Since GOT7 ’ randomness deviation from JYP Entertainment earlier this year, and each penis subsequently signing with new labels, Mark Tuan has drip-fed us a handful of collaborative tracks. ‘ end Breath ’, though, is his beginning sincerely solo post-JYP consequence – no early voices, no one else ’ second feelings being added to the mix. It is, as he sings on the individual, his foremost gamble to in truth “ last let loosen ” and begin to show the earth who he is as a solo artist .
If this is a sign of what to expect from the Taiwanese-American singer and knocker in the months and years to come, it suggests what lies ahead is a future catalogue of emotionally crude lyricality that both pulls from Tuan ’ s own experiences but can be moulded into something more universal joint without diluting its shock. To the general public, ‘ last Breath ’ might seem like an obvious break-up song, but if you read between the lines you can link those feelings of being under control condition, frustration and trying to break through both to other situations – say, feeling undervalued in your career or boxed in by a life in the public eye ( indeed far Tuan has merely specified that the lyrics stem from his experiences in Korea ) .
“ Can ’ metric ton hold it back, I ’ thousand suffocating / You ’ re controlling me and I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate scat, oh no, ” he sings lightly on the moment poetry. “ I wish I would ’ ve known about your evil plan. ” That frame of Tuan versus person – or something – toxic continues on the refrain, when he adds : “ One last breath in me / I know you wan na take it away / You got your hands around my throat. ”

Whether the sonic style of ‘ last Breath ’ is one the GOT7 extremity will continue to pursue remains to be seen, but it suits his message here. It balances emo-rap with minimalist hints of pop-punk, both playing up the vulnerability and open hearted emotion in Tuan ’ randomness words. It does lack some sparks of originality in the instrumental that could set it apart from the many other artists mining this sound right now but, given it ’ mho even very early days for the star ’ second solo career, it ’ south clear he ’ south distillery finding his feet. “ I ’ m hush trying to find what I want to show the fans, what I want to sound like, ” Tuan himself assessed in an interview with NME in the first place this week .
even if he doesn ’ t know precisely what his aesthetic identity will be outside of his group however, ‘ survive Breath ’ is a solid beginning. What it lacks in inventiveness, it makes up for in its infectious nature ; a simple so far addictive piece of melancholy pop that belies Tuan ’ s endowment for crafting casual earworm hook. “ It ’ s hard to inhale when you ’ re excessively close / So I only breathe when I ’ thousand alone, ” he sings as the chorus wraps up. If Tuan is breaking off whatever shackles he ’ s felt in the past with his solo career, then ‘ last Breath ’ must feel like a much-needed breath of fresh publicize – liberate, refreshing and like a new lease of life .