David enjoying the dishes so much that forgot he has a guide with him as well to share the food . Poor guide watching and than reaching for one small bite and Davide is going on like a turbo chopping machine . Thanks for sharing beautiful sites n beautiful country of Lebanon

  9. Thanks David for including prices for meals, that helps to get a good idea of cost in addition to food quality, and a viewer can make up his mind if it's worth visiting and eating at those restaurants. Good job man!

  10. Mmyyg David i was like u go to Albania then u in Roma then i saw The lebanise. If u Ask me why shqipez dont like romans beacuse they Oldie in theyre style


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