KONE – Improving the Flow of Urban Life

Existing buildings
Discover our high-quality solutions for the care and modernization of elevators, escalators, and automatic doors – all from one trusted supplier
Elevator connectivity
Learn about our smart construct solutions. We offer smart elevator solutions for existing buildings.

Elevator drug user experience
Enhance the elevator exploiter experience. We offer elevator lighting for a wide range of buildings .
maintenance services for elevators, escalators and automatic doors. We offer a across-the-board range of building maintenance services .
Your maintenance travel
Learn about your alimony travel with KONE and our intelligent maintenance services and contract options for elevators, escalators, and automatic rifle build doors .
KONE Care – preventive maintenance
Discover how KONE ’ second flexible, tailored preventive sustenance services keep your elevators, escalators, and automatic construct doors condom and in good condition .
KONE 24/7 Connected Services
Find out how KONE 24/7 Connected Services for elevators, escalators, and automatic build doors reduces faults, speeds up repairs, increases safety, and gives you a clear picture of everything that ’ second going on .
Customer communications channels
Stay up to date with equipment condition and sustenance bring advance around the clock .
Customer service
Find out how to contact KONE when you need to make a maintenance service request or report an incidental, and how to stay up to date with sustenance shape via our digital channels .
Managing people flow and user experience with KONE DX
Our connected KONE DX elevator solutions add value to your build and make certain it ’ sulfur quick for whatever the future brings. Improved handiness for residents and visitors and a clean, healthier environment .
Elevator modernization
Learn about elevator guard features and explore the benefits of elevator modernization.

Full elevator surrogate
Learn about the elevator refilling cost and increase the value of a build .
modular modernization
Find out about elevator renovation and see how it improves the elevator control .
Component upgrades
Discover our wide-eyed scope of elevator upgrades covering things like the elevator doorway hustler, signalization, and lighting system .
Escalator & Autowalk modernization
With modernization, your escalators will become more energy-efficient, authentic, and most importantly safer .
Full escalator surrogate
unwrap our two options for escalator replacement : We can install a brand-new escalator and tie down, or replace everything except the corbel .
modular modernization
With our escalator clause upgrade and modular modernization solutions you can renew individual components or accomplished systems. Visit us !
Buildings without an elevator
Increase the rate of a build by retrofitting little elevators. We offer pitless elevators .
advance People Flow solutions
Discover our solutions for access and address control, a well as communication and equipment monitoring .
People Flow Planning and Consulting

Discover how KONE People Flow Planning & Consulting services can help you create a smart build with seamless people flow through adept analysis, elevator data, and first tools .
Health and wellbeing solutions
Get KONE ’ s touchless and cleaning solutions to keep your elevators, escalators, and doors safe, and healthy .

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