The free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA ) can be requested by writing, calling or visiting your local Kiamichi Tech campus. You may choose to complete the application on-line at Our fiscal Aid military officer can assist you, if needed. You will be asked to provide sealed documents ; therefore, it is recommended that you call for an appointment to save time and unnecessary trips .

  • Kiamichi Tech SCHOOL CODE is: 009204. It will show Wilburton, OK.
  • Kiamichi Tech has one school code for the entire district. This code applies for all campuses. 

gainful Employment Disclosures ( Alphabetical PDF )
Calculate your tuition costs with our helpful net income Price Calculator.

eligibility for fiscal aid is determined by individual circumstances. Types of fiscal aid available at Kiamichi Tech include :
Pell Grant
The Pell Grant is a need-based, supplementary fund for eligible adult students to pay separate or all of tutelage .
Federal Work Study
Federal Work Study Program — campus shape program offer hourly minimum engage pay to eligible pornographic students receiving the Pell Grant .
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) 
This is supplement fund for eligible pornographic students for educational expenses .
Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program
This is a need-based, append fund for eligible adult students .
Kiamichi Tech Steps to Success Tuition Scholarship
High school seniors graduating within the last two years may qualify for a accord that will cover the cost of tuition and limited to 1 local program, up to 1050 hours of train in a full-time program or 1 short-run program which leads to an industry certification. Applicants must reside in the Kiamichi Tech zone and arrant one of the follow : 1 ) graduation from an in-district partner school. 2 ) completion of junior-grade education in a home school setting. 3 ) completion of a high school equivalency certificate ( HISET or GED ). See a Kiamichi Tech advocate for want documents and details .
Veterans may be eligible for certain benefits to help pay for tuition, receive a monthly housing allowance and/or monthly stipends .
Requirements : Certificate of Eligibility and DD-214 .
Students must contact the Kiamichi Tech VA School Certifying Official, Minnie Truitt at 918-465-2323 or by e-mail at mtruitt @ or find out more information at hypertext transfer protocol : // .
Who Is Eligible?
Kiamichi Tech does NOT participate in the Federal Direct Loan program. Students will not be able to receive federal subsidized, unsubsidized, PLUS or Perkins loans for attendance.
Students admitted by Kiamichi Tech as a regular student in an eligible career major* that leads to a certificate and is at least 600 clock hours in length, may apply for Title IV aid. ( * A local course of study must be accredited by the Oklahoma Board of Career and Technology Education and eligible for Title IV fund. not all local programs may qualify or be fiscal aid approved by the accredit agency. You must check with your campus fiscal care agency to verify. ) .
You must also meet the following requirements:

  1. Be qualified to study at the postsecondary level, which includes one of the following:
    •  Have a high school diploma
    •  Have a GED certificate
    •  Home-schooled students
    •  Ability to Benefit (ATB) students who are or were enrolled in a Title IV eligible program of study any time prior to July 1, 2012 may continue to qualify under one of the ATB alternatives:
      • Pass an independently administered, approved ATB test
      • Successfully completed at least 225 clock hours in a Title IV program of study
  2. Must be a U.S. citizen or national; or U.S. permanent resident or other eligible noncitizen; or citizen of the Freely Associated States: the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republics of Palau and the Marshall Islands to be eligible to receive funds under the Federal Pell Grant and FSEOG programs.
  3. Have a valid Social Security Number, except students from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia or the Republic of Palau
  4. Register with the Selective Service (males only, at least 18 years of age and born after December 31, 1959).
  5. Not exceeded 600% of the Lifetime Eligibility Used for Pell Grant.
  6. Must not be in default on any federal student loan or be in overpayment on any federal student aid grant.
  7. Must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as explained in the ‘What Is Satisfactory Academic Progress?’ section of this document.
  8. Sign the Statement of Educational Purpose on the FAFSA stating that all funds received through the Title IV programs will be used solely for educationally-related purposes.

If you have a Bachelor’s Degree you are not eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), or the Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG). Title IV funding can only be used at one institution at a time.
How do I Apply?
Fill out your FAFSA on the internet at The federal fiscal aid award year starts July 1 and runs through June 30. You may file your FAFSA on-line starting October 1 for the follow school class. Include Kiamichi Tech’s school code on your FAFSA: 009204. Or you may complete a composition application ( rather of applying on-line ) ; however, the process time will be much longer. Contact the Department of Education, at 1 ( 800 ) 433-3243 to request a paper FAFSA application .
Kiamichi Tech has representatives available to assist students in completing the FAFSA on-line. Please contact the Financial Assistance Office at your local Kiamichi Tech campus for more information .
How do I find out if I am eligible?
approximately one workweek after your FAFSA is submitted on-line, you will receive an e-mail reception from the Department of Education informing you of the status of your application. If you did not include an electronic mail address on your FAFSA, a Student Aid Report ( SAR ) will be mailed to your home address. If you entered Kiamichi Tech ’ s school code, the school will besides receive a imitate of the reputation within three days after you submitted your FAFSA on-line .
The Verification Process
If you are chosen for confirmation by the Department of Education and you are eligible for a Pell Grant, you will receive a letter from Kiamichi Tech ’ s fiscal aid agency requesting the documents that must be verified. You must submit the requested documents within 30 days of the date on the letter or Kiamichi Tech has the right to forfeit Federal Financial Aid awards for the year .
Kiamichi Tech verifies 100 % of the applicants selected by the Department of Education ’ randomness Central Processing System ( CPS ) eligible for a Pell Grant, FSEOG, and OTAG. Kiamichi Tech may besides require verification documents from students not selected by CPS if there is a reason to believe the student has falsified information on their FAFSA .
All students chosen for confirmation will be required to submit an institutional Verification Worksheet. Additional requested software documentation may include : a gestural transcript of union tax transcript, proof of citizenship, a letter from the Selective Service, and/or extra information that may be required to resolve conflicting information .
After the verification serve has been completed, your eligibility will be re-evaluated .
Referral of Overpayments: If the confirmation procedure reveals an overpayment has occurred, Kiamichi Tech will make every feat to collect the overpayment. If Kiamichi Tech is not able to collect Federal Pell Grant overpayments ( which were not the leave of an Institutional erroneousness ) ; Kiamichi Tech will refer the overpayment subject to the Department of Education for collection. If a sheath is referred to the Department of Education, the student will be ineligible to receive federal scholar aid funds at any school until the overpayment is resolved .
Referral of Fraud Cases: If Kiamichi Tech suspects an applicant, employee, or other individual has misreported information and/or altered software documentation to fraudulently obtain federal funds, Kiamichi Tech will report the suspected activities to the Department of Education ’ randomness Office of the Inspector General ( OIG ) .
Determination and Award Process
How is Federal Student Aid Determined?
Kiamichi Tech uses the Federal Needs Analysis Methodology to determine the Expected Family Contribution ( EFC ), adenine well as the scholar ’ s Cost of Attendance ( COA ) .
The COA is the sum come it will cost to attend Kiamichi Tech. The COA includes tuition, fees, books and supplies, arsenic well as, an allowance for room and board, transportation system, personal and many-sided expenses .
The EFC is the measure that indicates how much of a student ’ s family fiscal resources should be available to help pay for school. It is determined by the Department of Education based on the information you submitted on your FAFSA. The EFC can include a parental contribution, for dependent students, and a student contribution and spouse if applicable, for an freelancer student .
If an agency will be paying your tuition, fees, etc., it is your responsibility to notify the financial assistance office of any awards you will be receiving.
The Awarding Process:
Federal Pell Grant
After enrolling in an eligible platform, you need to notify the fiscal care position and submit all want documents ( if applicable ). The fiscal aid office will then determine your eligibility. If you are eligible, a schedule award letter will be generated and a fiscal spokesperson will go over it with you and answer any questions .
If determination of your Pell Grant award is made more than ten days prior to the first day of class, you may not be required to make a payment toward your tuition and required fees. Check with your campus for payment arrangements.
Your Pell Grant award will be based on the follow :

  •  Expected Family Contribution and full-time entitlement award from the Federal Pell Grant schedule
  •  Federal Pell Grant cost of attendance
  •  Program you are enrolled in
  •  Number of hours enrolled for the school year

The academic year definition for calculating Federal Financial Aid eligibility is 900 hours and 26 weeks.

  •  All programs that are 900 hours would have a payment period of 450 hours and 13 weeks. OR
  •  For programs less than 900 hours, the payment period is one half of the total hours and weeks of the program.

Charging Books and Supplies
Kiamichi Tech does not allow charging of books, fees and supplies. Most programs include books and supplies in the tutelage charges. specific programs will list their books, fees and supplies and these amounts are due at the time of registration. Kiamichi Tech will utilize your Pell Grant funds toward tuition, books, fees and supplies before determining any amount that is left over to be disbursed to the scholar. In the event that all charges are not covered the student will need to provide extra funds by secret yield or an extra fund source prior to attending classify. Please get with the fiscal aid staff to help determine charges .
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

Kiamichi Tech has a limited come of FSEOG funds. FSEOG will be awarded to students as follows :

  •  Must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant
  •  Based on the lowest EFC and then disbursed to higher EFC if funds still remain.
  •  Amounts awarded will be determined with a funding formula at the time of processing funding.  This relies on the amount of available funds.
  • Must not have previously earned a bachelor’s or first professional degree.

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)
Every fall and spring, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher education will send Kiamichi Tech a list of students that are eligible for Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant ( OTAG ) funds. You must be a legal nonmigratory of Oklahoma as determined by the current policy on Resident Status of Enrolled Students in the Oklahoma State System of Higher education. OTAG funds are specify, so you need to complete your FAFSA vitamin a early as possible, between October 1 to December 1 for the approaching prize year. OTAG funds are awarded to the neediest students beginning, based on the EFC from your FAFSA .
If you have met the requirements for a Federal Pell Grant, your OTAG funds will be requested from the Oklahoma State Regents office. Once the funds have been received your campus fiscal aid office will inform you of your award .
How Will Funds Be Disbursed?
Disbursements and Eligibility Guidelines
Federal Pell Grant Funds
Federal Pell Grant funds will be paid to the scholar for the current school year based on your award letter agenda. The calculate date ( second ) of your expense or disbursements for each represent payment period will appear on your award letter. All charges, including tutelage, books, and so forth, for the current school class must be paid in broad before any award amounts will be issued to you. The spending checks will be sent the campus fiscal care office to be given to the scholar directly .
Please keep in judgment that in club to be eligible for your Pell Grant disbursements, you must successfully complete all the clock hours and course of study associated with the hours in each equate payment period. You must besides maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress .
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
FSEOG will be divided into two disbursements. The first expense will be awarded in the beginning semester of class. The second expense will be applied to your student score once you have successfully completed the hours in the first base requital period by meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements. These funds will be applied to the tuition, fees, books, and so forth, for the current school class if applicable .
The Kiamichi Tech fiscal help office will notify you when your FSEOG funds will be awarded .
Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)
The Kiamichi Tech fiscal aid office will notify you when your OTAG funds have been received from the Oklahoma State Regents office. These funds will be applied to the tuition, fees, books, and so forth, for the current school year first. any amounts left over will be awarded to the student .
Disbursement Dates and Schedules
Students are paid the 1st expense of their Federal Financial Aid at the begin of the first give time period, approximately 4 – 6 weeks after their start date. Remaining payments are based on satisfactory mark modal and attendance for the former wage period. Pay period dates are different for each student depending on career major enrolled and start dates. Upon receipt of an award letter the student is issued a number of fiscal aid expense dates .
Students on a LOA will not be disbursed ( Pell, OTAG, FSEOG, etc. ) .
federal Work-Study disbursements are made on a monthly basis through direct deposition. The amounts are based on the hours worked as reported on the student ’ s timesheet .
Disbursement Rule
The student must complete 100 % of all course work and at least 90 % of the seat time within the payment period to be eligible for the adjacent spending .
KTC adult students are expected to attend 90 % of their scheduled hours in any one semester ( up to 10 % absence of enroll hours in any one semester is considered excuse ). If a scholar exceeds the 10 % of excused absences for the semester, the student ’ second registration will be terminated .
Financial Aid Warning Status
A scholar not meeting the standards outlined above may be placed on Warning Status for the keep up payment time period. The student is eligible to receive fiscal aid for this warn period ; however, if the student does not meet the SAP requirements for two requital periods in a rowing, the student will lose eligibility for fiscal aid. See fiscal Aid suspension Status below.
To be placed on Warning Status, it must be potential to meet the minimum SAP standards by the end of the Warning period. For case, if a student can not mathematically increase his/her progress rate to the needed 87 % by the end of the next payment period, then the scholar will automatically be considered ineligible for fiscal care, and all future disbursements will be canceled until the scholar can demonstrate that s/he is meeting the standards .
Financial Aid Ineligibility (Suspension Status)
A student who fails to meet the SAP requirements for two back-to-back payment periods will lose eligibility for federal scholar aid and state grants. The student will no retentive be eligible for any future disbursements until the student can show s/he meets the SAP standards .
If the student feels there was an error in the calculation of his/her SAP, it is the scholar ’ s duty to have his or her teacher notify the fiscal aid office when progress standards have been met .
Transfer Students
A transfer scholar is a student who was previously enrolled at another school or in another program/career major at KTC. Any hours that transfer to a new program will count as hours attempted .
many of the programs at KTC have related course of study. If a student transfers to a program that is related to the scholar ’ s previous program, then the SAP condition from the previous program will carry fore to the new broadcast. For example, if a student in the Multimedia Specialists plan is on Warning and then transfers to the Web Designer program with 200 hours of transfer credit, then the student will begin the new program on Warning status .
If a scholar transfers to a new platform and it is determined that the scholar had not previously attempted or completed hours from a former program, then the student will begin the modern program in adept standing .
Students with a Cumulative Failing Grade
If a student has a accumulative grade of “ F ” at the end of the payment period, then the student will automatically bypass the Warning period and go directly on Suspension. The student will not be able to go on to a new requital time period until s/he has a exceed grade. It is the student ’ s duty to have the teacher inform the Financial Aid Office when s/he has a run grade. Once the scholar has established that s/he has a excrete grad, s/he will be placed on Warning for the future requital period. Students with a fail mark are not eligible for ex post facto disbursements until they show they have successfully completed the prior payment period .
Financial Aid Probation
If the Financial Aid Advisory Committee grants an entreaty for a student in Suspension Status, the scholar will be placed on Financial Aid probation for the adjacent payment period. This status is similar to the Warning Status, in that the student will continue to receive fiscal aid for the probationary payment period. If the scholar does not meet the SAP standards at the goal of the probationary payment time period, s/he will go on suspension Status for the future payment menstruation. Students will only be allowed one probationary period per school year .
Re-establishing Eligibility
A student who is denied aid ascribable to unsatisfactory progress will be informed in writing on the basis of the defense. The scholar must successfully complete a requital period without any union scholar aid and meet the criteria as defined above in order to re-establish eligibility for union student help. It is the student ’ s province to notify the Financial Aid Office when s/he feels s/he is once again making satisfactory academic build up. The Financial Aid Office will contact the scholar ’ s teacher to confirm the scholar is meeting the SAP standards .
Program Withdrawals
All students must file a change of status shape in order to by rights be withdrawn from school. VA students withdrawing or being terminated will have their VA benefits suspended. In club to return, eligibility must be reestablished .
Return of Title IV Funds
For students receiving Federal Pell grant fund who withdraw, neglect, or fail to complete a payment period for which they have been charged and have received a Pell grant, a Return to Title IV Funds calculation will be processed. KTC will calculate what, if any, fall needs to be made. In many cases the calculation may require a render of a part of the monies received by both the institution and the scholar to the Federal Title IV Pell grant course of study. The calculation will be made using the U.S. Department of Education ’ s Return to Title IV Funds worksheet. The regulation requires a calculation based on the actual share of the payment menstruation the scholar was scheduled to attend. Once the scholar has been enrolled for greater than 60 % of the schedule hours in a payment period all fiscal aid is considered to have been earned .
If a scholar owes a refund to the Pell Grant Program, KTC will notify the student by certify mail within 30 days that he/she must repay the overpayment. In the notification KTC will inform the student :
• That the scholar owes an overpayment of Pell Grant funds
• That the student ’ s eligibility for extra Title IV funds will end if the scholar fails to take positive military action by the forty-fifth day following the date the school sent the presentment to the student.

In orderliness to maintain eligibility for Title IV funds the scholar can repay the overpayment in broad to the school within 45 days or sign a refund agreement. If the scholar fails to take one of these actions during the 45-day period, the scholar ’ mho overpayment will be reported to NSLDS and referred to the Department of Education for collection .
Post-Withdrawal Disbursement of Title IV Funds
If an eligible scholar remove before receiving a Federal Pell Grant, the Financial Aid Coordinator will calculate a “ Post Withdrawal Disbursement
( PWD ) ” within 30 days of the withdrawal date. Aid will be processed for such an eligible student based on the act of scheduled hours enrolled by the student before withdrawal. If the scholar owes tutelage and fees ( and/or other authoritative expenses ) to the school, the post-withdrawal spending will be kept by KTC up to the come owed. If any PWD is left, the remaining amount will be disbursed to the student .