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In Asia, kombucha has been considered for centuries the elixir of life with various healing powers. Also in this country, many health-conscious people expect a benefit from enjoying the tea drink. Read here how it really works and how to prepare Kombucha.

It’s in the kombucha drink.

For the production of Kombucha, a special yeast fungus is added to black or green tea sweetened with herbs – fermentation takes place. Microorganisms in the tea fungus break down the sugar into alcohol, acidic compounds, probiotic bacteria and carbon dioxide, and the drink produces a slight tingle. Kombucha has a sweet and sour flavor reminiscent of wort and, when cooled, develops a refreshing effect similar to that of a switchel. Like the trendy vinegar drink, the aroma of kombucha can be varied at will by adding spices, herbs, fruit, and syrup. A citrus mint switch, for example, contains orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and mint, all of which would also be kombucha ingredients.

Kombucha Application

There is no scientific evidence that Kombucha has any special health effects, just popular medical reports. Corresponding advertising claims based on the weaving pattern “activates the immune system” or “helps lose weight” are prohibited by law. However, as with other fermented foods, the live microorganisms contained in the tea beverage can have a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora. However, the prerequisite is that the kombucha has not been preserved by pasteurization, as is often the case with finished products. Therefore, many consumers only buy the kombucha culture and prepare the tea drink at home.

Make kombucha yourself: here’s how

If you want to make kombucha, you must first buy the kombucha mushroom or get a piece of jelly tea mushroom from someone who makes kombucha. You also need a large enough Kombucha glass as a fermentation vessel. Pour in the tea of ​​your choice that has been sweetened with sugar and cooled, add the ready-to-use kombucha as the starter liquid and the mushroom, and leave the pot in a warm spot out of direct sunlight for a while. one week. Before tasting, remove the mushroom placed on it and use it for the next batch if necessary. If treated carefully, you can use the fungus or its offspring as often as you like. The finished kombucha drink will keep in the refrigerator for a month or two. You can find all the preparation steps in our homemade kombucha recipe.

Important: Pay attention to hygiene

Careful hygiene in Kombucha production is top priority to prevent mold from forming and causing unwanted side effects. Thoroughly sterilize the jar with hot water, wash your hands before handling the ingredients, and carefully cover the fermentation container with a clean cloth secured with a rubber band. If there is an infestation of harmful microorganisms, the infusion smells musty and changes color. In this case, you absolutely have to throw everything away. If making kombucha is too much of a hassle for you, we recommend our recipes from Switchel, Shrub & Co. for easier summer drinks.

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