Lead semi-finals || Briançon 2022 | Overview of the most detailed knowledge vail hill climb 2022

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The French city of Briançon will host this weekend, from July 22 to 23, the fourth Lead competition of the 2022 World Cup of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). It is the twelfth consecutive year that an IFSC World Cup has been held in Briançon, with the city hosting the only World Cup in a pandemic-stricken 2020 season. More news: Subscribe:

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Lead semi-finals || Briançon 2022
Lead semi-finals || Briançon 2022

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Lead semi-finals || Briançon 2022.

vail hill climb 2022.

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21 thoughts on “Lead semi-finals || Briançon 2022 | Overview of the most detailed knowledge vail hill climb 2022”

  1. I love Matt Groom's commentary and find the discussion on finding sneaky rests very interesting, but he really needs to stop calling every clipping position a rest 😛 Also, I wish he would take a little bit more agency in calling out plus scores when it looks obvious that it would be granted, instead of erroneously claiming climbers are far lower on the leaderboard than they should be, or that they won't make finals, etc., when the plus score would clearly bump them up.

  2. As a german I will always root for Käthe Atkins and Hannah Meul and I would have loved for Hannah to finally be in finals but at the same time, all of these women deserve a place on the podium 😍

  3. I have a lot of respect for the commentators and have learned a lot from them about the world cup and climbing in general, but it was actually quite nice at 53:40 when their sound went out for a bit. Not every second of every climb needs to be filled with commentary imo

  4. Could someone pls tell me what happend to Ai Mori? Why is she not competing this season? I just missed her so much!!!

  5. Idk who is with Matt Groom in the commentary box but it's pretty terrible and makes me cringe. Lots of fiction facts and false information. About Briançon, Janja Garnbret etc.

  6. Ai Mori who is one of the best Lead climbers in Japan could maybe… maybe get the top, if she would be here, so it's disappointing not to watch her climbing…

  7. Wow! That was a great semi-finals. The longer we have the split-screens (& pic-in-pic for bouldering) being used & the more comps are using it, the more my hope increases that this is a understood included standard going forward. I don't mind the other angles on the overhang because they included both climbers 99% of the time. Looks so vertical from the front but that was a massive overhang that's a lot more horizontal. I loved the interviews and commentary (I know he's skilled & knowledgable, but I'm not a fan of the 'long dry college lecture for every attempt/movement' style that Danaan Markey has). I have noticed Matt is really good at respectfully letting his co-commentators finish their thoughts/sentences (even if they maybe should be interrupted).

    I wish we could have seen 2-3 tops of the women's route, but I'm glad it was hard and not the 'oh 6-10 women topped the route' that sometimes happens. Sad Futaba Ito didn't make it, but thrilled for Natsuki Tanii. Also so happy for Brooke! Luka Potocar cruised his way to that top & what an excellent way to return for Jesse Gruper! I felt for Satone Yoshida, Alexander Megos (especially after he lost that lead progress in one of the previous comps), & DEFINITELY Ao Yurikusa. Not to get to show any climbing at all? Ouch!

    Ending with: 1) that belayer at 29:48 looking at the camera. I was like 'oh. I'm a bit worried for Giorgia Tesio now because her belayer is doing a dead-eyed stare of not registering anything around him.' Then she not only fell relatively early, but I feel I had a right to be worried. Because as she came down, she ended up swinging far enough into the wall that she banged herself against one of the holds. You can see her react to the pain (33:3033:36) & that's one of those things you want to rely on the belayer to help avoid.

    2) I noticed Matt Groom correcting how he was saying 'Ryu' – It's good to see as incorrect pronunciation is a recurring complaint. What I wonder is this: Why don't they have a page on the Ifsc website that lists registered climber's names and then has a small audio clip next to each name of someone saying it correctly? Could be the climbers saying their own names, could be a coach or someone else. It would help make it much easier for both commentators and us viewers to say names properly & for a quick check if we can't quite remember. At the very least, do something like that for the climbers (in any/all disciplines) that regularly make semi-finals & finals.

  8. Chaehyun Seo, Jesse Grupper, 02:45:18
    Janja Garnbret, Satone Yoshida, 02:38:21
    Laura Rogora, Alexander Megos, 02:31:24
    Brooke Raboutou, Ao Yurikusa, 02:23:55
    Natalia Grossman, Yannick Flohé, 02:17:00
    Manon Hily, Sascha Lehmann, 02:10:22
    Mia Krampl, Kokoro Fujii, 02:04:36
    Mei Kotake, Sean Bailey, 01:58:31
    Natsuki Tanii, Colin Duffy, 01:52:12
    Futaba Ito, Stefano Ghisolfi, 01:45:36
    Vita Lukan, Luka Protocar, 01:39:16
    Hélène Janicot, Sam Avezou, 01:33:05
    Risa Ota, Filip Schenk, 01:26:10
    Camille Pouget, Masahiro Higuchi, 01:10:48
    Ryu Nakagawa, Sebastian Halenke, 01:04:11
    Lucka Rakovec, Hamish McArthur, 00:57:35
    Zhilu Luo, Yoshiyuki Ogata, 00:52:05
    Molly Thompson-Smith, Domen Skofic, 00:46:16
    Hannah Meul, Yuval Shemla, 00:40:40
    Claudia Ghisolfi, Jules Marchaland, 00:34:33
    Giorgia Tesio, Jonas Utelli, 00:30:27
    Momoko Abe, Toby Roberts, 00:25:50
    Sara Copar, Taisei Homma, 00:19:07
    Käthe Atkins, Martin Stranik, 00:15:05
    Ilaria Scolaris, Marcello Bombardi, 00:09:56
    Yuetong Zhang, Oscar Baudrand, 00:05:54

  9. Noticed Matt Groom self-correcting his pronunciation of Ryu Nakagawa's name. 🙂 Big kudos to him, there have been a lot of complaints from us viewers about incorrect name pronunciation, so it's fantastic to see him taking the constructive criticism. I'm sure there will be some slip ups because it's all a lot to remember but I see the effort and appreciate it! Keep up the good work! 👏👏

  10. 29:48 Why is that man so scary his eyes are boring into my soul churning up my darkest secr…. oh God he's behind me HELP AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

  11. Natsuki Tanii, a rival of the same age as Ai Mori, has passed the semi-final in 1st place. Gamba as well in the final for your first WC's gold.


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