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The 2022 International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) World Cup series will continue in the Swiss village of Villars this week, from June 30 to July 2. After the opening of the Lead season last weekend in Innsbruck, Austria, the Place du Rendez-Vous de Villars will host the second Lead round of the year, in addition to the fourth stop of the 2022 Speed ​​World Cup Series. More news: Subscribe:

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Lead semi-finals || Villars 2022
Lead semi-finals || Villars 2022

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Lead semi-finals || Villars 2022.

vail hill climb 2022.

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17 thoughts on “Lead semi-finals || Villars 2022 | In general, the content related to vail hill climb 2022 is the most complete”

  1. Not too much to say – simply because so many athletes that I'm a fan of are in this, and doing my thoughts would be enough for a college report. Jesse Gruper's climb was fantastic, as was Brooke's. Janja's topping out got me so hyped! Great commentary – awesome to hear Alex again. Alex Kasanov & Alex Waterhouse (with Matt) were the first commentators I ever heard on Sports Climbing as my 1st watches were the Moscow World Championships 2021 & I picked the Men's bouldering first. Alex having all that insight from trying to design/create holds was cool. And I'm LOVING the split screen & improved camerawork that's been happening this year. Great semis! <3 (Also this year, Megos & Pulmann have really caught my eye. Such a fan of both now!)

  2. Finally whole athlete focused camera shots. So much better to follow. Doesn't have to be as fancy perspective switching as in Innsbruck.

  3. I love how world cup climbing is one of the few sports where the women get at least as much attention as men.

  4. Very gender biased commentary, particularly on Alex’s part, but Matt didn’t do enough to redirect him. Almost every time Matt attempted to comment on a female climber, Alex changed the subject back to the male, even at times when the male had finished climbing!

  5. Did anyone else find that the commentary focused much more on the male athletes rather than the females until near the end? There were some times when the female athlete fell and they didn't even acknowledge it…

  6. As usual, Matt can't tell Mehdi got an obvious plus to place first. It's like he doesn't care much really

  7. Finally! The stream was stuck on Live LONG after the comp had finished and seemed like it would never be viewable.

  8. Ao Yurikusa,Brooke Raboutou,2:19:10

    Colin Duffy,Laura Rogora,2:13:41

    Luka Protocar,Chaehyun Seo,2:07:44

    Sean Bailey,Janja Garnbret,2:00:20

    Kokoro Fujii,Natalia Grossman,1:55:34

    Taisei Homma,Natsuki Tanii,1:49:11

    Jesse Grupper,Manon Hily,1:40:40

    Alexander Megos,Helene Janicot,1:35:44

    Satone Yoshida,Vita Lukan,1:30:21

    Yannick Flohe,Salome Romain,1:25:38

    Yoshiyuki Ogata,Tjasa Slemensek,1:21:34

    Domen Skofic,Mia Krampl,1:16:38

    Sascha Lehmann,Molly Thompson-Smith,1:12:09

    Dohyun Lee,Lucka Rakovec,1:00:17

    Hannes Puman,Jessica Pilz,0:56:37

    Mejdi Schalck,Aleksandra Totkova,0:51:10

    Paul Jenft,Ryu Nakagawa,0:45:57

    Stefan Scherz,Risa Ota,0:42:17

    Nicolas Collin,Sara Copar,0:37:19

    Hugo Parmentier,Julia Chanourdie,0:33:03

    Victor Baudrand,Miu Kakizaki,0:28:43

    Nimrod Marcus,Liv Egli,0:24:50

    Diego Fourbet,Yuetong Zhang,0:20:16

    Romaric Geffroy,Mattea Potzi,0:16:09

    Shinyeong Yun,Mei Kotake,0:11:05

    Masahiro Higuchi,Ievgeniia Kazbekova,0:07:10

  9. God bless Ukraine.
    You are in our prayers always.
    Another great event with excellent commentary.
    Thankyou – Much appreciated.


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