In this gay guide to Koh Tarutao, you ‘ll find everything you need to know including how to get there, fare options, accommodation, where to eat and more… During our travels in Southeast Asia, we traveled extensively in Thailand, one of our favorite countries in the global. We particularly loved visiting the popular islands of Koh Lipe and Koh Tao. however, after a while, we were craving a outback island have, cut off from it all. This is why we choose Koh Tarutao, a remote island, completely untouched and protected by the Thai government. Koh Tarutao, a former concentration camp for political prisoners, is one of the rare islands in Thailand which are uncorrupted and spared from batch tourism. We ‘ve put together this comprehensive examination travel guide to Koh Tarutao to help you uncover the secrets of this beautiful island for yourself. Powered by 12Go Asia arrangement

How to get to Koh Tarutao ?

Koh Tarutao island is located in Southwestern Thailand in the Andaman Sea, fair before the malaysian surround. It is the independent island belonging to the “ Tarutao National Marine Park ”. As we were at the clock time based in Koh Lipe, we took a mastermind speedboat from Koh Lipe to Koh Tarutao. however, depending on where you ‘re based, there are several ways to reach Koh Tarutao from several departure points in thailand :

  • Koh Lipe to Koh Tarutao: you can reach Koh Tarutao from Koh Lipe by speedboat. The journey takes around an hour and costs around $20. You can book your tickets online here.
  • Satun (Pakbara pier) to Koh Tarutao: Pak Bara is the closest port on Thailand’s mainland where you can catch a boat to Koh Tarutao. Speedboats take around 30 minutes to reach Koh Tarutao and are quite frequent. You can check fares and timetables here.
  • Krabi to Koh Tarutao: You can get a pickup from Krabi airport or any hotel in town. It is not a quick journey as it includes a minivan + ferry. In total, it takes 6 hours to reach Koh Tarutao from Krabi. You can check fares and timetables here.
  • Hat Yai to Koh Tarutao: Hat Yai is the main airport in Southern Thailand and the quickest way to get to Koh Lipe and Koh Tarutao islands from anywhere in Thailand. The journey from Hat Yai airport to Koh Tarutao takes 4 hours. Check fare and timetables here.

Powered by 12Go Asia organizationYou can reach Thailand's island of Koh Tarutao on a fun speedboat!Getting to Koh Tarutao by speedboat is half the fun!

Where to stay on Koh Tarutao

You can either rent a bungalow or a tent quad. We stayed in one of the bungalow huts for 2 nights at Ao Phante Malacca, which costs 600 baht ( $ 18 ). You can besides rent a tent for 200 baht ( $ 6 ) a night. They come with mats and mosquito nets. If you have all the equipment with you, you can pitch your own tent for 30 baht a day. To reserve accommodation in advance you can do it online or call the National Park on +6674783597 or +6674783485 .Travel advice for LGTBQ community

Advice for LGBTQ travelers to Koh Tarutao

Thailand is one of our favored places on our planet and in our public opinion, one of the most gay friendly countries in Asia. The Thais have farseeing been accustomed to dealing with LGBTQ travelers and we only always felt welcome here. Koh Tarutao is extremely outside, with largely foreigners visiting. We felt identical free and open here and highly recommend it to all LGBTQ travelers.

Entrance tip to Koh Tarutao

Koh Tarutao is the largest island in the Tarutao National Maritime Park. To keep this island protected and unmoved, the Thai government requires visitors to pay a small capture fee which helps them with protecting the island and maintaining the facilities. The entrance fee to Koh Tarutao costs 200 baht ( $ 6 ) and is valid for 5 days across all the Tarutao National Marine Park islands. Pro tip: if you have a student card, you pay the one-half price “ children ‘s tip ” .

Facilities on Koh Tarutao

All boats arrive at Ao Pante, which is besides the base of the National Park Headquarters where you check-in and book your accommodation on the island. The bulk of facilities are found here on Ao Pante, a well as at Mo Lae Bay and Ao Son Bay. These include :

  • Camping grounds: all three areas of the island have camping grounds. You can either bring your own tent and pay 30 baht to camp, or hire one of their tents for 200 baht.
  • Bungalows: available to rent for 350-420 baht a night at Ao Pante, Mo Lae Bay, and Ao Son Bay. They are pretty basic, with no resort-style luxury here. Some have hot showers, others don’t.
  • Restaurants: there are just two on the island, one at Ao Pante, the other at Ao Son Bay. See below for more on this.
  • Kayaking: you can rent kayaks for the day at the National Park HQ in Ao Pante.
  • Biking: you can also rent mountain bikes from 250 baht a day at the National Park HQ.

It ‘s besides worth listing what you CAN NOT find on Koh Tarutao :

  • Hotels and resorts: it’s all about nature here – camping or bungalows.
  • ATMs: bring ample cash with you beforehand. There are zero ATMs on the island!
  • Aircon: just the fresh air of nature and fans in the bungalows.
  • Electricity: it is limited and available between the hours of 6 pm-6 am.
  • WiFi: no WiFi here so either embrace the break from the online world or buy a local Thai SIM card to use.
  • Mosquito repellant: just bring loads before you get here – you’ll thank us!

Koh Tarutao is a rustic island in Thailand where you can really get back to basicsRelax and enjoy the natural world on Koh Tarutao

Things to do on Koh Taruatao

We loved our time on Tarutao. It was a rewarding break from the laptops to merely reconnect with animation ! Imagine remote empty beaches, compact jungles, mangroves, and the delightful muteness of Mother Nature. here ‘s a slit of what we got up to on Koh Tarutao :

Lay on the beach

Ao Son beach is the best beach on koh tarutaoThe beautiful and secluded beach at Ao Son on Koh Tarutao There are many beautiful and distant beaches on Koh Tarutao. Our favorite was the beach at Ao Son. Although it ‘s far from the bungalows/camping grate area at Ao Talo Phante Malacca, it ‘s decidedly worth the travel, and you ‘ll most probable have it all to yourself. The sunsets here are stunning and the water is everything you dream. The snorkel is n’t always the best, but staff at the National Park HQ in Ao Pante will guide you to the best parts of the island for this .


Mountain biking

koh tarutao offers a lot of biking opportunitiesBiking through the mainland jungle of Koh Tarutao We rented mountain bikes for 250 baht ( $ 8 ) for 1 day and cycled all the way from Ao Pante to Ao Son, around 3.7 miles ( 6km ) away. It took us around 40 mins each manner including stopovers for pics. We recommend it because the trail takes you right through the lush Tarutao jungle. When have you ever gone cycling through a jungle in your life eh ? Truly unforgettable ! The bikes are in good condition and are sturdy enough to tackle the bumpy terrain. Just remember to wear a decent pair of shorts to support the ‘ Crown Jewels ‘ over those bumps…

Hiking in Koh Tarutao

A fun thing to do on Koh Tarutao is hike through the jungleKeep your eyes open to spot wild birds and animals! There are some excellent trails on Koh Tarutao, which take you through the huge, compact inland jungle. We recommend checking with the staff at the National Park Headquarters in Ao Pante for details of each trek. They will besides give you a handy function. The best trek near Ao Pante are to the Lu Du Waterfall and up to the Tob-Bob cliff – 1,300 foot ( 400m ) high. We stress the importance of mosquito repellent and wearing long unaffixed clothe to ward off those annoying mozzies !

Kayaking on Koh Tarutao

Adang or Tarutao activities kayakingKayaking through the mangrove forest to the crocodile cave Our favorite activeness on Koh Tarutao was renting a kayak and paddling through a mangrove afforest to a crocodile cave towards Ao Rusi on the northeast side of the island. This is a truly fun day travel, an intense exercise, gorgeous natural environments, and a singular cave feel all in one. Just remember to bring oral sex torches for the dark crocodile cave ! They may have a few spares in the National Park HQ. We rented spank boats from the National Park HQ, which cost 500 baht ( $ 15 ) for the whole day .

Where to eat on Koh Tarutao

There are precisely two restaurants on the entire island – the first one at Ao Pante, the other at Ao Son Bayon. Both of them serve beneficial cheap local Thai food .

Ao Pante Restaurant

Ao Pante is one of two restaurants on Thailand's Koh Tarutao islandYou might also spot some wild pigs here! As this is the restaurant close to the National Park HQ, it ‘s the most popular which the majority of travelers head to, specially for dinner. Therefore it ‘s the one where you ‘re most probably to meet with other like-minded travelers in Tarutao. Expect Thai staples like Pad Thai, curries, rice, and noodle dishes. besides, keep an center out for those annoying monkeys who ‘ll sneak up on you when you ‘re not expecting it !

Ao Son Restaurant

Ao Son Bayon is a restaurant on the west side of Koh Tarutao which offers wonderful sunset views with dinnerJust check out that sunset view Ao Son is further out, requiring a 40-ish minute bicycle ride to reach. We ate here for lunch during our day trip but with hindsight wished we ‘d stayed over. It ‘s on the west side of the island, sol undertake some pretty fresh sunsets every flush. As with the Ao Pante restaurant, the food is effective wholesome Thai classics that hit the sweet spotlight after a day of exploring .

Map of Koh Tarutao

Ao Phante Malacca is where the boat pier is and where the national park headquarters are. This is the sphere where more people stay, as it has a few bungalows, spaces for tents, a decent restaurant, uninfected bathrooms and toilets. Ao Molee besides has some bungalows but is not thus popular as a stead to stay. Ao Son is where you will find the best beach on the island .Koh Tarutao mapMap of Koh Tarutao island felicitous travels are safe travels

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